Avran Fine Art will present Hungarian Glass Show featuring critically acclaimed glass sculptors on Oct 1

Avran Fine Art will present an exhibition of glass sculptures by critically acclaimed artists Laszlo Lukacsi and Peter Borkovics on Saturday Oct 1 from 6 – 9 p.m.

Both artists will be in attendance to discuss their work and speak about the meticulous processes that are involved in the formation and creation of their pieces.

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“Palm” – a fine example of Lukacsi’s “fluid, organic shapes”

According to Avran Fine Art’s assistant director, Margo Kosin, viewing Laszlo Lukacsi’s art is a connoisseur’s journey through the history of the art movement in Hungary. 

She notes that, “Lukacsi’s structured training in applied arts, dedication to the tradition of the medium, and the influences of his predecessors are illuminated in each of the cold-worked laminated glass sculptures. The fluid, organic shapes and optic illusions reveal not only his vision but also the laborious techniques involved.”

Peter Borkovics is known as a synthesizing designer, solving problems with a creative approach reminiscent of Stefan Lindfors or Ron Arad.

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Borkovics is known as a “synthesizing designer” utilizing “controlled chance” to produce solidified glass movements

“[Borkovic’s] designs are consistently elaborated formal technical analyses, inquiring into melting, flowing, and suddenly hardening glass at a certain stage, in a certain form. The beauty of these solidified glass movements is not only the outcome of the matter, but the conscious planning of controlled chance, producing a light-conducting organic crystal, a light-space dissolving real space,” Kosin notes in a press release.

Avran Fine Art offers clients its unique perspective on contemporary art for collectors and enthusiasts. The gallery exhibits museum-quality glass sculptures, original paintings, and distinctive jewelry that appeal to lovers of both contemporary and traditional art.

Avran Fine Art is located at 540 South Coast Highway, Suite 106. For more information, call 949-494-0900. The gallery’s Facebook page is reachable at www.facebook.com/AvranArt.