Council will announce appointments tonight for seats on city advisory groups


The City Council on Tuesday will interview 39 applicants for seats on five city committees, one board and one Task Force. Twenty three seats are open. Several applicants asked for appointment to more than one body, identified by an asterisk. 

Two-year terms begin April 1. Seven residents have applied for a seat on the Design Review Board. Two seats are available. Incumbents Meg Monahan and Caren Liuzzi have re-upped. Applications were also submitted by Jeffrey Feldman*, Emerich Hlava*, Benjamin Jensen, Audra Miller and Louis Weil*.

The View Restoration Committee is the only one to have the same number of applicants as openings. Staff recommended appointing the two applicants: Dave DiCesaris and Jeffrey Feldman*.  

Seven residents submitted applications for the five seats on the Affordable Housing Task Force. The council will choose between Gary Boisen, Jane Fulton, Mo Honarkar, Karen Martin, Allison Matthews*, Chris Quilter and Louis Weil*. 

Musical chairs ahead

The eight applicants for the three open seats on the Parking, Traffic & Circulation Committee include John Cushing, Jennifer Dawson, Jeffrey Feldman*, Hasty Honarkar*, India Hynes*, Benjamin Jensen*, John Marcos and Louis Weil*.

Appointments to the Environmental Sustainability Committee will be trickier. Five seats are open with two appointments to serve one-year terms and three to serve two-year terms. The seven applicants are incumbents Robert Ader and Irene Bowie, Shelly Christine Bennecke, Emerich Hlava*, Hasty Honarkar* and India Hynes*, and Allison Matthews*.

Two incumbent have re-upped for the Recreation Committee: Byron Nelson and Monica Silva. Michele Hall is the third applicant for the committee, which has two openings.

Four seats are open on the Heritage Committee, which is currently in the throes of the city’s contentious revamp of the Historical Preservation Ordinance. Incumbents Rick Gold and Regina Hartley are among the five applicants, which also include Tamara Dowell, Kip J. Scott, and Scott Sumner.

The committee voted in January to reduce membership from seven to five. 

Appointments to the seven city bodies will come immediately after a proclamation in honor of the Laguna Beach Garden Club is presented.

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