Commission approves a three-month trial of live music at Dizz’s


Dizz’s As Is has three months to prove that live music won’t bother neighbors. 

The Planning Commission approved a test of the impact of live music from 5:30 to 9 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. Opposition was expressed by neighbors.  

“I’m here to create a little something for the locals,” said applicant Dominic Pitz.

Locals are among the restaurant’s most devoted patrons. Former City Manager Ken Frank chose Dizz’s As Is for his retirement party in 2010.

Frank and Michelle and Mayor Kelly Boyd were among the diners for Wednesday night’s musical debut.

“There were six of us and we asked to sit outside because we couldn’t hear ourselves talk inside,” said Boyd. “I don’t think Dizz’s is the place to have live music where people are eating. Outside was great.”

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Dizz’s As Is will feature music on Wednesday evenings

The application submitted by Pitz requested permission for performances on acoustic guitar, keyboard or other stringed instruments playing blues, jazz and classic soft rock. 

A noise study commissioned by Pitz was included in the application. 

The study measured noise impacts on multiple days between 5:30 and 9 p.m. from two locations inside the restaurant and from three spots outside. 

Sound levels increased up to 10 decibels when monitored from 10 to 15 feet away from the musicians. Outside levels reportedly did not exceed ambient traffic noise, regardless of location. 

The Pitz family has operated a restaurant at South Coast Highway and Nyes Place since 1977, bought from a couple said to be part of the hippie community in Laguna. 

It was just barely in Laguna at that time. Laguna Beach ended south of Nyes Place until the city annexed South Laguna in 1987.

According to the staff report, the 1920s cottage had first served as a lunch counter and grocery beginning in 1946.

The cottage and grounds now include the restaurant, a covered patio, three off-site parking spaces, a one-car garage and a residence above the garage.

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