Local Foundation, R Star, still committed to saving thousands in Nepal following earthquakes

R Star Foundation, and their Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal, continues to make a difference in 48 villages following the earthquakes that began major destruction last April. 

“Because of individuals who believe in our work – their generosity has fueled our efforts further,” said R Star Founder and Laguna local, Rosalind Russell. “We tend our 48 villages, including approximately 30,000 people, with food, medical care, vaccinations, temporary and permanent housing too.”

The region in which R Star Foundation works, the Kavre area, has lost 70,600 homes due to the earthquakes. It is an agricultural area, not an area tourists are likely to visit. Most of the government money is directed to areas of tourism. 

“R Star’s work has been critical to the agricultural people who continue to be set aside, neglected and ignored, though it should not be misconstrued that all the areas damaged by the earthquakes need extensive help,” added Russell.

The R Star Foundation will visit all their villages in Kavre this month. 

“Some of our villages were not reachable because the roads no longer existed, but we have had phone contact to determine their needs and still managed to get them tents and food,” said Russell. The villagers hike to accessible areas where they receive the donated goods and supplies.

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Women asking for more supplies in the village of Bagultar, Nepal. They have received tents and mosquito nets thanks to R Star Foundation.

Rabindra is the R Star executive in charge within Nepal. He coordinates the practical necessities to provide for the remote villages. 

“Our thanks go to Rabindra, our determined executive in Nepal for R Star who creates connections for everything, including transportation; where to purchase supplies as well as negotiate fair rates; pay for purchases; communicate with all the villages to coordinate deliveries and know their needs; handles the paperwork R Star must receive including lists of who gets what, and in what order, and when; carries supplies along with others to areas where roads don’t exist; inspects the purchased supplies,” said Russell. “He does much more, but suffice it to say, he is the angel taking care of all matters to lift our villagers, all without pay as we remain a 100% volunteer organization. He expresses his pleasure to be able to serve.  But, I tell you, it removes him from his wife, infant, and 8 year old.”

Rabindra serves R Star because he feels genuine solidarity with the villagers.  Russell adds, “He is sure compassion is necessary and required in addition to the supplies we furnish. He feels we are to lift them since the ‘cure’ won’t be for many, many months – or years.”

To help with donations, visit R Star’s Villages fundraising page:


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