City invited to participate in Vietnam Marine memorial

Steve Colwell, who has spent three years raising money for the 5th Marines Vietnam Memorial, struck gold at Tuesday’s City Council meeting.

Mayor Pro Tem Kelly Boyd pledged $1,000 almost before the USC graduate and Vietnam veteran asked the city for a donation.

“I went to USC and I was in Viet Nam in 1967,” said Boyd. 

At least one member of the staff picked up the brochure on the project, as well as members of the audience.

Colwell was introduced to the council by long-time Three Arch Bay resident Bill Blackburn.

“Steve graduated from USC in 1966, joined the  U.S. Marine shortly after that and two weeks later found himself in Vietnam,” said Blackburn. “He was injured and spent seven months in the hospital.”

From the Marines Vietnam Memorial website, “During a recent visit to the Memorial Garden at Camp San Mateo, home of the Fighting Fifth Marine Regiment, several veterans who served in the regiment during the Vietnam War observed the new memorial monuments recently installed there that commemorate both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.We recognized the desirability and importance of funding, designing, installing and dedicating a new Memorial Monument there, honoring those Marines and Units who served in the regiment during the Vietnam War, especially those who lost their lives during that service.”

Colwell said Laguna was among the cities to which he was appealing for donations toward the memorial to be constructed at Camp San Mateo, Camp Pendleton.

Laguna has always had a fondness for Marines perhaps because of the city’s proximity to the former U.S. Marine Airbase in El Toro and the number of Marines who had homes in town. 

About $207,949 has been raised toward the estimated $400,000 needed to build the monument. 

Dedication is planned for Memorial Day 2018.

Donations may be sent to Dana Point 5th Marine Regiment Support Group, P.O. Box 471, Dana Point, 92629. Checks should be made out to 5th Marines Vietnam Memorial, or visit: to donate online.

For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call (706) 522-6091.

By Barbara Diamond 

Blue Water Music Festival presents Denmantau at BC Space Theatre on April 22

As part of the Blue Water Music Festival Concert Series, on Sat, April 22, from 7 to 10 p.m., Denmantau performs at BC Space Theatre at 235 Forest Ave. BWMF Concert series is a showcased presentation of the most talented and original artists from Southern California and beyond. In downtown Laguna Beach, BC Space Theatre, with its unique secret space, is the perfect venue for this band. After entering, visitors climb a steep, narrow stairway to a large, bright entryway lined with artwork, which then opens into a large area where one can grab a glass of beer or wine.

Click on photo for larger image

Denmantau playing at Santa Monica Pier

Denmantau, the 5-piece band from Hamburg, Germany, have developed a unique genre now known as Bohemian/Dance Rock that fuses funk, jazz, folk, and rock with wildly pulsating rhythms that are centered around the intense vocals, sharp lyrics, and soaring trumpet melodies of lead singer Paul Weber. With the rich backdrop of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, key, and percussion, Denmantau brings unparalleled musical expression and theatrics to every performance for a truly modern rock and roll experience. Other members of the band include: Stefan Pomplum/bass, Jonas Gerigk/guitar/backing vocals, Julian Schonscheck/guitar/keys, and Milan Carl/drums.

Tickets are available at, the bands website is

Bioluminescence cruises will light up the night on April 29, May 27, June 23 and June 24

Learn about the exciting luminous underwater world just waiting to shine. The Ocean Institute will offer evening Bioluminescence cruises aboard its R/V Sea Explorer, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the remarkable ability of some marine animals to glow in the dark and to witness this curiously beautiful phenomenon.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Sea Explorer cruises waters for glow-in-the-dark animals

Upcoming cruises:  April 29, May 27, June 23, June 24. Cruise times are 8 -10 p.m.  Cost $45 adults (18-54), $35 seniors (55+) and active duty military with ID, $25 children (4-17).  Cruise information and reservations: (949) 496-2274, dial “0” for the operator.  

For additional information or to register, visit

Nature’s Electric Parade

Bioluminescence is light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism, most of which are found in the ocean: fish, bacteria, and jellies. 

In reaction to the darkness, they have developed the ability to use a chemical in their bodies to produce light, usually blue-green. When hundreds of fish and invertebrates put their glow on, it rivals the electric parade at Disneyland.

Better know your H2O

On Tuesday, we asked the question: how much water you use during 96 seconds in the shower? Take a guess, and see the answer below.

According to, a showerhead that emits 2.5 gallons per minute, means that your 96 seconds in the shower uses 4 gallons. 

That’s something to remember, as we still need to conserve.

Now, go ahead and take the water pledge online at: and keep thinking of ways we can keep clean, plentiful water available for everyone!

GOING HOME – A Journey with Terrell Washington Anansi, an artist led event at NCC April 28 and 29

Neighborhood Congregational Church is holding a two-day event, featuring artist Terrell Washington Anansi. This is a going home and a celebration of the journey of being a sacred artist in modern times. As a sacred artist, Terrell Washington Anansi attempts to demonstrate the importance of the human voice by using spoken-word and spoken-song, sacred musical sounds, dance and images of photography by Jana, and mixed media paintings by TWA, within constructed altars.

Submitted photo

Terrell Washington Anansi

It is a demonstration of a sacred artist unifying with his community, in the midst of sharing his gifts within the community for their mutual healing. It is a collaboration between artists who are in process of becoming one in spirit and performance. It is a going home to wholeness, the healing of the split existence of the divine feminine and the divine masculine, love and hate, being and doing... being in the unification of the personal self. It is a collaboration of various types of local artists (visual, musicians, craftsmen, jewelers, dance, sound healers), local culinary (Taco Loco) and a local church (Neighborhood Congregational Church). It will be an example of community in unity. It is a celebration of attaining peace within our society.

This two-day event begins on Friday, April 28, with an evening performance and dining from 6 – 10 p.m.  Saturday, April 29 will begin at 1 p.m. with brunch, artist lectures throughout the afternoon, and an evening performance from 6 – 10 p.m. 

The requested donation is $20 entrance fee for both days, which goes to support arts and artists, and Neighborhood Church.  

Artwork and jewelry will be available for purchase, as well as food and beverages for purchase by Taco Loco of Laguna.  Go to, or Facebook:  Neighborhood Congregational Church Laguna Beach for more information and details.  NCC has free parking at 340 St. Ann’s Drive, Laguna Beach.

How often do you hike or bike the trails in the Wilderness Park?

Number of voters: 109


Votes: 45 41.28%

Hardly ever

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About once a month

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Once a week

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