Ten Boys Who Care believe that “Every Kid Should Get to Play”

Ten Boys Who Care, a group of LBHS boys who started fundraising in seventh grade, awarded their eighth and ninth scholarships last week. This year, through generous donations from the Laguna Beach community, they decided to extend their giving to a local Santa Ana High School Athletic Department. 

Along with the two scholarships presented on Friday night at the LBHS Convocation, the boys had $500 in reserve.  

“Last year, a wonderful person, Sue Gross, gave us a big donation check. We wanted to do something extra special because of her donation,” explained co-president, Kent Cebreros.  

When the Ten Boys discovered some kids have barriers to playing sports in high school, they voted to donate to a Santa Ana high school’s athletic department. “When we heard some kids can’t play sports because they can’t afford the basic insurance required or because they don’t have the shoes, we decided we could definitely help,” explained co-president Sam Reynolds. 

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Photo courtesy Carrie Reynolds

Godinez High School Principal accepts check from Ten Boys Who Care for “Every Kid Should Get to Play” athletic support funds.

L to R: Front Row: Treasurer Gus Morck, Godinez High School Principal Cindy Landsiedel 2nd Row: Co-President Kent Cebreros, Back Row: Sam Kluver, Ayrton Garcia, Co-President Sam Reynolds, Blake Pivaroff

Athletic Director Lance Neal, through his relationship with other athletic departments, introduced the boys to Godinez High School Athletic Director, Greg Coombs. Mr. Coombs gave the boys a few ideas. The idea they liked the most they are calling, “Every Kid Should Get to Play” and they hope their $500 contribution helps remove barriers for a few of these students so they can play high school sports.

Principal of Godinez, Cindy Landsiedel, accepted the check from the boys.

Ten Boys Who Care began raising money as a group of seventh graders by painting curbs, washing cars, playing music at events and holding garage sales for LBHS graduates to receive a scholarship. They will continue the tradition from now until they graduate in 2019.

The Ten Boys Who Care include Zack Bonnin, Sam Kluver, Enzo Sadler, Mason Lebby, Sam Reynolds and Kent Cebreros, Noah Linder, Blake Pivaroff, Ayrton Garcia and Gustav Morck.

City Manager’s Updates

Stu News Laguna will have more information on some of these updates in our Tuesday edition

Heal The Bay Report Card States Laguna Beach As Having Some Of The Best Water Quality In California - Heal the Bay has released their 2016-2017 Beach Report Card and Laguna’s beaches are noted among the best in California.  

Of the 14 Orange County beaches on the Honor Roll, seven are located in Laguna Beach. The report also states that Laguna Beach between Aliso Point and Mussel Cove consistently has the best water quality in California and the beach at Laguna Lido Apartments has been on the Honor Roll every year since Heal the Bay started recording beach grades in 1990.  (Editor: Hooray for Laguna!)

Water quality is best during the summer months when the City diverts storm drain runoff to the sewer. The Heal the Bay Report Card can be found on www.healthebay.org.

Family Fun at Laguna’s Summer Breeze Service Kick-Off Event - On Saturday, July 1, the City of Laguna Beach will hold a fun-filled kickoff event to launch this year’s Summer Breeze bus service at the Summer Breeze parking lot at the corner of the 405 freeway and SR133 (near Laguna Canyon Row). 

The event starts at 10 a.m. and continues until 2 p.m. offering family fun festivities for the whole family. There will be carnival games, refreshments, and prizes and there is no cost for the attendees. 

There will also be a special drawing for the first 100 people to ride the Summer Breeze that day.  Prizes include two premier seats to the Festival of the Arts’ Pageant of the Masters, tickets to Taste of Laguna, Laguna Playhouse, restaurants and more! For additional information on the Summer Breeze free parking and bus service, go to www.lagunabeachcity.net/summerbreeze

Community Services Department Relocation - On June 19, the Community Services Department will relocate staff offices to the Laguna Beach Community and Susi Q Center at 380 Third Street. All department business will be conducted from the Community Center at that time. This includes: wedding, film and alcohol permits; recreation activities; Hortense Miller Garden tours; bus passes for Laguna Beach Transit; the Forest Avenue banner program; Main Beach Park cobblestone area and Farmer’s Market temporary use permits; and neighborhood-specific and business parking permits. For more information, call (949) 497-0304.

Summer Pipeline Preparations Downtown - The growing number of summertime visitors to our City triggers special attention given to the City’s wastewater system. As the downtown area becomes increasingly busy so too does the wastewater volume that originates from restaurants, hotels, businesses, and public restrooms.  The sewer pipelines in the downtown area are cleaned at least quarterly to eliminate the build-up of grease in the main lines.  The Wastewater Division crew just completed hydro-jetting the downtown area as a part of the pre-festival cleaning operations.

Annual Composting Classes - The City’s solid waste hauler, Waste Management, will offer the third of four free composting classes on Saturday, June 17, from 10 to 11 a.m. at Lang Park, located at 21540 Wesley Drive. Compost and worm bins will be available for purchase during the class at a discounted price.  For more information, contact the Waste Management class instructor, Lisa Ryder, at (310) 874-2499 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Downtown Area Sidewalk Curb Painting - The City will be conducting sidewalk curb painting in the downtown area on Sunday, June 18, from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m. on Monday, June 19, This will not affect traffic or businesses downtown.

CERT Community Education - Both this week and next week on Friday and Saturday from 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. at Alta Laguna extension CERT members will be handing out educational materials on the new smoking ordinance, fire prevention, disaster preparedness, as well as, recruiting for the next CERT class in September.

When a rhino comes to town, there has to be a reason


Last Monday, Kathy Schuler was enjoying a typical day in lovely Laguna when all at once she spotted a rhino heading south on Coast Highway.

“To see a bike rider pedaling down Coast Highway pulling a life-size rhino is not your usual sighting in Laguna Beach,” Kathy says in what could be the understatement of the year. Small dogs in a basket, yes. Kids in a buggy, yes. Large wild animals, almost always no.

Fortunately for all concerned (including the rhino), the animal was a model, not the real thing. 

“Immediately I called my husband, Richard Southey, who is South African by birth. Coincidentally he had just read an article that morning about the Rhino Ride,” Kathy says. “I convinced him to walk down to the corner on Coast Highway and wait for the rhino [which he did]. He greeted the bicycle rider, Matt Meyer, a fellow South African, in Afrikaans...hoe gaan dit met jou? (How are things going with you?)”

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Kathy Schuler

Newly-minted rhino chaser Kathy Schuler caught up with the beast on the corner of Coast Hwy and Niguel Rd

Kathy adds, “Matt told Richard that the goal of the Rhino Ride, or Long Ride to Free Them, was to educate people and debunk myths about rhinoceroses, as well as raise money to help organizations that fight poaching or take care of rhinos.”

I knew that there were many people around the world who incorrectly believe that powdered rhinoceros horn is an aphrodisiac (stick to oysters, people!). Visiting Matt Meyers’ website, www.rhinoride.org I learned more details: for example, that rhino horns consist of keratin, similar to our fingernails. 

Might as well chew your fingernails before a date, you’ll get the same effect, Matt notes – which is no effect at all.

If it were otherwise, women might be smart to seek out the less manicured man.

“Matt said he’d been riding for 56 days down the West Coast from Washington heading all the way to San Diego and it had been a great experience.  People along the way had been really supportive and they had hit their $100,000 contribution target,” Kathy says. “When Richard called me back, I drove south wanting to meet with the rhino rider as well, which I did.”

On the Rhino Ride website, Matt notes, “I have been a full time safari guide my entire professional life. My job has taken me to many of the major parks throughout multiple countries in Southern Africa and I have witnessed the devastating decline of the rhino population over the past few years.

“I know that if nothing is done about this soon, the wild rhino will be extinct in the next decade. I am only one person, but feel I can begin to change the course of this devastation.” 

To quote Matt, “rhinos are just chubby grey unicorns.” So if you’d like to learn more about these wild animals before they do become extinct, and therefore as mythical as the unicorn, consider visiting Matt Meyer’s website at www.rhinoride.org to learn how you can help.

Thanks to Kathy for this tale of the day a rhinoceros came to town. And beste wense, Matt. (Best wishes.)

LBUSD announces appointment of LBHS principal

On June 13, the Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Education unanimously approved the appointment of Dr. Jason Allemann as principal of Laguna Beach High School effective July 1.  

Dr. Allemann has more than 10 years of experience as a high school principal, currently serving as principal of Dana Hills High School. He has also served as a principal, assistant principal, and counselor in the Anaheim Union High School District.

He earned a bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University in psychology, a master’s degree in social work from California State University, Long Beach, and a doctorate degree in educational leadership from the University of Southern California.  

Dr. Jason Allemann

“I am honored and excited to work at such an innovative school and district that has an amazing network of support from the greater school community. I am eager to get to know the staff and students that make Laguna Beach High School a premier organization work for and learn from,” said Dr. Allemann.

Dr. Allemann was determined to be a good match for the district based on student, parent and staff survey and input meeting feedback.  

“Dr. Allemann has demonstrated leadership in uniting students, parents, and the community for continued success in academics and the growth of a positive school family, and we are excited for him to bring those skills to Laguna Beach. The feedback I received from parents, students, and staff overwhelmingly focused on a principal who is visible on campus, focuses on continuous improvement and expanding educational opportunities for students, and has experience working in high performing schools. I am excited to have Dr. Allemann join the Laguna Beach team,” said Dr. Jason Viloria, Superintendent of Schools. 

Dr. Allemann has demonstrated success in moving concepts from ideas to reality and working collaboratively with stakeholders. Under his leadership, Dana Hills High School expanded opportunities for students in career technical education industry pathways connected to the local community.  

He has experience working with students with diverse needs, including English Language Learners and special education, and has the knowledge, understanding and desire to support the success of all students.

Laguna Beach residents celebrate the ocean and its protectors at Hero Fest

Ocean heroes took center stage last Thursday evening, as The MY HERO Project hosted the 10th Annual Laguna Hero Fest. The event took place on World Oceans Day, June 8. Residents were out in force to celebrate those working to protect their abundant ocean resources. 

The event took place at [seven-degrees], starting with an afternoon of ocean-themed activities for kids, including a skit performed by Ocean Warrior students from Top of the World Elementary School. 

By the early evening, the venue was packed with people of all ages who had come to celebrate their neighbors whose work keeps the beach community thriving.

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Submitted photo

Poet John Gardiner further inspires Ocean Heroes with his words

“I am inspired by the contributions of young activists at this year’s Hero Fest. Teryl Campbell’s 5th Grade students Chase & Sean delivered motivating Ocean-themed Ted Talks. Protecting and preserving wilderness is an ongoing effort for activists of all ages,” said Wendy Milette, Hero Fest Director.

The 2017 Community Hero Award went to Mayor Toni Iseman. Iseman worked to bring about the Laguna Beach Weekend Trolley. The free shuttle runs weekend days and evenings throughout the summer months. It’s enjoyed by thousands of visitors and residents, allowing them to leave their personal cars parked, which cuts down on traffic and pollution. 

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Submitted photo

Guests of every age enjoyed the afternoon and evening

MY HERO recognized Greg and Barbara MacGillivray, Laguna Beach residents whose work protects the world’s oceans. Their One World One Ocean campaign is an ongoing commitment to building ocean awareness. Greg’s documentary films The Living Sea (1995) and Dolphins (2000) have blazed a trail for conservationists. 

Each year, the MacGillivrays sponsor the Sylvia Earle Ocean Conservation Award in the MY HERO International Film Festival, which comes with a $500 prize for a filmmaker who feature heroes working to protect the sea. The award is named for Dr. Sylvia Earle, a research scientist and explorer. 

The 2017 winner was announced at the Hero Fest: Bazaruto Ocean Guardians, 


which was filmed in Mozambique by Finn White-Thomson.

“That is a real grassroots endeavor which is raising awareness locally about the importance of saving the ocean in a community that is dealing with probable poaching from large international boats as well as mindless local fishing to sustain local communities,” said Barbara MacGillivray. “To see the children all working on picking up after the fishermen and learning about the importance of their life-giving ocean was wonderful to watch despite being such an uphill battle.”

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Musician Steve Pearlman and friends entertained with a jazz performance

Musician Stu Pearlman and friends entertained with a jazz performance as guests enjoyed an Artist Showcase featuring exhibits by Sage Hill High School, the Laguna Beach Boys and Girls Club Artists, and the winning photographs of the Laguna Bluebelt 6th Annual Photo Contest. The vibrant works of Patsee Ober were on display as she received her Ocean Hero award, as were paintings by the late artist Robert Young. His wife and daughter accepted the honor on his behalf in one of the most moving tributes of the evening. 

Special thanks went to the Laguna Beach Lifeguards, who were applauded for their efforts to keep local beaches safe. The Laguna Bluebelt Coalition was also honored for its efforts to reestablish and protect Laguna’s marine life environments. 

MY HERO recognized the Pacific Marine Mammal Center as well as Massen Greene Foundation, for its commitment to environmental education and preservation. 

Other honorees included Ron Chilcote, of Laguna Greenbelt, photographer Tom Lamb, La Vida Laguna, and Laguna Poet John Gardiner, who shared some of his work with the audience.

MY HERO dedicated the 2017 Laguna Hero Fest to the late Stu Saffer, a Laguna Beach hero, civic leader, and creator of Stu News Laguna. Event sponsors included the lodging establishments and The City of Laguna Beach, [seven-degrees], Stu News, and Kx93 FM. 

For more about the Laguna Hero Fest, visit: myhero.com/laguna.

Jake Dameshek honored by Laguna Beach Rotary Club as LBHS Student of the Month

      The Laguna Beach Rotary Club announces that Jake Dameshek was named Student of the month for June. Jake participated in the dance show, pep assemblies and was crowned Homecoming King.  

Submitted photo

Jake Dameshek -  June Student of the Month

Among his many achievements, Jake is successful in Video Production class and contributes to Breaker Live episodes.  As described by others, Jake always looks sharp and supports all his fellow-students on campus. The consensus is that he is loved and respected by all.  

Congratulations, Jake.


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