On National Doctor’s Day, March 30, recognize your

physician with a message of appreciation

As part of National Doctor’s Day, Mission Hospital asks everyone to recognize a special physician who cared for them or a loved one. Words as well as support are the most powerful source of gratitude. Nearly 800 highly skilled physicians are affiliated with Mission Hospital, encompassing 56 medical specialties from addiction medicine to infectious diseases and internal medicine to vascular surgery. 

Not only will the gift affirm the commitment of an exceptional physician, it will also support the critical programs and lifesaving care provided every day at Mission Hospital. Mission Hospital Foundation is the philanthropic catalyst for Mission Hospital. The foundation embodies the Spirit of Giving™ by building lifelong relationships with community members and raising funds for Mission Hospital.

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First do no harm

On National Doctor’s Day, thank your physician

Every dollar donated to Mission Hospital Foundation supports ongoing investment in: advanced technology and cutting-edge programs and services, innovative research, nursing excellence, and community benefit programs. Philanthropy will enable Mission Hospital to acquire and provide the most sophisticated resources to enhance the comprehensive integration of care at every level, yielding superior patient outcomes. 

Send a message of appreciation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call Mission Hospital Foundation at (949) 364-7783. Community members may also make a contribution in honor of a physician at www.mission4health.com/doctorsday.

Surfing exhibition will be interactive and international

Surfing Heritage and Culture Center (SHACC) announced that it is developing a unique, interactive exhibition designed to explore the early history of wave riding and the popular culture that it generated.

The exhibition, titled On the Origin of Surfing, is a collaboration between San Clemente-based SHACC, author Joel T. Smith, and award-winning illustrator Ron Croci, the creators of the book: The Illustrated Atlas of Surfing History, published by Island Heritage, based in Honolulu.

The exhibition is slated to make its debut at SHACC in the winter of 2017 - 2018, and then travel to other museums and cultural centers here and abroad.

“SHACC and our knowledgeable docents have been sharing the history of surfing with our visitors for many years,” said Barry Haun, curator and creative director at SHACC. “But we have never had a collection of illustrations, artifacts, and interactive elements that will bring that history to life the way this new exhibition will.”

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Indian kattumarams, stand-up rafts, are some of the oldest known “surfboards”

In addition to vibrant original art panels by Ron Croci, and exciting interactive elements, the exhibition will feature samples of some of the oldest wave riding vehicles known to man. 

These include a scaled down model of a Caballito de Totora - the reed craft used by Peruvian fishermen over 3,000 years ago; an itago - a bellyboard popular in Early Japan, a kattumaram - the stand-up raft used to negotiate waves on the east coast of India, and a selection of solid-wood alaia and olo surfboards used by the ancient Hawaiians and Polynesians.

Founded in 2000, SHACC is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, presenting and promoting surfing’s heritage for the appreciation and education of current and future generations. SHACC serves as the world’s foremost educational and support resource for surfing publications, manufacturers, and museums. Learn more at www.surfingheritage.org.

Mission Hospital Laguna Beach Ketamine Clinic offers new option for patients

Mission Hospital, in collaboration with The Ketamine Wellness Clinic of Orange County, will offer a Ketamine Clinic featuring ketamine infusions as an option for treatment resistant depression as well as other neuropsychiatric and pain disorders.

Ketamine is a glutamate N-methyl-D-aspartate receptor (NMDA-R) antagonist which has been widely used in the field of anesthesiology for many decades. It is a US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved sedative medicine, and can be found on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

Used as infusion therapy, ketamine can alleviate some of the debilitating aspects of chronic mental health diseases such as Depression, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Bipolar Disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and Neuropathic Pain. Research shows that ketamine produces a rapid antidepressant effect, and can also put a quick end to suicidal thinking. 

 “This is a unique collaboration between a hospital system and a ketamine clinic during a time when mental health is one of the most challenging issues facing our communities today,” said Dr. Dan Hancock, MD, medical director of the Ketamine Wellness Clinic of OC. “We’re able to provide another avenue to treat the patient population that is traditionally resistant to other forms of treatment.”  

The Mission Hospital Laguna Beach Ketamine Clinic is located at 31872 Coast Highway Room 1-202, and can be reached by phone at (949) 499-7500. 

For more information, visit www.mission4health.com.

Ocean Institute’s summer programs are open for registration on March 15

Registration opens March 15 for the Ocean Institute’s week-long summer programs that give children ages 5-17 a unique, hands-on opportunity to experience ocean science and maritime history.  

Programs begin June 19 and will introduce kids to the mysteries of our oceans, from the tiny world of microscopic plankton to the open seas to look for large sea creatures such as seals and sea lions, dolphins, sunfish and whales.  Maritime history programs are designed to take children back in time to experience the Golden Era of Sail. 

Programs offered include the following (full details can be found on the Ocean Institute’s website www.oceaninstitute.org):

Sea Squirts for ages 5 to 6: Children observe and touch live animals, travel through enchanted kelp forests, and imagine being at the bottom of the deep dark sea. Each day a song will introduce the theme for the day’s activities with highlights that include daily crafts, crab races at baby beach, and a treasure hunt.

Neptune’s Mysteries for ages 6 to 7: Using scientific tools and techniques, children will solve a new case each day in one of the marine ecosystems: tide pools, kelp forest, the open ocean and deep sea. 

Buccaneer Adventure for ages 7 to 8: Each day is filled with hands-on activities including fun crafts, sail handling, rowing, storytelling, treasure hunts, encountering historic characters (perhaps a pirate or two) and voyaging to sea aboard the R/V Sea Explorer. 

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Captain Tom Fenstermaker introduces kids to maritime arts

Ocean Discovery for ages 8 to 9: How do animals survive in the deep sea?  Do fish have a sense of smell?  Participants investigate these questions and more as they discover how our ocean works. 

Seafarer’s Odyssey for ages 9 to 10: The odyssey begins with exploration and discovery of human powered vessels and learning to row a traditional longboat. From there attendees travel on through the Golden Age of Sail aboard the schooner, Spirit of Dana Point, and continue through time, to tour the modern research vessel and explore the sea floor using ROVs and more. 

Coastal Explorer for ages 10 to 12:  Explore the beautiful, unique coastline of Dana Point in this activity-packed camp. Throughout the week, attendees study the science of the surf zone in the laboratory, out in the field, as well as onboard the R/V Sea Explorer. 

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Explorers kayak in Dana Point Harbor

Sea Tech for ages 12 to 14:  This camp investigates the technology used by ocean scientists in their research. 

Marine Science Careers/Internship Academy for ages 14 to 17: This weeklong program introduces intertidal ecology, animal husbandry, laboratory investigations, and shipboard research in preparation for a marine science internship or career. 

Camps begin at 9 a.m.

The Ocean Institute also offers single day and multi-day overnight programs.  Single-day camps include Sailors, Sirens & the Sea (ages 6 to 8); Turtles, Sharks & Whales (ages 6 to 8); Junior Neptunes (ages 6 to 8); Junior Oceanographer (ages 9 to 12). 

Overnight camps include:

Eco-Expeditions Overnight (ages 10 to 12): Participants explore all the ocean offers during this two-day overnight camp and discover how organisms adapt to their habitats from the harbor to the extreme environments found in the deep sea. 

Island Bound Camp (ages 11 to 13): Students voyage to Catalina Island aboard the schooner Spirit of Dana Point. This camp involves the life of tall ship sailing and reveals the rich marine resources of a beautiful California island.  

For specific dates, additional details and pricing for the programs, visit the Ocean Institute website at www.oceaninstitute.org

Marine layer or fog? Either way, the mist makes a mysterious wonderland of our town

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Laguna Beach Republicans will hold monthly meeting on Thurs March 23 at 5 p.m.

The Laguna Beach Republicans (LBGOP) will hold their monthly meeting on Thurs March 23, at Mozambique, 1740 S Coast Hwy, with a social hour beginning at 5 p.m., and the meeting beginning at 6 p.m.

Emil Monda, president of the LBGOP invites all Republicans, Independents and Libertarians to attend the meeting. 

“We have a special guest speaker, Matt Harper, assemblyman from the 74th District [who] will be speaking to us. He will address how Sacramento is addressing the issues affecting voters in Laguna Beach and across the District,” President Monda said. “We also will have a brief update on SB1322 (child prostitution), City Council candidate search, update on Short Term Rental and Piecemeal Design Review Board ruling.”

Those interested should RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as space is limited.


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