Scott visits our goats high in the hills

In order to address additional vegetation growth from the rainy season, the City has brought in a second herd of 250 additional goats. There are now 500 goats, in two herds, grazing the fuel modification areas of the City to lessen the risk from wildfire. 

Who doesn’t love goats?  More information on our Laguna goats on Friday.

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Goats with a view

Spring Concert at St. Mary’s April 23, 7 p.m.

The Laguna Beach Chamber Singers, under the excellent direction of Mr. Cory Winter, is presenting a free Spring Concert of Classical and Americana music on April 23 at 7 p.m. at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church. Newly appointed Artistic Director, Winter has a powerful resume and has brought great energy to this new and growing group. 

Laguna’s own Deborah Glass is the accompanist. Other members include Rob Harryman, Jacoby Hickerson ,VanNessa Hulme, Louis Jack, Laurel Jacob, Bonita Jaros, Jeff Nagel, Deborah Rabben, Jay Rechter, Will Reeder, Karen Rose, and Kirsten Whalen.

Laguna Beach Chamber Singers is small but powerful choral group, formed to study and perform music of the masters in various genres. Based in Laguna Beach, where weekly rehearsals are held, LBCS is comprised of singers from Anaheim to San Clemente. 

The Spring Concert features traditional works by Haydn, Brahms and Mozart, as well as classic Americana pieces by Copland and Gershwin. Admission is free.

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Submitted photo

Laguna Beach Chamber Singers (from left to right): Will Reeder, Rob Harryman, Louis Jack, Deborah Rabben, Kirsten Whalen, Jacoby Hickerson, Cory Winter, Jeff Nagel, Laurel Jacob, Karen Rose, and Jay Rechter

We are always looking for new members. If you love to sing, contact us at Music makes everything better, so end your weekend on an upbeat note. And, if you love to sing, we invite you to join us in the fall.

The American Legion’s annual Easter egg hunt was 2,000 times hoppin’ fun for all

What a beautiful spring day in Laguna Beach as the American Legion once again put on their annual Easter Egg Hunt for the community. The egg hunt was held at the Laguna Beach High School baseball field, and the he children enjoyed two special treats. One was having their picture taken with the Easter Bunny and the other was a surprise visit from two of our town’s motor officers who did the count down for the hunt.

At exactly 1 p.m. the officers sounded their sirens to kick off the mad dash to collect as many eggs as possible. 

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Photo by Diane Connell

Children scurried on the field to gather up the more than 2,000 colorful plastic eggs filed with lots of fun candies

If you missed this year’s event we hope to see you next year – same time, same place!
Thanks to all Post and Auxiliary members along with friends who helped to make this very special event possible.

Local artists & businesses sign on to Everything Laguna Beach online documentary

Having already reached nearly 300,000 views online and in social media, Everything Laguna Beach announced the addition of a number of local musical artists and businesses to the groundbreaking digital documentary project.

Well known Laguna Beach based musical groups The World Anthem Band, Nick Hernandez with Common Sense, and others join the groundbreaking digital video. Local companies KX 93.5, Firebrand Media, Stu News,, and Laguna Sound Studios join Everything Laguna Beach as sponsors.

“Laguna Beach’s community has really come together to support this project and it has been fantastic to see their wonderful work,” said J.J. Ballesteros, producer of Everything Laguna Beach. “The documentary will feature new music by Nick Hernandez with Common Sense and narration by KX 93.5’s talented personalities Jason Feddy and Tyler Russell. In addition, the vignette trailers include music from Shaena Stabler as well.”

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Music from Shaena Stabler included on documentary vignette trailer

The project is designed to unlock Laguna Beach’s well known landmarks and community for the world using emerging and cutting-edge digital technology. As well as capturing the local talent through music and narration while exploring Laguna Beach from scuba divers at depth, surfers off the coast with incredible sea life, to Pageant of the Masters, and the incredible dining and resorts throughout Laguna Beach.

“With the partnership of so many businesses including KX 93.5, Laguna Sound Studio, Firebrand Media, and StuNews we have been able to expand the project before the premiere,” explained Ballesteros. “And with The World Anthem Band playing at our premiere party, as well as the debut of a new Common Sense song in the documentary, we are really going to show the world the best of Laguna Beach.”

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Submitted photo

Photo from online documentary, Everything Laguna Beach

Leading up to the premiere on Tuesday, April 25th at Skyloft, Everything Laguna Beach’s new sponsors and partners join existing partners Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, imortgage, Wells Fargo, Sawdust Festival, and Festival of Arts to help complete the production of the digital documentary.

“Each of our partners has been a key part in our final production and we want to thank each of them,” said Ballesteros. “We set out to capture life in Laguna Beach in totally new ways using drone and emerging digital technology and with great access to Laguna Beach’s landmarks we have been able to create a one-of-a-kind documentary.”

Keeping water consciousness on the mind

Where would we be without water? We learned that lesson the hard way, through the last several years of drought. In honor of Mother Earth and her abundant H2O, we are striving to keep clean and plentiful water foremost in our minds and deeds. 

We’ll take the water pledge online at: and we’ll think about a few more water facts. Do you how many gallons of water a pool can lose due to evaporation if it’s not covered? According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a typical backyard pool in Los Angeles can lose 20,000 gallons a year. Yikes!

Now, here’s this week’s water-wise quiz:

How much water do you use in 96 seconds in the shower?

We’ll have the answer in Friday’s edition of Stu News Laguna.

See how well you know your water!

Just when you thought you’d seen the last of her

She’s baaaaaaack!

Maggi’s making a guest appearance this week with her world famous where-the-heck-is-that-in-Laguna trivia quiz. See if you can beat the Queen at her own game. Always for bragging rights!

Where can you find these?  They’re some of Maggi’s favorite finds around town.

Submit your answers to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . The answers will be provided in Friday’s edition and also on Facebook, so check ‘em out!

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Now, that’s a big head.

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Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming…

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