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It’s more than just waves at the Brooks Street Classic

Its more Buckle and daughter

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Laura Buckle and daughter Lula

Its more crowd

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Crowd cheers on the contestants

Its more kids on cliff

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Young surfing fans

Its more kids and mom

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

The Watson Family

Giant excavation on Alta Laguna

Giant excavation hole

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Submitted photo

What is the deal with this “neighborhood curiosity” on Alta Laguna Blvd? Construction has been underway for a new 6,160 SF single family dwelling with a three-car garage on a vacant building site since 5/11/2017. The DRB approved the project on 6/18/2015.

Results are in from a weekend of surfing: 55th Annual Brooks Street Surfing Classic in record books

It was an epic weekend of sun and surf in Laguna, setting the stage for a truly memorable 55th Annual Brooks St. Surfing Classic on Sept 15 - 16. “Surf was four to six feet with some bigger sets both days, great weather and warm water,” said Contest Director Brandy Faber.

The results from this year’s event include:

Special Awards: Cy Chambers Award – Kayla Coscino, Thom Chambers Award – Bastian Evans 

Results are Ryah Adams

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Ryah Arthur works wave into shore

Pro/Am: 1. Ryah Arthur (Orange) - $1000, 2. Travis Booth (Red) - $750, 3. Hans Hagen (Blue) - $500, 4. Jeff Booth (White) - $250

Legends (60 & Over): 1. Spike Atkinson (Red), 2. Doug Bunting (White), 3. Peter Basich (Green), 4. Chris Farley (Blue)

Grand Masters (50 & Over): 1.Todd Madsen (Blue), 2. Matt Flotho (Red), 3. Chad Gibbs (Green), 4. Scott Holt (White)

Sr. Masters (40-49): 1. Hans Hagen (Blue), 2. Tristram Miller (Green), 3. Jason Watson (White), 4. Aaron Gual (Red)

Masters (30-39): 1. Mike Todd (White), 2. Isaac Zoller (Blue), 3. Ryah Arthur (Green), 4. Mike Lombardo (Red)

Results are on top of wave

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Spectators' spectacular view

Sr. Men (24-29): 1. Porter Hogan (White), 2. Jack Monroe (Orange), 3. Hunter Smith (Green), 4. Troy MacDonald (Red), 5. David Brown (White)

Mens (18-23): 1. Michael Chapman (Red), 2. Jake Levine (White), 3. Zackary Levine (Green), 4. Nathan Madigan (Orange), 5. Cameron DePfyffer (Blue)

Jr. Mens (14-17): 1. Travis Booth (White), 2. Kiko Nelsen (Green), 3. Trey Lockhart (Blue), 4. Sam Nelsen (Red)

Boys (13 & Under): 1. Zach VanMeter (Green), 2. Hudson Saunders (Blue), 3. Jaxson Hutcheon (White), 4. Bastian Evans (Red)

Women (16 & over): 1. Tess Booth (White), 2. Kayla Coscino (Green), 3. Kelly Smith (Blue), 4. Devyn Linder (Orange), 5. Paige Vitolo (Yellow), 6. Scout Mitchell (Red)

Girls (15 & Under): 1. Tess Booth (White), 2. Scout Mitchell (Red), 3. Riley Belden (Blue), 4. Devyn Linder (Orange)

Results are Kelly Coscino

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Photo by Mary Hurlbut

Kayla Coscino scoring big time in first heat of Pro/AM

Longboard: 1. Troy MacDonald (Red), 2. Goff Stepien (White), 3. Paul Cernich (Orange), 4. Noel Lashley (Blue), 5. David Vanderveen (Yellow), 6. Paul Wade (Green)

Bodyboard: 1. Spencer Collins (Red), 2. Kiko Nelsen (Green), 3. Brian Sciacca (Blue), 4. Matt Blunk (Orange), 5. Michael Tanaka (Yellow), 6. James Henry (White)

Paddleboard: 1. Porter Hogan (White), 2. Zachary Levine (Orange), 3. Nathan Madigan (Yellow), 4. Matt Belde  (Red), 5. Peter Basich (Green). 

Faber says, “Special thanks to our sponsors this year as we could not have run such a great event without them: City of Laguna Beach, Laguna Surf & Sport, Purple Corduroy, The Shop, Roark, Billabong, Volcom, Costa Azul, The Soul Project, XS, Laguna Beach Beer Company, Surfing Heritage & Culture Center and Surfline for providing detailed forecasting.

Thanks to Shawn Stussy for this year’s T-shirt design and Randy Morgan for the trophies as well.

Results are Travis Booth

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Photo by Mike Tanaka

Travis Booth

“If inclined please take a moment to write to the city council a positive note about the event as it will go a long way for support of the future of the Classic. Make sure to mention the excellent job the city’s rec. department staff did with the event – Adam Gufarotti and Tierney Doran.

“Thanks to all the volunteers and everyone who attended and made it a great event!”

A rare orca family sighting off the Laguna coast wows us all

Photos by Rich German @richgermanlb

A rare orca baby

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Rich was lost for words capturing this beautiful orca family swimming by last Thursday off the Laguna coast

A rare orca underwater

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“I feel so fortunate to have had TWO mind blowing encounters with orcas within the last 24 hours off our coast. The highlight yesterday was watching the whales fly out of the water as the sun was setting,” said photographer Rich German.

Coastal Clean Up Day with ECO-Warrior left our beaches sparkling clean

Photos by Mary Hurlbut

Coastal Clean up James

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The Eco-Warrior team with founder James Pribram 

On Saturday, Sept 15, the community joined in for “Coastal Clean Up Day” at Aliso Beach Park. ECO-Warrior Foundation provided the supplies including gloves, bags, waivers, and Chronic Tacos served up tasty free tacos for all the participating ECO-Warriors. 

Coastal Clean up tacos

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Volunteers enjoyed tasty Chronic Tacos for their hard work

“We had 172 volunteers come out and pick up 363 pounds of litter. It was out 49th clean up putting us at about 16,423 pounds total cleaned up,” said James Pribram, ECO-Warrior Foundation Founder. 

Coastal Clean up beach

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Coastal Clean up Day made our beautiful beaches even more enjoyable

After the clean up, ECO-warriors met at the Laguna Beach Beer Company for an epic “Coastal Clean Up Day Celebration” hosted by the one and only Garth Wyckoff, from 5 to 11 p.m. The event included a live acoustic performance by world-renowned guitarists Billy Sherman and Phil Gough of Common Sense from 6 to 8 p.m., with a portion of all the proceeds going to the ECO-Warrior Foundation. 

Coastal Clean up Glenwood

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The G Force team from Glenwood House showed its support on Saturday

The Bewitching Hour

The Bewitching profile

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Photo by Falke Photography

Halloween is coming and the wicked witches are ready to cast their spells, including this “Treasure Island Witch” photographed on Thursday

Fennec brings win of two-night stay at Tides Inn to Lea Bortone

The Artists Fund at Festival of Arts congratulates Lea Bortone as the winner of the Art-To-Go buyers bonus prize. The fundraising sale featured 120 art works donated by Festival exhibitors and sold to the public throughout the summer season.

At conclusion of the sale, a buyers name is drawn to win a certificate for a two-night stay at The Tides Inn. Bortone’s receipt for her purchase of Fennec, donated by wildlife painter Dennis Zervas, was selected. 

Art to Go Fennec

Courtesy of Mike Tauber

It was Fennec by Dennis Zervas for the win

“Woo hoo – that’s awesome,” Bortone exclaimed, upon hearing the news. “I love my painting from Dennis, he is one of my favorite FOA artists and I have several of his pieces. 

She continued, “I love the opportunity to give back to the artists and get amazing art at the same time. The artist fund is so important; it helps so many artist in moments of need and is a great cause.” 

The winner said she looks forward to her staycation. 

Art to go Tides Inn

Courtesy of Mike Tauber

Lea Bortone wins Art-to-Go buyers prize, a two-night stay at Tides Inn

“I can’t wait to spend two amazing and relaxing nights at the Tides. I love Laguna Beach and will visit my favorite restaurants during my stay,” Bortone said. 

For more information about The Tides Inn, visit For more information about The Artists Fund at Festival of Arts, call (949) 612-1949 or visit

City Remembrance Ceremony marks the 5th anniversary of officer Jon Coutchie’s passing

Beloved fallen LBPD Motor Officer Jon Coutchie, who, devastatingly, was killed in a crash on Sept 21, 2013, at the young age of 41, will be remembered in this year’s City Remembrance Ceremony on Sept 21, marking the fifth anniversary of Officer Coutchie’s End of Watch.

In honor of Officer Coutchie’s ultimate sacrifice five years ago, City employees, family, friends, and members of the community are encouraged to attend the event to remember the sacrifice of the Police Department’s two fallen officers. The Police Memorial honors two LBPD officers who were killed in the line of duty, Coutchie in 2013, and Gordon French in 1953.

Six months after Coutchie became a motor officer in March 2013, he died after a crash at Cleo Street and Coast Highway while responding to a report of a reckless driver.

City Remembrance Ceremony Jon

The Remembrance Ceremony on Sept 21 will mark the 5th anniversary of officer Jon Coutchie’s death in the line of duty

The Remembrance Ceremony has become an annual tradition that is open to any member of the public wishing to attend. Last year more than 100 people were in attendance and included a presentation by the LBPD Honor Guard and comments by LBPD Capt Jeff Calvert and former LBPD Chief Paul Workman. 

The ceremony will take place outside of the LBPD in front of the Eternal Legacy memorial beginning at 5:30 p.m. on Sept 21. Refreshments will immediately follow the event.

Top of the World Neighborhood Association to host old-fashioned picnic at Alta Laguna Park

The Top of the World Neighborhood Association (TOWNA) will hold its annual Neighborhood Picnic on Sunday, Sept 23 at Alta Laguna Park from 3 - 5 p.m. You do not need to be a member of TOWNA to come and enjoy this meet your neighbor event, all are invited and all are welcomed. 

Neighbors are invited to bring their favorite dish to participate in an old-fashioned potluck dinner. 

Top of the World firetruck

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Gene Felder

Top of the World community enjoying 2017 picnic with a visit from local firefighters

The TOWNA Board is very concerned about recent fire damage and inappropriate activity such as setting fires and smoking in the Laguna Heights open space, and encourages anyone seeing such activity to report it to the Police non-emergency number at (949) 497-0701.

For additional information, contact Gene Felder at (949) 939-7257.

“Portraits Three Ways” exhibit will leave the CAP Gallery on Saturday, Sept 29

By “Charlie” Ferrazzi

 September may be the first month of fall, but it is the last month of “Portraits Three Ways,” the current exhibit at The CAP Gallery. September 29 will be your last day to view this intriguing exhibit.

 Jill Petrilak, Jan Magdaleno, and Andrew Petterson, and their individual takes on the genre of portraiture, make up the theme of this exhibit. Portrait subjects, styles and medium of work make this an interesting, varied and ‘must see’ exhibit.

 Jill Petrilak works in a traditional style. Originally studying at Art Center College of Design, after graduation she started as a portrait painter. She later became an animation illustrator for a number of the major studios to help support her family after the Northridge earthquake and has since retired and come full circle back to portraiture.

 Jill has recruited many of her friends to be her subjects, and now finds she is recruiting the younger generation of her family to pose. During an Artists’ Conversation, Jill quoted John Singer Sargent: “Every time I paint a portrait, I lose a friend.”

 Having worked on deadlines for many years, Jill is capable of painting quick and efficiently; but now that she works on her own deadlines, she is enjoying taking time, capturing moments from the subject’s life, and mastering the complexities of her impression of them by the use of colour, shapes and brushstrokes.

Portraits Three Ways Petrilak Kevin

Click on photo for larger image

Submitted photo

“Kevin” by Jill Petrilak, oil on canvas

Jan Magdaleno attended Chouinard Art Institute on a four-year scholarship, studying fashion illustration where the focus was on the human form and drawing. After graduation, Jan went on to a career as an advertising director for Bullock’s Department Stores, ultimately becoming Corporate Fashion Art Director. She also returned to Chouinard to teach fashion illustration.

After leaving Bullocks, Jan went into partnership with a friend, owning Jebba Needlepoint, in Corona del Mar, for 25 years. During that time, she still maintained working in her art and keeping deadlines by creating custom canvases for their clients. After selling Jebba, Jan enjoyed immersing herself in art without dealing with tight deadlines. In a comment during an Artists’ Conversation, she quipped, “I wonder what a deadline would look like if you painted it.”

Jan’s love of drawing shows in her selection of works on display. Charcoal, graphite works, some highlighted with watercolor or oil – she enjoys working in various mediums, though charcoal is her favorite. She is also not limited to just a model or friend. Carrying a sketchbook and drawing tools, she will often sketch people she observes wherever she is at. Street fair strollers, museum wanderers and beachgoers are just a few of her subjects. For her, it is bringing life to her subjects by the way they hold themselves, the look in their eyes and expression of their face. All have possible stories to draw.

Portraits Three Ways Magdaleno Daydreamer

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Submitted photo

“Daydreamer” by Jan Magdaleno, Charcoal, watercolor & pastel

Jan’s portrait work is not just about the human species. Being an avid dog lover, she has done many commissioned portraits of animals for clients. Not limiting herself to the usual canine or feline, she has also done hamsters, llamas, giraffes, cheetahs, and koalas, to name a few. Again, it is the way she is able to breathe life into her subjects that make her works so desirable to animal lovers.

Andrew Petterson is the son of parents who were both art educators. From an early age, his world was filled with limitless access to many art media and support in any and all interest in pursuing art. After leaving home, he spent hours in museums studying the Masters by drawing and painting, learning the how and whys of their methods. From live portrait and figure models, he has gotten an even deeper understanding of the human figure and its structure.

 Andrew has spent time as a fabricator/designer/engineer, collaborating with Oakley on a custom project of 50 original hand-painted eyeglass frames. He has also designed and executed custom designs for various businesses in the sports and motorcycle worlds.

Portraits Three Ways Petterson Maura

Click on photo for larger image

Submitted photo

“Maura” by Andrew Petterson, graphite and charcoal

Andrew still spends time studying the Masters, doing maybe two copies of a piece and then creating his own version of the work. He strives to paint every day and complete a work in that one day. Preferring charcoal as his main medium, he feels that the “simplicity of charcoal forces you to tell your story.” He also works in graphite, both very straightforward mediums that can be strong and direct or can add nuance to a piece. Like Jan Magdaleno, Andrew is always keeping an eye out for new faces to draw and paint, further honing his skills. The goal of each piece is to be better than the last through improvements, no matter how minor.

Three artists, three interpretations of the art of portraiture: an exhibit that is not to be missed. After September 29, visitors will have missed out.

CAP’s mission is to increase the visibility and appreciation of Art and serve as a catalyst for Art Education. CAP provides ongoing exhibitions in The CAP Gallery: a unique space for juried, solo and retrospective exhibitions located in the Rotunda 

Gallery space on the second floor of the Wells Fargo Building, 260 Ocean Ave.

For more information about ongoing or upcoming exhibits, visit www.caplaguna.orgor call (949) 533-7507.

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