Laguna Beach Library presents Author Talk with Rajbir Singh on Dec 9 

Author Talk with Rajbir Singh will take place on Sat, Dec 9 at the Laguna Beach Library, located at 363 Glenneyre Street. 

The event will include a Spiritual Talk with Rajbir Singh, Author of HIMesha. Singh began this book nearly 11 years ago. It includes personal reflections of his own transformation, journey, and spiritual experiences.

For more information on this upcoming event, visit

Dirt Fondo fundraiser ride raised more than $4,000 

The Laguna Beach Interscholastic Mountain Bike Team recently hosted the Dirt Fondo fundraiser ride in cooperation with the Laguna Canyon Foundation.

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The group was gearing up for their big bikeathon ahead of them

 The ride started at Laguna Cyclery and ended with a burrito luncheon from La Sirena Grill. Laguna’s local businesses proudly supported the aid stations along the ride, sponsored by The Ranch LB, Troy Lee Designs, and Fix Manufacturing. 

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More than 90 riders participated 

The support of the community helped the team raise more than $4,000 for coach funding. Over 90 riders registered for 25 or 50 miles, with 25-milers coming through around noon, and most of the 50 milers coming in around 3 p.m.

For more information about the Laguna Beach Mountain Bike Team go to

Dennis’ Tidbits


December 5, 2017

In January, we’ll see two giant moons in a blue moon month – how rare is that?  Read on to find out…

Here on Sunday our sunset occurred at 4:44 p.m., only two minutes away from our earliest sunset of the year at 4:42 from Dec 8-12. 

If tonight’s full moon appears bigger and brighter than usual, I have good news. It’s not a pigment of your hallucination. It’s known as a giant moon, an event that rarely happens as in 1948 the last time the moon was this close to Earth and it won’t happen again until 2034. There was actually a giant moon on Nov 14 last year and there’ll be two more, one on Jan 2, and one on Jan 31, 2018. After that you’ll have to wait sixteen years until the next one. Incidentally, next month is a blue moon month when the full moon phase occurs twice in the same month. It happens only around every 30 months, or roughly two and a half years. I guess that’s where the phrase once in a blue moon, meaning not too often, like about as often as I write a column that actually makes sense.

See, our moon is roughly 240,000 miles from planet Earth but its orbit around our planet is not always a perfect circle so sometimes it can be as much as 256,000 miles and as close as 224,000 miles like it is right now so in actuality it appears as much as seven percent closer and 16 percent brighter and it peaks in intensity around 9:30 p.m. our time tonight. It’s called perigee and apogee.

If it’s sunshine and temps at ten degrees above normal for early December, then you’re gonna love the next seven to ten days. The Eastern Pacific High is really flexing its muscles and is expanding in a manner that rarely happens on such a huge scale, an event that will even bless the dreary Pacific Northwest with a whole week or more of solid sunshine with minimal cloudiness and not a drop of rain which is a really rare event up there as a 30.70 high will camp out several hundred miles off Washington forcing incoming storms way to the north. 

Down here a 30.75 high will park over southern Utah and will cause a strong Santana wind event for at least the next week. These northeast howlers will even reach the beaches as temps will reach 80 or more at water’s edge with humidities in the single digits prompting Red Flag alerts throughout all wilderness areas. Rain is totally out of the question and that’s just fine with McWeather. That’s why we live here! 


Brooks Street Beach – A study in blue and green

Photo by Barry Elms

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Heidi Miller, business owner and kidney donor, is named Citizen of the Year by LB Patriots Day Parade

Heidi Miller, owner of Tight Assets, a clothing store on Coast Highway, living kidney donor still recovering from surgery, and board member of numerous LB philanthropies including the Laguna Playhouse and LB Historical Society, has been named Citizen of the Year by the Laguna Beach Patriots’ Day Parade Committee.

“It’s crazy,” Heidi said upon first hearing the news. “I’m so honored. Stu won it two years ago!”

More about Heidi’s achievement and what it means to be Citizen of the Year in Friday’s issue.

Hospitality night draws hundreds in a holiday mood

Photos by Scott Brashier


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Hundreds of Laguna residents poured into downtown on Hospitality Night, enjoying free cookies, carolers and all things Christmas

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