Organizer of the Women’s March here gushes out her gratitude!

I sincerely thank you for your good works and spirit in putting on this historic rally in Laguna Beach. Thanks to the musicians, speakers and guardian angels for lending your voice, energy and generosity. Thanks to the City of Laguna Beach and KX935 for your help and inspiration. Thanks to Bill Atkins for his awesome banner, and finally, a big thanks to Barbara MacGillivray for generously donating funds for the stage and tent. 

I am so proud of our town! A community with a loving heart and a mighty roar!  Please see our flowchart.  

We put on a show people!  

A big hug and shout out to Tom Joliet for being the very backbone of this entire event.  He did all the heavy lifting and kept me sane!

And finally, thanks to our little hometown, Laguna Beach. We rallied and showcased the strength and wisdom that our country has to offer when we embrace our neighbors and our differences and come together to promote the common good. 

I am grateful! 

That trusty flowchart…a living and fire breathing document!!   We did this!!  

9:30 Sound Check with Off the Vinyl rockabilly band with Shaun Lopez

10:00/10:15 Welcome and comments from KX935 Crew throughout event with Tom Joliet, Tyler Russell, Monica Silva, Jason Feddy, Billy Fried and Mayor Toni IsemanJason Feddy with opening song…Natural Woman

10:15 Keynote Speaker Rita Conn  

10:25  Lisa M. Berman speaks on legacy and empowerment

Emily Hayden from Thurston Middle School sings “Fight Song” 

10:30  Arnold Hano speaks on the future

10:35  Monica Prado - Board of Directors of the Sawdust Festival and President of the Artists’ Benevolence Fund board of trustees- Speaks on the arts

10:40  Beth Fitchet Wood, Steve Wood and Choir 

10:45 Betsy Jenkins - Speaks on Education

10:50  Tom Joliet and his merry band of ukers rally the crowd with “If I had a hammer” sing-a-long

10:55 Jane Bening - speaks on Affordable Care Act

11:00  Joel Rafael

11:25  Hallie Jones, Executive Director of Laguna Canyon Foundation -Speaks on Environment 

11:30 Jason Feddy 

11:45 “Off the Vinyl” with Shaun Lopez for a rockabilly set

Noonish: Finale and Goodbyes.

Cindy Obrand

Laguna Beach

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