City Blue bus from North Laguna

Once again today I tried to use the City Blue bus from North Laguna, only to find that the route and the schedule had been changed, with no notice to the ridership.  Although the controversial issue is covered well in [the news], I can find no department name, nor manager name that accepts responsibility for the proposed and on-going changes to our bus service. 

 I understand the need for changes – I am often the only passenger on the bus, and I often see it circling its route empty – so it is expensive and wasteful.  However, we in North Laguna are also taxpayers and shoppers, and elderly and handicapped, and car-less or reluctant to drive and park downtown…all groups that the city should be encouraging to seek alternative transportation.  A six-passenger golf cart would probably be adequate to serve this area, at much lower cost.

I urge all North Laguna residents (owners AND renters) who value this service to attend the City Council meeting on May 9 when the changes and proposals will be discussed. 

Barbara C. Ring

Laguna Beach

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