Creativity of proposed Wayfinding signage

The proposed Wayfinding signage has a primary purpose to direct tourists to businesses; residents already know where and how to find their way. The how is important and signs don’t do it. More signs mean visual blight without character or meaning -people use APs-for that and trolleys and wayfinding has grown up. While parking signs are already in place and doing their job, more doesn’t mean better. What Laguna needs is a better way:  continuous, unbroken sidewalks along highways and safe pedestrian corridors that are both beautiful and practical. Working with Cal Trans, the Beautification Council and City Planning, this community can certainly find better solutions than the proposed double- posted 12’-17’ high stacked color-coded signs sporting the well branded golden arches. With their copious print and circular maps to find food, gas, festival. So, who reads and wants these commercial relics stuck into narrow and decrepit sidewalks? Solution: Instead of more consultants, more signs and more confusion trying to read them, we need collective endemic talent, our pro-active groups and a council who listens to them to create a way to encourage walking, sightseeing, appreciation of the many historical and beautiful elements Laguna offers between north to south Laguna from Tree Streets to Hip district, to coves and parks, from the downtown beaches and shopping to the arts district and beyond. It can happen only if we remember to share Laguna and make wayfinding an extraordinary experience in the same creative spirit that brings so many and keeps us here. Beautifully landscapes highways, an arbor of flowing trees, meandering sidewalks, art-markers leading to a new area, highlighting a special place (our own Hollywood Star) this is possible when we recognize creativity does not stop at the edge of a canvas or stage.

Leah Vasquez

Laguna Beach