Thank you, James Utt, for not returning to the classroom

Thank you, James Utt, for not returning to the classroom to teach, and recognizing that your liberal bias would seep into any classroom you enter. Thank you, because we already have a liberal invasion in our education system, where professors stray far off course syllabi to indoctrinate young minds into “their” way of thinking, masquerading as education.  This has been going on for decades, but has reached a crisis point.  I remember a criminology/sociology professor at UCSB in the early 1980’s who gave me an “F” because I wrote my final paper refuting his professorial liberal view that all criminals could be rehabilitated and prisons should be eliminated. I appealed and received an “A”, but that was my first taste of liberal bias in the classroom.  It still reeks, but it’s nothing like the liberal affront facing students across the nation today. Something is seriously wrong with our education system when teachers such as Olga Cox at OCCC are permitted to isolate, call out and shame conservative minded students, and declare, in her sexual education class, that President Trump’s election was an act of terrorism. The student was suspended for recording her political rant, but was shortly reinstated after community outrage against the teacher. In Santa Cruz, a teacher assigned 7 books in an English Literature course, all of which were about black rights, the black lives matter movement and glorifying the Black Panthers. Those resources may have been appropriate for a Black Studies class, but not English Literature. The student objected to the resource selection and was told to either drop the class or leave the school. In Florida, a Muslim college teacher filed a complaint against a Christian student who vocally opposed the teacher when she exalted Islamic extremism in her classroom, and said that Jesus’ crucifixion was a hoax and that Jesus’ disciples did not believe in God. She gave the straight A honor student an “F” in her class, and then had the student suspended claiming she felt threatened by the student’s opposition to her teachings. The teacher, who also filed a false police report against the student, is on a US watch list for supporting terrorism.  And just last week, at Cal State Fresno, yet another extreme left teacher tweeted at #TheResistance that President Trump should be hung, encouraging his assassination, and calling for the execution of two Republicans for each immigrant deported. Something is very wrong in our education system that permits these teachers to spew their extreme political beliefs, while at the same time “teaching” our children.

So yes, I’m very glad you are not teaching in our childrens’ classrooms because we already have too many teachers who cannot differentiate the subject matter they are supposed to teach from their political beliefs. There is a reason why President Trump won the election, and there are many millions of people who, for the first time in years, have hope that the downward and wrong direction this country was headed under Obama will be re-routed and uprighted, and that the flow of extreme liberal bias that has been allowed to seep into our education system and indoctrinate our youth will cease. Our children need to be taught to think critically for themselves, and not simply become indoctrinated followers.  If they develop that skill, they will be able to identify for themselves bias from fact, intelligent thought from rants. And maybe one day, the news media, on both sides, will get back to reporting real facts, not political opinions masquerading as facts. Unfortunately, it is likely too late to save California.  It’s already being taxed to death by our governor and legislature.

Jennifer W. Zeiter

Laguna Beach