“Sell like hotcakes”

Those who oppose the historic preservation ordinance say that being identified as historic resources will diminish the value of their homes and make them difficult to sell, but this is counter to real estate ads in the local paper. Three real-estate sections of the Indy has several listings for historic cottages.  In fact, one was advertised recently as a “historic Village cottage restored to perfection by one of Laguna’s great cottage architects, Greg Abel,” another is written up as a secluded cottage “design awarded by Greg Abel,” and another as a “Classic Laguna cottage.” 

Many of these Laguna cottages are C-rated, and are in demand and have value.  If fact, a realtor testified at a resent Planning Commission Meeting saying, these cottages “sell like hotcakes”.  

When revising the historic Preservation Ordinance it is imperative to recognize the C ratings as historical resources. 

Darrylin Girvin

Laguna Beach