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High times on Glenneyre end in dispensary bust

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, the saying goes, or in this case, a marijuana dispensary. Last week, a Laguna resident smelled something, well, highly suspicious while walking along the 900 block of Glenneyre. That person also saw a number of people leaving the building carrying white bags, furtively, one imagines.

Building on 900 block of Glenneyre

Turned out that the so-called “Divine Church of Gardens, Laguna Beach,” a tenant in the building, which also houses Sunset Drug, was indeed a place of worship – but the church part was bogus. The deity in question was not God, but weed in all its many manifestations.

“We arrested a man who claimed to be a volunteer for the church. He told officers that he had only been working there for three days, and that marijuana was used as a sacrament in the church’s rituals,” Sgt. Jim Cota, LBPD spokesperson, told Stu News.

After the officers located approximately 20 plus pounds of marijuana on the premises, along with codeine, and $3,000 in cash, the “volunteer” didn’t have a prayer. Lucas Seth Dichiara, age 31, of Irvine was arrested for possession and sales of marijuana and also for the illegal operation of a marijuana dispensary in Laguna Beach.

The landlord arrived on the scene and was flabbergasted. The Divine Church of Gardens was soon excommunicated from the property. (The name of the lessee of the property was not available at this time.)

Officers confiscated all of the contraband and booked it into evidence at the Laguna Beach Police Department.

“It appears there will be no church services this weekend at that location,” Sgt. Cota added.


Early morning reckless driver reported by 12 people

On the morning of Jan 15, Martin Luther King Day, a motorist driving a silver Jeep Liberty up Coast Highway was reported for reckless driving by twelve different callers, with reports ranging from driving on the wrong side of the road, not abiding by the speed limit, not stopping at red lights, and swerving their vehicle.

The first call, which came in at 8 a.m., reported that a woman was driving very fast, while the second reporting party described the driver running red lights. The third reporting party stated that the driver was driving the wrong way on the road in an attempt to pass other motorists near Wesley. 

A fifth reporting party pulled over to avoid the driver and called to say that the driver was in the southbound lane of the road. The sixth reporting party stated that the driver was northbound on Legion at a high rate of speed. After more calls about her heading northbound on Broadway, taking a turn to head southbound on Cliff, the driver was detained.

The woman was arrested for reckless driving.

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