Reader Poll 050818

Will you support an undergrounding bond if it shows up on your November ballot?

Number of voters: 189


Votes: 91 48.15%


Votes: 57 30.16%

Maybe – it depends on the exact cost to homeowners

Votes: 41 21.69%

Reader Poll 040318

Local elections are right around the corner. What do you feel is the biggest issue facing Laguna Beach right now, which council candidates must address?

Number of voters: 211

Parking and traffic issues

Votes: 76 36.02%


Votes: 38 18.01%


Votes: 32 15.17%

More affordable housing

Votes: 21 9.95%

Future development

Votes: 17 8.06%


Votes: 11 5.21%

Environmental concerns

Votes: 6 2.84%

Helping businesses succeed

Votes: 6 2.84%

Historic Preservation Ordinance

Votes: 4 1.9%

Reader Poll 042718

How often do you eat from restaurants in Laguna Beach for lunch or dinner, whether sitting down or ordering take-out?

Number of voters: 156

1-2 times per week

Votes: 65 41.67%


Votes: 38 24.38%

3-4 times per week

Votes: 27 17.31%

5+ times per week

Votes: 14 8.87%

I mostly dine out in other cities

Votes: 12 7.69%

Reader Poll 041718

Are you in favor of the possible school year calendar changes, as proposed by LBUSD’s special calendar committee?

Number of voters: 129


Votes: 65 50.39%


Votes: 34 26.36%


Votes: 30 23.26%

Reader Poll 032218

Do you support the Orange County Board of Supervisors’ proposal to build temporary homeless shelters in Irvine, Huntington Beach and Laguna Niguel?

Number of voters: 125


Votes: 71 56.8%


Votes: 44 35.2%

Yes to some locations but not to all

Votes: 10 8%

Reader Poll 031318

Do you feel that public art in Laguna Beach should only be commissioned to Laguna Beach residents?

Number of voters: 131

No – great art is great art; public art commissions should be open to everyone

Votes: 79 60.31%

Yes – we must show support for our local artists in this way

Votes: 52 36.69%

Readers Poll 030218

Do you believe school administrators should carry concealed weapons on campus?

Number of voters: 188


Votes: 160 85.11%


Votes: 28 14.89%

Reader Poll 021318

Should Stu News publish “Letters to the Editor” about national politics?

Number of voters: 143

No, because Stu News as a hyperlocal news source should cover local Laguna politics only

Votes: 107 74.83%

Yes, because Administration policies affect us all

Votes: 36 25.17%

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