Reader Poll 042216

Do you favor allowing Laguna Beach homeowners to have short-term (30 days or less) rentals?

Number of voters: 1093


Votes: 738 67.52%


Votes: 355 32.48%

Reader Poll 041216

We like to know more about our readers. How long have you lived in Laguna Beach? Under one year

Number of voters: 232

21+ years

Votes: 135 58.19%

13-20 years

Votes: 39 16.81%

7-12 years

Votes: 21 9.05%

I don’t live in Laguna anymore

Votes: 16 6.9%

3-6 years

Votes: 12 5.17%

I’ve never lived in Laguna

Votes: 5 2.16%

1-2 years

Votes: 4 1.72%

Reader Poll 040116

We have many great traditions here in Laguna. Which would be your favorite?

Number of voters: 164

Hospitality Night

Votes: 32 19.51%

Pageant of the Masters

Votes: 29 17.68%

Patriot’s Day Parade

Votes: 24 14.63%

Bluebird Concerts in the Park

Votes: 20 12.2%

My favorite isn’t on this list!

Votes: 17 10.37%

Brooks St. Classic

Votes: 12 7.32%

Art Walk

Votes: 11 6.71%

Sawdust Art Festival Opening Night

Votes: 11 6.71%

Oak St. Halloween

Votes: 8 4.88%

Reader Poll 032216

If you had no choice but to leave Laguna Beach tomorrow to live in one of the following cities, which would you choose?

Number of voters: 165

La Jolla

Votes: 50 30.3%

Newport Beach

Votes: 29 17.58%

San Francisco

Votes: 28 16.97%

Portland, OR

Votes: 25 15.15%


Votes: 12 7.27%

New York

Votes: 11 6.67%

Santa Monica

Votes: 5 3.03%


Votes: 3 1.82%


Votes: 2 1.21%

Reader Poll 031116

We had a Parade! The 50th Annual Patriots Day Parade…

Number of voters: 145

Did you stay home - or leave town?

Votes: 83 57.24%

Did you go downtown and watch?

Votes: 34 23.45%

Were you marching in the Parade?

Votes: 28 19.31%

Reader Poll 022616

Laguna Beach is a college town, home of one of this country’s leading art colleges, LCAD. Have you personally ever visited the campus to check it out?

Number of voters: 124


Votes: 74 59.68%


Votes: 50 40.32%

Reader Poll 021616

If you could live in Laguna for nine months out of the year and “somewhere else” for the other three, would you choose to do that?

Number of voters: 142

Yes - the crowds are too much in the summer!

Votes: 70 49.3%

No way - I wouldn’t give up my summers in Laguna for anything!

Votes: 66 46.48%

I already do this

Votes: 6 4.23%

Is the city’s proposed ordinance to allow only non-profits to deliver medical marijuana to cardholders over-burdening to those who need it?

Number of voters: 98


Votes: 60 61.22%


Votes: 26 26.53%

Not sure

Votes: 12 12.24%

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