At the Rose Bowl Oct 17

Day Worker Center placed 2nd in soccer tournament

On Sunday, Oct 17, a team representing the Laguna Day Worker Center (LDWC), on Laguna Canyon Road, came in second in the annual soccer tournament held on fields adjacent to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

Sponsored by the National Day Labor Organizing Network (NDLON) in Los Angeles, the tournament brought together 18 teams from communities across Southern California. The LDWC defeated squads from Pomona, Harbor City, Redondo Beach, and Pasadena, before losing in the final match to a West Los Angeles club.

Centered on the theme of “No Human Being Is Illegal” (“Ningun Ser Humano es Ilegal”), the tournament is held to call attention to the plight of day laborers in Southern California.

Day Workers Photo

Submitted photo

The Laguna Day Worker Center team, with team managers Tim and Irma Ronses at the left, and the trophy they won at the tournament.

Couch Free Saturday at Boys & Girls Club

Roll out the ramps - there’s finally a permanent place to skate in Laguna Beach

Couch free Photo

Submitted photo

Beginning this Saturday and every Saturday afterwards, the LB Boys & Girls Club (LBBGC) will be transformed into a skate park for its second annual Couch Free Saturday. The Club recently acquired two quarter pipes, which can be adjusted to make a half pipe, and a fun box equipped with a grind rail. The ramps were designed and built by pro-skater Chad Shetler, ensuring a fun ride because the ramps were made by skaters for skaters.

The main event for our Couch Free Saturday is a skate competition, beginning at 1 p.m. that will give an opportunity for local thrashers to show off their skills and win some prizes. Three judges will be on hand to judge the free-style skating, and Hobie will provide prizes. The first place winner will walk away with a signed Tony Hawk skateboard. Anyone who is a Club member can skate for free, and for those who are not already members can download registration forms from our website There is no fee for those who just want to enter the skate competition; however registration forms must completed; available online or on Saturday before the event. The age brackets will include 10 and under, 11-13, and 14 and up.

A very special thank you goes out to the Tony Hawk Foundation for generously donating skateboards and skate gear to Club members.

Other exiting events will take place to ensure that all of Laguna’s youth will get off the couch (and off of Facebook) and get active, or just express their creativity.

The Collective Sound will provide an open mic for local talent to showcase their skills, whether it is poetry, singing or the spoken word.

A fully equipped band set up will be provided to give local bands the opportunity to jam, as well as provide an audience, without the hassle of transporting and setting up your gear.

Emily Murray, the Club’s Art Director will be providing a free tie-dye workshop where anyone who wants can make a tie-dye t-shirt for free. Youth are encouraged to bring their own white clothes if they wish to tie-dye them.

The Ocean Institute will provide their traveling classroom to entertain and educate younger siblings while their older siblings tear it up, however skaters are sure to enjoy the Ocean Institutes’ marine life exhibit.

A ping-pong tournament will also be organized for players of all ages (including the up and coming ping-pong stars who play at the senior center).

Mark Christy, the President of Hobie summed up last year’s event by saying, “I liked the fact that the event was so organic. If something is too organized, teens tend to shy away…but the eclectic mix of cool stuff including the skate contest for all ages, the band and their many walk on guests, Element’s outdoor display, art, and ping pong made it an event that teens enjoyed. The variety of activities was utterly random, and for that reason, it worked.  We’re looking forward to next Saturday!”

In its statement LBBGC said, “The Club’s skate ramps have been a long time coming. We are excited to finally roll them out, especially in light of the recent backlash against skateboarding in Laguna Beach. Always on top of youth trends, and understanding the culture of our community, the Club is proud to provide a place for our youth to skate in Laguna Beach. The Club’s skate set up provides a smooth and super fun ride to challenge novice and experienced skaters alike. Although the set up is modest, it is a start, and we believe it will be a catalyst to start momentum to build a legitimate park in Laguna. But enough talk! Come check it out for yourself and see what it is all about!

“The Club is also looking for experienced LBHS skaters to volunteer during our new Saturday skate hours. This is a fun and active way to get your required community service hours while doing the sport you love, as well as mentoring the next generation of Laguna thrashers.”

To learn more about Couch Free Saturday and the new Saturday skate hours call 494-2535 x106 or check out the Club website

Skateboarding legend Tony Hawk appeared at Hobie

Skateboarding great Tony Hawk was at Hobie Sports downtown last Friday where he met kids and talked about skate while he signed  copies of his new book, How Did I Get Here - The Ascent of an Unlikely CEO.

Hawk was there for the most part without fanfare. Hobie’s Mark Christy said, “He wanted this to be a mellow, familial type gathering (he brought his sister Pat, brother Steve along with nieces and nephews) we kept it really small. He was great with the kids, patient with the autographs and photos and was a really down to earth guy.”

Tony Hawk Photo

The Day family – Dad Dave, Mom Dallas and niece Jessie behind Hawk and Cody Day. Cody has been a huge Tony Hawk fan for years and dreamed of meeting his idol. Hawk signed Cody’s old-school skateboard.

Christy said Hobie was honored to host the event and has Hawk’s books for sale as well as Birdhouse skateboards and accessories. And for the first few
lucky shoppers, we have a very limited number of Tony’s hand-signed books (please limit one per customer).

Dodgeball winning teams - photos & words

SchoolPower organized an event last Thursday night that is guaranteed to be an annual must – a Dodgeball Challenge.

Games were contested in both LBHS gyms Thursday night and good crowds were in the bleachers at both. The competitors played hard and from all reports, had fun.

Thanks to SchoolPower’s Stephanie Reid for seeing to it that the results were available for the Tuesday edition.

It was a sold-out success!

Article and photos by Samantha Washer

What stokes the most intense of rivalries?  Politics? School allegiance? Olympic competition? At the LBHS gyms last Thursday night, the answer was dodgeball. SchoolPower’s first annual Dodgeball Tournament was a sold out success with 42 teams from three divisions battling it out for their division title.  There was a 4th-5th grade division, a 6th-8th grade division, and a high school/adult division.

Teams from all parts of the community participated, and the competition was fierce.

Some came to watch their kids; some came to take part in the fun; and others came to win.  Laguna’s Police, for example, in trying to take advantage of any edge they could find over their friendly rivals, the Laguna Firefighters, snuck into the station house when the firefighters were on a call to hang posters claiming police victory. The firefighters were clear this only fueled their determination to win.

In addition to city safety personnel and local business leaders, teachers, toothless fairies and super heroes were all in attendance.

Dodgeball Photo 1

But no one could defeat the ball handling skills of the Laguna Beach Lifeguards.  They took home the championship prize of $500  (designated to the school program of their choice) along with a much-coveted golden skull trophy, made by Bill Jarrard.  Team captain Kai Bond reported that his team chose Special Ed programs for their $500 prize winnings and that the Laguna Beach Lifeguard Association will match that sum with an additional $500 for a one-time scholarship to water sport athletes.

Dodgeball Photo 2

The Rastafarians won the title in the 4th-5th grade division, taking home medals and $100 which will be gifted to the 4th grade teaching team at El Morro.

Dodgeball Photo 3

Team Shwayze 4 took the title in the 6th-8th grade division, designating their $100 to the Thurston PE program.

Top of the World Elementary School principal, Ron LaMotte, said about the event, “It was the most fun I have had in years! And it created such positive school spirit with my staff and students alike. Thanks again for the support of our schools and building of community spirit.”

Event chair Kristin Winter was thrilled by the passionate response to the tournament but wasn’t surprised that the event went as smoothly as it did. “With Rob Capobianco’s and Mike Sadler’s help we were golden. SchoolPower is always looking for ways to bring the community together,” she said, “And it looks like Laguna Beach just wanted to play dodgeball.”

For more information about next year’s tournament or SchoolPower’s ongoing Community Campaign, please contact SchoolPower, the Laguna Beach Education Foundation, at 494-6811 or

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