LBHS Homecoming 2017

Photos by Scott Brashier

Senior Sean Nolan in action

Luc LaMontagne, Homecoming King, with Alexa Anderson, Homecoming Queen

Junior class performance


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International Tennis will be played right here in Laguna, today, Fri Oct 20, at  3 p.m. on LBHS court #1

On Fri, Oct. 20 at 3 p.m. Laguna’s most talented male tennis player Tim Kpulun (ATP Tour Pro) and best female player Parris Todd (WTA Tour Pro) will take on So Cal’s best at LBHS Court #1 on Park Ave. 

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Submitted photo

Tim Kpulun

Laguna’s own will take on elite opponents from across So Cal and beyond in singles.

Both Tim and Parris have made tremendous accomplishments, and will be wonderful mentors to tennis players at LBHS. 

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Submitted photo

Parris Todd

Only a small fraction of Laguna’s players ever get the chance to watch international level tennis, so this is a great opportunity to watch international-caliber tennis in Laguna Beach’s backyard, at LBHS Court #1.

For more information on this upcoming event and the players attending, log onto, and type in Parris Todd and TIm Kpulun.

El Morro Elementary School celebrates different abilities during Respect-ABILITY Month

Throughout the entire month of Oct, El Morro Elementary will celebrate different abilities in an effort to educate the school community about the value of a diverse and inclusive campus that supports all students regardless of individual differences.

Together, the El Morro Character Counts Crew and Ability Awareness parent volunteers organized a month filled with guest speakers, special events, and assemblies that create an environment where students, teachers, staff, and community members are provided with an opportunity to look beyond any physical or hidden challenges that a person might have.

“My goal for El Morro Elementary School is to create a school culture of respect, inclusion, and acceptance,” said Chris Duddy, principal at El Morro.

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Principal Chris Duddy stands by the principle that no one should be bullied

Events include a respectABILITY assembly and a day of unity on National Anti-Bullying Day, with the entire campus community invited to wear orange.

“As much as we like to believe that we live in a society that is accepting of those with different abilities, that isn’t always the case. I know this firsthand because I’m the mother of a special needs child. My daughter has autism and simple things that most people take for granted, like going grocery shopping or playing at a park, can be tremendously overwhelming for us,” said Alicia Glass, El Morro PTA Special Education Liaison.

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Recess should be time for fun, with no bullying

Glass added, “Special needs families are unbelievably strong; we can handle the public meltdowns and aggression with grace, but you never truly get used to the stares or rude comments. For this reason, I developed the concept for Respect-Ability Month. It is my hope that if we can educate children, parents, and teachers on, not only what these different conditions look like, but how to best approach and assist those with different abilities, that perhaps one day families like mine will be able to take our children out in public or send them to school without fear of judgment.”

In support of this effort, the Laguna Beach Unified School District Board of Education approved Resolution 17-21, Support for National Bullying Prevention Month, to help align El Morro’s character counts pillar of respect with Oct National Bullying Prevention Month.

LBHS teacher receives 2017 Linda Kearns Community Service Award from the OCSAPN 

On Oct 6, the Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network, otherwise known as the OCSAPN, presented Mindy Hawkins, an LBHS teacher, with the 2017 Linda Kearns Community Service Award at its annual conference in Anaheim.

OCSAPN works to promote and enhance the quality, quantity, coordination, and cooperation of positive youth development programs and prevention services in Orange County. The award honors those who best exemplify true and selfless dedication to the field of alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, violence, HIV/AIDS, and teen pregnancy prevention as well as positive youth development strategies in Orange County.

“What a well-deserved honor for OCSAPN to bestow upon our very own, Mindy Hawkins, for her work with our students and families in the area of alcohol, drug, and tobacco prevention,” said Robert Billinger, assistant principal at LBHS. “Mindy works tirelessly to educate our students by creating opportunities that empower and support healthy life choices both at school and in our community.”

Hawkins works to ensure that LBHS is an inclusive community

Hawkins, a special education teacher who has served as a PAL advisor for six years, works to ensure that LBHS is an inclusive community of students who value and care for one another.

“Teaching the Peer Leadership class at the high school has truly been a highlight of my years at LBHS. We have enjoyed amazing partnerships and collaborations with so many agencies in our community as we have worked together to support all of our students in making healthy life choices, emotionally, socially, and physically,” said Hawkins. She went on, “I really feel that this award should go to my students who have stepped out of their comfort zones and created campaigns, videos, and activities to support positive choices on our campus.”

Hawkins’ PAL program has leveraged a number of strategies to engage students and staff, including student-made videos, kindness and gratitude campaigns, prevention activities, new-student luncheons, and a cultural exchange program featuring visitors from Japan.

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