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September 30

Barron Edward Ressler

September McGee

Pretty Love


October 1

Frank Hufnagel

Steve Josephson

Christopher Trela


October 2

Bill Volz

Warren Allen

Cameron Fraser


October 3

Chef Ronnie Arnold

Sandy Caouette


October 4

Betsy Jenkins

Maggi Henrikson

Adam Heller

Chandra Reese

Michael Me stas


October 5

Veronica Nice

Gay Penney

Mike Altishin

Bill Harrison

Michael Yunich


October 6

Kathy Armas

Sean McElwee 


Laguna South Coast Theatre Show Times

162 South Coast Highway



Sept 26 – Oct 2


Click on photo for a larger image


This is Where 

I Leave You  (R)

Fri: 4:30 p.m.,

7:20 p.m. & 9:40 p.m.

Sat: 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m.,

7:20 & 9:40 p.m.

Sun: 1:30 p.m., 

4:30 p.m. & 7:20 p.m.

Mon - Thu: 

4:30 p.m. & 7:20 p.m.


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Dolphin Tale 2 (PG)

Fri: 4 p.m., 7 p.m. & 9:20 p.m.

Sat: 1 p.m., 4 p.m., 

7 p.m. & 9:20

Sun: 1 p.m., 4 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Mon - Thu: 4 p.m. & 7 p.m.


Click to purchase tickets online

Sound Spectrum

Top 20

1. Eric Clapton & Friends, An Appreciation of JJ Cale

2. alt-J, This is All Yours

3. The Growlers, Chinese Fountain

4. Tom Petty, Hypnotic Eye

5. Prince, Art Official Page

6. Train, Bulletproof Picasso

7. Lady Antebellum, 747

8. Robert Plant, Lullaby & The Ceaseless Roar

9. Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems

10. Mac Demarco Salad Days

11. Tove Lo, Queen of the Clouds

12. Ty Segall, Manipulator

13. Easy Star All-Stars, Dub Side of the Moon/Special Edition

14. Counting Crows, Somewhere Under Wonderland 

15. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek to Cheek

16. Julian Casablancas, Tyranny

17. Jack White, Lazaretto

18. Barbra Streisand, Partners

19. Joe Bonamassa, Different Shades of Blue

20. LP, Forever For Now

Since 1967

1264 S. Coast Hwy 494-5959

Call for artists! Gallery Q presents Art & Nature

Call for artists: Gallery Q at the Susi Q newest exhibit “Art & Nature-The Inner Soul.” Artists from Orange County are invited to bring art work to Gallery Q on Wednesday, Oct. 1 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or Oct. 2 from 3 to 5 p.m. See www.TheSusiQ.org or come by the front desk for guidelines and application form. 

An artist’s reception with beverages and light snacks will take place on Friday, Oct. 10 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. This reception is free and open to the public. The exhibit will run from Oct. 6 to Dec. 9 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday. 

Gallery Q is located in the Laguna Beach Community and Senior Center at 380 Third St. For information, visit www.TheSusiQ.org or contact Judy Baker, Arts Co-Director at judybaker@thesusiq.org.

VFW Fundraiser – annual raffle event 

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5868 is holding its annual raffle fundraiser.  It will run until their monthly Post meeting on Thursday, Dec 4.  A multitude of fine prizes will be awarded to lucky ticket holders including $500 in cash, a one night, weekday stay in an ocean view guest room at the Montage Laguna Beach (estimated value: $700 – does not apply from May 21, 2015 to Sept 7, 2015) and gift cards from various fine restaurants and businesses in the area.


One (1) ticket…...$10

Three (3) tickets...$25


Tickets may be purchased by sending a check with your name, address and phone number to: VFW Post 5868, P.O. Box 629, Laguna Beach, CA 92652.  

For further information call Arnie Silverman at (949) 643-5534 or Commander Frank Daniel at (949) 939-6280.  

An independent, non-VFW member will conduct the raffle drawing.  With your help and generous support VFW expects to be able to meet its service requirements for the entire year.

The Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5868 performs numerous services for all veterans and the communities.  Its members guide and assist veterans in obtaining VA benefits, provide when feasible transportation for immobile veterans, visit patients at the Long Beach Veterans Hospital and the Wounded Warriors Battalion at Camp Pendleton, support Boy and Girl Scout organizations, make themselves available for “we were there” sessions with students and many other services.  Several members are mentors at the renowned Orange County Combat Veterans Court in Santa Ana.  For the local communities they participate in parades, patriotic observances such as Memorial Day and many other services.

Active now for over 65 years, VFW has been dependent on various fundraisers such as an annual Octoberfest, and various veteran-honoring socials.  However, the limited income earned with these activities is insufficient to keep them going.  

Arnold Silverman wrote, “Also, frankly, our active membership is getting too old to run those kind of events.  

“We have become dependent, therefore, on donations to meet our overhead expenses.” 

Contributions will help the Post to attain a solid financial footing.

Police Header

Scott Alan, living in the here and now


Photos by Mary Hurlbut

Scott’s personality makes an impact without his even trying. Not surprisingly, people notice and often comment about his appearance, or his accouterments – basically his way of expressing himself. 

Recently he was back in his old hometown of pretty-much-nowhere, Oklahoma. As he was walking down the street a car came up slowly beside him. Scott thought, “Oh, no, here it comes…” Then a girl, a complete stranger, opened the window and shouted enthusiastically, “Keep on being who you are!”

Scott smiled and said, “I wouldn’t know who else to be!”

Click on photo for a larger image


Scott Alan

He is who he is, and he carries his big persona with good cheer. “Laughter is my coping mechanism,” he says. “Humor is everything.”

He’s come a long way from his childhood sense of self that was distinctly at odds with the ideology of small town Oklahoma 45 years ago, including a mean and alcoholic father. He knew he was gay, and it didn’t fit the paradigm. 

“I had this vision of me being dragged behind a truck with my pants around my ankles,” he said. “I had to get out.”

Scott left home at the age 19 to find a place where he didn’t feel like an outsider. He needed some salt water too. “After growing up in the Midwest, I knew I had to be near the ocean,” he said. “There are good graces the ocean does for us.”

After living in Seattle and the Bay Area in the height of the AIDS epidemic, Scott had to deal with that too. He tested positive for HIV in 1989, and was told that he had five to ten years at best. At the time he was in interior design school and it happened to be “Career Week”. The teacher told the students that when they’d start out working in the field, they’d “be doing s*** work for five to ten years.” Scott got over the shock of his diagnosis with a sense of humor. “I thought, five to ten years? Well, then I won’t have to pay off my student loans!”

Thankfully he’s survived and flourished, and managed to secure housing in one of the 25 apartments in Laguna’s Hagan Place. Scott is happy and upbeat, but he stresses the importance to not give up or forget the battle against AIDS. “You don’t see many red ribbons anymore,” he laments.

Laguna Bound 

Scott knew he would love to live in Laguna the first time he drove down Coast Highway by Main Beach. 

He had been living for a while in Huntington Beach, and one day the police came to his door and arrested him. They hauled him off to the station while they went through a series of charges. When they realized they had a case of mistaken identity, and that Scott was not the guy they were looking for, they simply told him, “Go home.” With no car, no money, and barely any clothes on his back he walked all the way back to his home with a bad taste in his mouth for the type of treatment he was shown.

By contrast, Scott discovered friendlier police while driving through Laguna.

“I saw two people run across the street right in front of a cop car,” Scott told us. “I thought they’d be arrested. But over the loudspeaker they said, ‘That’s not a very good idea girls!’ Then I knew it was a more friendly environment here.”

Scott lives here with his constant companion, Amber. “She’s my four-legged sedative,” he says. “She keeps my blood pressure in check.”

Click on photo for a larger image


Amber, Scott’s other half

Just about everyone in town has met Amber, whether it’s on their daily walks along Main Beach, or in Scott’s arms. She’s sweet and gentle like she’s trained that way, but really she just picks up on Scott’s cues. They are two gentle souls. “I’m calm. I don’t do stress,” says Scott. “It’s not good for me, so why should I buy into it?”

And Amber’s just fine with that too. They have a lot in common. 

“She’s Pisces, and I have Pisces rising. We have a Pisces thing going on,” explains Scott. “She completes me.”

Even before Scott moved here for good in 1999 he had some Laguna history. He lived in the canyon for several years in the 70’s and 80’s, and even got married. They were friends, she had a “cool little kid”, and Scott didn’t want to see them go on welfare. He helped her to get a job, and the son to stay in school. “I’m a catch, I guess,” he laughs.

“I got married to be a dad, not to be a husband,” he said. They are actually still married even though she moved a long time ago. And they have stayed friends. “We just can’t live together,” he says. “I’ve been married 30+ years. Works for us!”

It’s art, it’s a car – it’s an Art Car

The other thing that marks Scott around town, and anywhere else, is his mode of transportation. 

It all started in a small garage in LA in 1986.

Scott was the proud owner of a 34 year-old VW. It was a little beat up, with three different colors of primer, but ran like a champ. So he decided to let some friends on a graffiti crew go wild sprucing it up. “I told them, ‘I don’t want to know what you’re doing, just wow me.’” Work progressed in his driveway, and despite police cruisers passing back and forth making sure, it was all very legit - and artistic. 

Submitted photo

Click on photo for a larger image


The original Virgin of Guadalupe extra-terrestrial VW

“They painted it up space themed, and I’ve been on that ever since,” says Scott. 

The Virgin of Guadalupe as an extra-terrestrial caught the attention of another friend who said, “You gotta meet my friend…” And so it went until there were five or six cars worthy of attention.

Some of the other art cars were on their way to Stanford Children’s Hospital for a show. So Scott went along, and has been doing shows ever since. “The kids love it the best,” he says. “They don’t have adults filters. They just say, ‘That’s cool!’”

Scott has had three art cars now, including an Avatar themed VW (that, sadly, was demolished in an accident), and his current Star Wars Darth Maul themed “Galactic Please Patrol.”

Click on photo for a larger image


Scott and Amber with the Galactic Please Patrol car

“I’m constantly doing this one,” said Scott. “Trying to make it my old car again. Now I’m putting in a sunroof, and new pop-out windows.”

He’s been to art car festivals in Seattle several times, as well as San Francisco and Texas, but it’s expensive just to get there (especially Texas!). “They’ll usually house you, and feed you, and pay twice what your gas costs to get there.” Really, it’s for fun and community.

Being an outsider

Scott will often put on his kilt (“Once you wear a kilt, it’s hard to wear pants!”), get in his latest car, and go in search of art.

Not too long ago, he was on his way to Slab City, that place in the desert where squatters and RV’s camp “off the grid” amongst the concrete slabs left from abandoned World War II Marine barracks. It’s another form of community. Nearby, there’s a sculpture garden called “East Jesus”. Scott met a man there who cleaned up trash and arranged it, creating “art builds”, and a sculpture garden. It is something of beauty from some things of decay.

The man Scott met was one of those people impacted by Scott’s persona. “I impressed him,” Scott said. “He had this connection with me.” 

They talked about life, art, and feeling different from other people, like an outsider. The man listened as Scott told him about Burning Man (the living community of art, temporarily constructed and attended by more than 50,000 people for one week every summer in the Nevada desert), and how he wanted to go, but tickets were so expensive. 

When Scott got home, he received a package from the man. Inside were Burning Man tickets and five ounces of silver. Scott’s not sure about the silver, but the man told him that he related to him because he too felt outcast and uncomfortable when he was young. Until surgery, he was self-conscious and ashamed because he had a condition of gynecomastia. 

Scott had never been to Burning Man before this year, and it was a transformative experience. The connection with the other people there opened Scott’s heart. 

“They are my people,” he says. “They are my tribe.”

The man in East Jesus has promised Scott tickets to Burning Man for the rest of his life.

Forever is a long time, and Scott believes in living in the moment. “Live in the now,” he says. “Be more dog!”

Dennis’ Tidbits



September 30, 2014

The Devil Winds are coming!

After a four and a half month absence, Santana is making a return engagement to Southern California in a couple of days. No, not the famous guitar player, rather it’s the weather event that turns the heat way up and drops dew points into single digits, not to mention the dangerous wildfire red alert, and these vientos diablos (Devil Winds) are right on schedule. 

Historically, the first Santana Wind event of the season averages out to the first week of October. The passage of a cold front in Nevada and Utah cools things off considerably over that region. Right on the heels of that cold front, a strong high pressure ridge moves in from the Eastern Pacific and settles over the Great Basin. The high is usually quite strong sending moderate to strong downslope winds from the northeast, heating by compression as they funnel to the southwest through Southern California canyons and passes. These northeast howlers heat 3-5 degrees per thousand feet as elevation decreases from the high’s origin at 8,000 feet to near sea levels near our coastline, so if it’s 50-60 degrees in Southern Utah, that will translate to 90-100 degrees down here at the beach where temps during a healthy Santana are the highest near the coast rather than say Palm Springs where it can be up to ten degrees cooler there.

Humidity readings at water’s edge during a strong Santana can plunge all the way down to single digit readings with dew points on occasions going slightly below zero. On an average day, normal dew points are at about 55 degrees, so you get the idea of just how dry it can get as there’s literally no moisture at all during these extremely hot, dry events.

A perfect example of that would be the two very strong events that occurred during the first half of May of this year when temps soared into the high 90’s on seven of the first 15 days of May. What’s even more bizarre is these two events occurred well after Santana season is supposed to be over with. Normally by March, northeast howlers are pretty much done for the season.

As aforementioned, the first Santana wind event normally occurs during the first week of October. The earliest recorded Santana hit on September 1, 1955 when temps soared to 110 degrees in Downtown L.A., a record that stood until June 24, 1990 when it reached 112 there. That new record stood until September 27, 2010 when L. A. recorded 113.

The latest occurrence of the first Santana was Christmas Day of 2000.

Last season had the most Santana events in Laguna’s recorded history thanks to our second driest year on record caused by a strong La Niña event (the enemy).

During El Niño events, the fewest Santanas occur as strong Eastern Pacific lows pretty much run the show.

The worst Santana event in Laguna’s history was of course the October 27, 1993 disastrous howler. Tidbits (and many others) lost everything he owned in that wildfire.

Onward and upward! See y’all Friday!

The first set of questions for City Council candidates will be emailed today – published Friday

Send in your questions for us to ask the Council Candidates 

By Stu Saffer & Maggi Henrikson

Beginning with this Friday’s edition (Oct 3), we will be publishing the answers from the seven candidates for the City Council of questions submitted to them by StuNewsLaguna (which will be emailed to them today, Tuesday).

We will continue this pattern through the month of October.

While in no way scientific, we conducted an informal more or less man-in-the-street political poll over a recent period with 22 random people. All live in town and all said they would vote. Only one could name all seven candidates for this November’s Council race and just six were able to name four candidates.

We will choose at least two questions submitted by our readers and one from our editorial board – then publish the answers. 

All of the questions and answers will be online Tuesday, Nov 4 – before the polls open at 7 a.m.

Email your candidate questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please be sure to include your full name, address and a phone number. Only your name will be published and only Laguna Beach residents will be eligible to ask.

Art Walk from 6 – 9 p.m. this Thursday

First Thursdays Art Walk member galleries will be open from 6-9 p.m. this Thursday. Everything is free including the trolleys that will take you from north to south.

Art Walk provides a unique opportunity to promote Laguna Beach as a leading, year-round destination and community of fine art galleries. Its mission is to increase the public’s exposure to the arts by creating a friendly and entertaining environment during exhibitions, lectures, demonstrations and artist receptions.

More information can be found at www.firstthursdaysartwalk.com


JoAnne Artman Gallery

Showcasing works by renowned POP artist Marjorie Strider

Click on photo for a larger image


Marjorie Strider

“Lean on Me” 2012

Acrylic on Canvas

37.5” x 37.5” Framed

Marjorie Strider (1931-2014) is recognized as one of the pioneering female figures in the Pop Art movement. Rising from a blue-collar upbringing in Oklahoma, Strider honed her talents at the Kansas City Art Institute. In the early 1960s she moved to New York City, where she quickly gained prominence for her influential and enduring contributions to Pop Art. One of the few women to engage with the male-dominated art world of 1960s New York, Strider stood out as a clever and critical voice, producing deceptively simple pieces that burst with satirical wit. 

Her iconic images of pin-ups  -- replete with sundrenched, bikini-clad bodies, parted red lips, and saccharine smiles -- offer an incisive yet playful commentary on the objectifying gaze with which many of her male counterparts approached their subjects.  Strider is also known for moving beyond the two-dimensional plane of the canvas, incorporating sculptural elements of foam, wood, and other materials that project into the space of the viewer. These “built-outs” pose a challenge to the viewer’s comfortable sense of voyeurism, forcing one to participate in the space of the work rather than passively consuming it. Strider’s provocative practice continues to captivate audiences, and has been the subject of numerous publications and exhibitions.

326 N. Coast Hwy



New Works

1492 S. Coast Hwy

Andriy Halashyn

I Forgot My Playboy

68 x 86 inches

Oil on canvas


Artist Eye Gallery

Kara Lee

Click on photo for a larger image


Afternoon at Crystal Cove

Kara Lee

Kara Lee will be the featured artist at the Artist Eye Gallery from Oct 1 to Oct 31, 2014. Her new series, “Beautiful California,” bursts with vibrant colors and a distinctive style that is uniquely her own. All of Kara’s new paintings are original acrylic paintings on canvas. An artist reception will be held during First Thursdays Art Walk, from 6 – 9 pm, Thursday, October 2, 2014.

The beauty of Southern California, where Kara has been a resident since 2003, has largely inspired her artwork. “Nature is my starting point but not my final destination,” says the artist. Kara makes a keen observation of nature and transports her experiences onto the canvas. While she tries to re-create the feeling and essence of what caught her attention, she makes changes here and there and leaves out detail. 

1294 A S. Coast Hwy

It was a night of Love in Laguna 

Click on photo for a larger image


Mike Altishin

Mike Love that is – the front man and vocalist for the Beach Boys was in the Irvine Bowl with the band Saturday to benefit KX 93.5 – it was a sellout!

PTA to hold school board candidates forum Oct 8

The Laguna Beach Unified Council of PTAs, in cooperation with The League of Women Voters, will host a school board candidates’ forum on Wednesday, Oct 8, from 6 – 8 p.m. at Top of the World Elementary School. 

Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend.

PTA asks those who wish to suggest questions for the candidates to arrive early to write their questions out, and to please be considerate of the school site’s neighbors when parking.

Blooming Abstract

Click on photo for a larger image


Scott Brashier

6th Annual Artist Open Studios starts this Saturday

Saturday, Oct. 4, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. will be the official start of the 6th annual Laguna Beach Artist Open Studios. Participants can catch a free shuttle service from the Act V parking lot, located at 1900 Laguna Canyon Road, and take advantage of free parking for this unparalleled artistic adventure.

Artist Open Studios is a celebration of Laguna’s thriving visual arts community. It is not only a fantastic opportunity to see, buy or commission art, it is also a venture to explore the city’s iconic artist colony – a time to uncover new talent and rediscover established artists. Who could resist the chance to step into the heart of where art is created, to experience something unique, something you just can’t see anywhere else? 

Located throughout Laguna Beach, the majority of artist studios are nestled along Laguna Canyon Road. These studios, surrounded by oak trees and rich canyon colors, are the creative backdrop for many artists. Experience why legendary artists William Wendt, Frank Cuprien and Edgar Payne set roots here in the early 1890s, enraptured with the natural, idyllic scenery.  

Observe 31 artists working in a spectrum of art media - fused glass, painting, printmaking and bronze lost-wax demonstrations. Enjoy the behind the scenes process manifested in an artist’s own creative space.

At the first stop, visit painter John Repka. At the second stop don’t miss the opportunity to make your own piece of kiln formed glass with Maggie Spencer, and see her colorful completed work.  

“People are surprised that there are so many working studios here in Laguna,” Spencer said. “The event is very popular and keeps growing. I think people really enjoy seeing where and how artists do their work.” 

Submitted photos

Maggie Spencer

A local artist for 20 years, Spencer adores the canyon, where she continues to share her studio with art enthusiasts since the event’s inception. Each month, she will present a new project for visitors to try. Her studio is often buzzing with activity.

 “It’s exciting for people to see what goes into creating a piece. It gives them a better appreciation of the time and work that goes into it,” Spencer said. 

Over the span of the studio tour, attendees have created over 300 pieces of art for themselves at her studio. “They can’t believe it’s free. They are flabbergasted. It’s nice to be able to offer that,” she said. And people are amazed that the studio tour is free.

The artist herself is constantly evolving. “I am changing direction, moving away from abstract and going more painterly,” Spencer said. “I am breaking out of the mold and it makes it exciting.” 

As for her devotion to her medium, Spencer’s on fire: “I love working with glass, the colors, the textures, I love the way light plays off of it.”

Spencer describes Artist Open Studios as a win-win opportunity for art enthusiasts and artists alike. “We are an artist colony and it helps people to get a backstage view. They’re seeing where it all starts and it has a very positive impact,” Spencer said. “It brings things into perspective.” 

Tucked in a serene spot on the third stop in the canyon, enjoy the creative ceramic and wood studio space, with Sandy Groves.

Michael Ervin, whose studio is located at the Laguna Canyon Artists complex where many artists are clustered at stop four.

Click on photo for a larger image


Michael Ervin

“My studio is quite small, but works well for me now as it is intimate and everything I need is within easy reach. Divided into two rooms, the front room serves as the gallery where I display some of my most recent works. I paint in the back room, where I enjoy the sun from a skylight while I listen to music that inspires me” Ervin said. “While most of my work leans toward abstract, I paint in a range of styles, with most based on people and places that influence me.”

Ervin’s acrylic paintings are full of color and texture, which play off one another in interesting and provocative ways. Ervin said, “I’m inspired when the results evoke emotion, in myself and others.”

In the same complex is photographer Cheyne Walls. “I’m inspired by Nature itself” said Walls.  “It’s ever-changing wonderment and magnificence.  The adventure of capturing these photographs adds an extra level of thrill.” 

Cheyne Walls

Walls, who travels extensively for his imagery, which ranges from tropical beaches to stunning snow covered arches said “Whether I wake up early on a below freezing morning to catch a sunrise over the desert, or waiting in the pouring rain for the clouds to part during a storm, it’s all about capturing those moments that few may ever witness. My art work is just a small taste of Nature’s amazing beauty.”

Walls said, “I hope my artwork inspires others to go out and explore the wonders this world holds.”

At the very last stop in the Canyon, visit with artists Louis Longi, Olivia Batchelder, Deborah Paswaters and Mischa von Doring who work on bronze, silk, painting and wood respectively.

And downtown, just off the canyon on Ocean Avenue, discover painter Cliff Wassmann.

For a list of participating artists, please visit the Cultural Arts Department page at www.lagunabeachcity.net or call (949) 497-0722.

Participating artists include Linda Ames, Ebrahim Amin, Olivia Batchelder, Elizabeth Bridy, Cynthia Britain, Elaine Cohen, Lydia Delgado, Micha von Doring, Phil Eaton, Lani Emanuel, Michael Ervin, Paul Gardner, Lorenzo George, Sandy Groves, Gina Mead Howie, Veronica Khristov, Louis Longi, Fitz Maurice, Patrice Miller, Deborah Paswaters, John Repka, Sheryl Seltzer, Michael Situ, Judi Smolin, Maggie Spencer, Tom Swimm, Cheyne Walls, Cliff Wassmann, Deborah Weinstein, Susan Wills and Tracy Young.

Laguna Travel invites the public to dream at its Open House set for Wednesday, Oct 1 from 4:30 – 7:30

Laguna Travel is having an Open House on Wednesday, Oct 1, from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Laguna Travel has been a fixture at 260 Broadway for over 60 years.  From behind their familiar plate glass window, just inland from Coast Hardware and neighbor Firebrand Media, Laguna Travel’s agents have watched the world’s visitors to Laguna go by, all while helping launch Lagunans around the globe. Next Wednesday they are opening their doors to all their current and potential new clients for some wine, hors d’oeuvres and dreaming.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Laguna Travel Agents in front of the firm’s downtown office at 260 Broadway: Carrie Joyce, (left) Jamie Black, Karen Kanner, Lisa Atles and Stephanie Reid

In addition to meeting the local agents, guests will have the chance to connect directly with industry professionals from Royal Caribbean Cruises, Club Med & other tour companies.

While many travel agencies have closed their doors, Laguna Travel has managed to remain strong, due to its concierge service and long-standing relationship with the community. The Internet has impacted the travel industry and has expanded the ability for travelers to research from home, but it can also be overwhelming.  Laguna Travel’s team of agents stays current with the latest discounts and knows where many of today’s travel gems are hiding. They also take the time to customize their client’s experience around an individual’s values and budget.

Even do-it-yourself–ers can benefit from the clout of an established agency. 

“For the same cost, a travel agent brings a wealth of personal travel experience and also gives many value-added benefits behind the scenes.  For instance, an agent will often score a room with a better view or location or can often incorporate breakfast. When working with an agent it also means there is always someone, with corporate muscle, to work your issues if plans ever go awry. It’s instant status,” says Travel & Tourism professor, Jeannie Robinson, of Saddleback College.

The friendly agents at Laguna Travel spend a great deal of time getting to know their clients and make every effort to research just the right travel experience for each – often at unpublished rates. 

“I love travel so much. It’s an absolute honor to participate in creating a platform for lifelong memories for a client. It’s incredibly gratifying to hear back from families who have had the adventure of a lifetime. It is the next best thing to going myself!” says agent Stephanie Reid.

“Travel is in my blood,” offered veteran agent, Carrie Joyce. “I feel like a child in a chocolate factory every day. After 29 years in the travel industry, it is still exciting to me to share the world with clients,” she added. 

Please RSVP & join them on Wednesday to share wine, snacks and your travel dreams and let Laguna Travel help make those dreams come true! Contact Laguna Travel at 260 Broadway, (949) 494-1061 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and visit www.lagunatravelservice.com

The cat cottage in the canyon

Blue Bell Foundation for Cats – a very unique cat sanctuary 


It was Laguna’s breathtaking beaches and bohemian vibe that called to me before I became a resident in 2004.  I soon discovered that Laguna Canyon held just as much beauty as the beach.  In my daily drives through the canyon, I became awestruck by its lush foliage and intriguing rock formations, and encountered an eclectic array of businesses along the roadside; the most peculiar, an establishment called The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats.  Having two cats of my own and being known in my neighborhood as “The Cat Lady”, it is no wonder that The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats piqued my utmost curiosity.  After spotting its whimsical road sign and cottage with white picket fence, and asking myself, “What exactly is this place?” for the umpteenth time, I decided to investigate and booked a tour.

My curiosity about the cat cottage was finally satisfied as its history was chronicled by director and chairperson, Susan Hamil and assistant director, Annie Pastorkovich.  The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats is a non-profit organization that supports a retirement home for cats who no can no longer be cared for by their human companions.  Most of Blue Bell’s 40 or so resident cats were placed because they outlived their human companions whose will or trust provided for Blue Bell care.  A one-time sponsorship fee is required for each cat that becomes a resident at Blue Bell, which offsets costs for the duration of the cat’s life, including housing, food, and veterinary care.  Donations also contribute to Blue Bell’s operational costs.  Most of the cats placed are 10 years and older, and many have lived to be 20 plus years.  Susan credits the cats’ longevity to the tranquil environment, nutritious food and lots of love and attention given by the volunteers and staff.  

  Susan inherited Blue Bell from its founder, Bertha Gray Yergat who started a boarding facility for cats in the 1960s, and later formed a nonprofit organization to insure that upon her death, the facility would continue to operate; and it has been doing so since 1989.  Blue Bell cats are housed in a vintage cottage in Laguna Beach.  The cats have free rein throughout their cozy cage-free home, which has a summer camp feel.  Kitty bunk beds line the walls along with “family photos” of the cats.  Bowls of kibble and water line the center of the main room, which includes a bay window adorned with cushy bedding.  An enclosed patio complete with fountains, a cat play house and climbers provide cats with plenty of activity.  Blue Bell includes a separate “special needs” facility for cats with medical or behavioral issues.  

Several of Blue Bell’s residents took a shining to me, including Trixie, Teddy, and Domino.  As I relaxed on a sofa at the end of my tour, Domino made herself comfortable on my lap, and Teddy and Trixie were vying for my attention.  And on that note, I became a Blue Bell volunteer – another feather in my cat lady cap.

For more information about The Blue Bell Foundation for Cats visit: www.bluebellcats.org

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LAM needs volunteers for performance piece Nov 8

Compiled by NIKI SMART

On Saturday, Nov 8, the Laguna Art Museum needs volunteers to participate in a performance piece entitled: “The Elongated Now” for this year’s Art & Nature Festival.        

This will be the museum’s follow up to last year’s Art and Nature Festival, which included a installment on Main Beach by artist Jim Denevan. Pictured below is Devenan’s illuminated geometrical sand art that utilized almost 400 volunteers in setting up...and roughly 2,500 solar lanterns. 

Click on photo for a larger view

Photos courtesy Laguna Art Museum

Jim Denevan’s illuminated sand art needed almost 400 volunteers in 2013!

This year’s artist, Lita Albuquerque, will be orchestrating a performance piece entitled An Elongated Now. The “now” starts at sunrise on main beach and continues as “an elongated now” until sunset where several hundred volunteer performers, dressed in white, will form an arc close to the water’s edge. 

As the sun goes down the performers will be holding blue lights so that the performance piece ends with an arc of blue light. 

Click on photo for a larger view


If you’d like to be a part of Lita Albuquerque’s performance piece, An Elongated Now, please visit http://lagunaartmuseum.org/lita-albuquerque-an-enlongated-now or contact Curator of Contemporary Art Grace Kook-Anderson at 494.8971 x212

     Here are the Requirements for Participants:
Ages: high school and above
Rehearsal on Nov 2 - 2:30 p.m. (All participants must be able to attend this rehearsal to prepare for the performance).

No photos or cell phones during performance piece
Three hours will take place on the beach, starting before sunset and approximately 90 minutes at nighttime back on the beach.
Performance might be physically demanding for some, so please participate only if you are physically able to do so.
Expected duration of the performance would be from 3:30 to 8 p.m.

Participants must wear white pants and long sleeve white T-shirt. If not, they will not be able to participate.
Participants need to arrive on Nov 8 at 2:30 p.m.
Participants will receive a gift from the artist in appreciation of their contribution to An Elongated Now.

Mark Chamberlain will receive prestigious Arts OC Helena Modjeska Cultural Legacy Award on Oct 22

Mark Chamberlain, longtime owner of BC Space Gallery and Photographic Art Services in Laguna Beach will receive the Helena Modjeska Cultural Legacy Award for his “Lifetime Achievement,” from Arts Orange County on Wednesday, Oct 22. 

Chamberlain, a photographic/environmental/installation artist and curator, will receive the award at the Samueli Theater, Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Costa Mesa. The evening’s events will include a reception, dinner and the awards ceremony. Four other people will receive awards that evening. 

Elizabeth Pearson, Mayor of Laguna Beach, will co-emcee, along with Richard Stein, Executive Director, Arts Orange County.

BC Space was founded in 1973 and is one of the longest continually running fine art photography galleries in the country. The gallery also hosts community, political and solstice events, theatrical and musical performances. 

Chamberlain, with former partner Jerry Burchfield (deceased since 2009), created the “Laguna Canyon Project: The Continuous Document” (1980-2010) to document Laguna Canyon Road, with the larger goal of creating a broader awareness of regional and global environmental issues. “While developers viewed the unoccupied land as virgin territory ripe for development, we felt it imperative to question the prevailing conceptions of progress, and used photography, and later video, sculpture, performance, installations, and collaborative events to address these concerns,” says Chamberlain. The book, “Laguna Canyon Project: Defining Artivism,” is due to be published by Laguna Wilderness Press in 2015. 

A crucial phase of the “Laguna Canyon Project” was “The Tell” photographic mural. In 1989, Chamberlain and Burchfield, with hundreds of supporters, created this 636-foot-long photographic mural. It soon became the site of enormous demonstrations, helping avert development of the area into a massive housing community. It attracted national media attention, and helped facilitate public purchase of that land for preservation. That site is today incorporated into Laguna Coast Wilderness Park. 

In 2002, Chamberlain and Burchfield co-founded “The Legacy Project,” to document the transition of Marine Corps Air Station El Toro into the Orange County Great Park. “Legacy Project” members, along with hundred of volunteers, created “The Great Picture,” 2006, one of the largest photographs in the world. The giant photograph has been displayed at the University of California, Riverside and the China Central Academy of Fine Arts, among other venues. It is currently at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. 

Mark Chamberlain’s photographic artwork is in the collections of Laguna Art Museum, the Orange County Museum of Art, the University of Dubuque, the Polaroid Collection, and the Cincinnati Art Museum. He is a longtime contributor to the Laguna Art Museum Auction. He has also been an Adjunct Faculty and has conducted workshops and lectures at several LA and Orange County colleges and universities. His published work includes “BC Space: Mything in Action” (2013), Grand Central Press, Santa Ana, California. A solo retrospective of his artistic career, “Reflections of an Armchair Arteologist” (2010), was exhibited in the Founders Hall Gallery at Soka University, Aliso Viejo, California.   

Tickets to the Arts Orange County Oct 22 awards ceremony can be obtained at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2014-orange-county-arts-awards-tickets-12024773421?ref=ebtnebtckt

Yom Kippur services at Chabad Jewish Center Oct 3 & 4

Yom Kippur services are open to the community - all are welcome!  For seat reservations or more information, please call our office at 949 - 499 – 0770 or visit www.chabadoflaguna.com. Chabad is located at 30804 Coast Hwy, across from Montage Laguna Beach.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

At Chabad High Holiday workshop this past Tuesday, participants learned the meaning and blessings of the Shofar (ram’s horn) and listened to Rabbi G. do a Shofar blowing demonstration using a smaller horn and then a longer twisted horn. Each child sanded, cleaned and polished their own Shofar to take home.

Services will take place starting Friday, Oct. 3 with Kol Nidrej services at 6:30 p.m. On Saturday, Oct. 4, morning services are at 10 a.m., followed by Yizkor Memorial service at 12:30 p.m., and Mincha & Neilah services at 4:45 p.m. The fast ends at 7:10 p.m. and Chabbad will have a communal breaking of the fast.

11th Annual Laguna Beach Rotary Classic Car Show

Click on photo for a larger image

Photos by Rick Lang

The Laguna Beach Rotary Club has been honoring this classic car show event for 11 years. 200 cars will be displayed at the Festival of Arts Adjacent City Grounds (from the parking lot at Laguna Beach’s Farmers Market to The Art-A-Fair). 

The Sunday, Oct 5, show will begin at 9:30am. For entry and information please go to website at www.lagunabeachcarshow.com. The Laguna Beach Rotary and other volunteers plan and present the event.

There are 26 Award Categories including; Antique cars, old sport cars, unique foreign models and many special interest cars. Please see website for all amazing categories. Public admission is only $10 for adults and $3 for kids. 

Click on photo for a larger image


Local Laguna Beach photographer Rick Lang will be taking photographs again at the car show. You can view his photos of some of the beautiful cars from previous shows on the website. 

More than $10,000 yearly in scholarships, and huge sums have been raised to provide support for The Friendship Shelter, Laguna Beach Community Clinic, Boys and Girls Club and other charities.  

A Classic Car Cruise will precede the Laguna Beach Classics Car Show on Saturday, Oct 4. Those participants will take a drive from the Dana Point Yacht Club through local neighborhoods going along the coast from Laguna Beach to Newport Beach and finishing at Crevier’s Classic Cars in Costa Mesa. 

Information about the Rotary Club can be found at www.lagunabeachrotary.com.

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LOCA’s “Creative Expressions” show at Susi Q – works by 4 & 5 year olds now through Oct 7

Children in the LOCA Evenstart and Kinderbuddy programs celebrated fall by creating mixed media art at the Laguna Beach Boy’s and Girls Club. 

The art is on public view at the main corridor of the Susi Q Center during regular business hours, now through October 7.  

Instructors included Noel Lashley, Billie Jo Lee, Sharon Risley, Carole Swanson, and coordinator Pat Phillips. “The kids focused on color-color-color!” Phillips proclaimed.

LOCA thanks the Festival of Arts Foundation for supporting Evenstart and Kinderbuddy, and Susi Q for the exhibit space.  

380 Third Street, free parking in the garage.

Festival of Arts now accepting artists’ applications for the summer of 2015 Fine Art Show next July and August

Festival of Arts – California’s Premier Fine Art Show is a prestigious, highly competitive, regional juried fine art show featuring original artwork by southern Orange County’s finest artists. The 2015 show will run next July and August. 

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Festival artist Michael Situ

Artists who would like to apply for the 2015 fine art show should submit a CD with three digital images per media and a completed application form to the Festival of Arts by Oct 31, 2014 (by 4 p.m.). Applicants may download an application from the Festival’s website, www.LagunaFestivalofArts.org, or call 949-464-4234. 

The Festival of Arts accepts applications from artists residing in the following cities: Aliso Viejo, Balboa, Balboa Island, Capistrano Beach, Coto de Caza, Corona del Mar, Costa Mesa, Dana Point, Foothill Ranch, Irvine, Laguna Beach, Ladera Ranch, Laguna Hills, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Woods, Lake Forest (El Toro), Mission Viejo, Monarch Beach, Newport Beach, Newport Coast, Rancho Santa Margarita, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano. Artists must be able to show that they have resided in one of the aforementioned cities for at least one year prior to Oct 31, 2014. Jurying fees are $50 per medium submitted.

The jurors will score the submitted artwork based on quality, intention and content; excellence of craftsmanship; facility with media; excellence in the use of design elements; and professional presentation.

Remember when you couldn’t find a place to park and walk around? Now you can!

And then you may be able to find these mystery things and places that Maggi found around town. Even white trash!

Do you know where these are?

Send us your answer to that question – and the other spots in the slide show below.

Begin with the featured photo below then click on the left-hand photo in the slideshow to view the other three. 

Good luck!

Submit your answers to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The correct answers will be in Friday’s edition and on our Facebook page.

Have fun and thanks for playing!

Click on photo for a larger image


View the embedded image gallery online at:

Police Beat Primer

Police Beat derives from information in the log maintained at the front counter by the Laguna Beach Police Department and required under CA Government Code Section 6254 (f). The press does not have access to written police reports.

Information in the police department log is deemed reliable and StuNewsLaguna is not responsible for mistakes made available as public record by the Laguna Beach Police Department.

Parents with children in school may contact 949-497-1615 to request that their names be omitted from Police Beat. The decision of StuNewsLaguna is final.

Any person arrested is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Abbreviations sometimes used in Police Beat

647f – Public Intoxication; DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; NFA – No fixed address; RP – Reporting/Responsible Party; UTL – Unable to locate

Police Beat 093014

DUI Arrests

Coast Hwy & Vista Del Sol | Sunday, September 28 | 12:39 a.m. 

Brandon David Kennedy, 39, Aliso Viejo

PCH & Reef Point (Newport Beach) | Saturday, September 27 | 11:28 p.m.

Samuel Anthony Dattola, 46, Costa Mesa

Laguna Canyon Road | 20600 Block | Saturday | 9:17 p.m.

Michele Marie Hackabart, 47, Redondo Beach

Catalina Street | 1200 Block | Saturday | 1:54 a.m.

Keleen Paige Hitzel, 31, Monarch Beach

Cliff Drive & Myrtle Street | Thursday, September 25 | 11:13 p.m.

Brian Lee Bruebaker, 34, Riverside 

Incident Reports

Sunday, September 28

S. Coast Hwy | 700 Block | Burglary, commercial

5:06 a.m. A restaurant was broken into – probably through the roof – overnight. $1,000 in cash was taken. The business owner provided police with the identification of a possible suspect.

Forest Avenue & Second Street | Drunk in Public

2:25 a.m. Shayne Anne Cantola, 59, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Saturday, September 27

Coast Hwy | 30900 Block | Drugs

10:20 p.m. Thomas R. Medina, 45, was arrested for a felony charge of possession of dangerous drugs for sales and possession of drug paraphernalia.

S. Coast Hwy & Legion Street | Drunk in Public

8:54 p.m. Mark Lane, 57, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public.

S. Coast Hwy | 1300 Block | Vandalism

10:18 a.m. Pumpkins were smashed overnight – Loss: $75.

Laguna Canyon Road | 20600 Block | Theft

9:01 a.m. While the RP was outside of the ASL, someone swiped his cell phone.

Broadway | 300 Block | Warrants

1:51 a.m. Eli Richard Lopiccola, 42, no fixed address, was arrested for two warrants – one for being drunk in public and the other for destruction of jail property.

S. Coast Hwy | 100 Block | Felony Warrant Arrest

12:47 a.m. Garden Grove resident Phuoc Tang Nguyen, 40, was taken into custody for a West Court warrant with a charge of fraudulent use of an access card with $25,000 bail. 

Main Beach | Drunk in Public

12:13 a.m. Khaled Abdelmaksoud, 20, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public and minor in possession of alcohol.

Friday, September 26

S. Coast Hwy | 100 Block | Drunk in Public

11:40 p.m. Varun Kumar, 32, San Carlos, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Victoria Drive | 2700 Block | Fraud; ID Theft

12:44 p.m. The RP learned that two accounts had been opened in his name and that $20,000 in jewelry had been purchased. The suspect went to the victim’s home and picked up notices from the delivery company then later picked the packages up at their facility.

Laguna Canyon Road | 2400 Block | Parolee at Large

9:27 a.m. Phillip Isaac Caraveo, 38, no fixed address, was arrested for parole violation and held without bail. The Dept. of Corrections earlier had contacted LBPD to be on the lookout for him. 

Glenneyre | 900 Block | Drunk in Public

3 a.m. Bradley Robert Drew, 47, Dana Point, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Thursday, September 25

Ocean Front & Cress Street | Drunk in Public

10:53 p.m. Quentin Kunaka, 39, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Three Arch Bay (N. Vista de Catalina) | Burglary, vehicle

8:50 p.m. Someone busted out a rear window on the driver’s side to steal prescription meds and $25 in cash.

S. Coast Hwy | 1000 Block | Theft

7:59 p.m. Coins were stolen from a machine inside a laundromat. 

Broadway Bus Depot | Drunk in Public

7:47 p.m. Stephen Todd Henry, II, 28, Hollywood, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Laguna Beach High School | Grand Theft

4:54 p.m. A privately owned $2500 MacBook Pro was stolen out of an office next to The Artists Theatre.

Eagle Rock Way | 31500 Block | Petty Theft

2:43 p.m. (also 31500 Block of Scenic Drive). Plants and planters were stolen from both properties. The victim on Scenic Drive was able to provide police with a description of the suspect’s car and its license plate number. Police found the car on Florence Avenue in South Laguna and recovered the plants. A 32-year-old SoLag man was issued a citation for misdemeanor possession of stolen property.

Glenneyre | 400 Block | Marijuana

12:20 p.m. Michael Murray, 20, no fixed address, was arrested for furnishing another man with marijuana – a felony. He was held pending $20,000 bail.

Laguna Beach Library | Drunk in Public

10:49 a.m. Officers responded to a caller reporting that a man was passed out and slumped over a computer inside the library. Braden Bolton, 35, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public.

Laguna Canyon Road | 2900 Block | Warrants

4:41 a.m. A cell caller reported to police that he was concerned about a man skateboarding inbound. Police stopped John Thomas Salazar, 20, Aliso Viejo and took him into custody for a Harbor Court warrant with a charge of DUI with $15,000 bail.

This and that around town

From readers and press releases


Plein Air painting event for all artists at all levels on Oct 14

LPAPA announced a new element of this year’s 16th Annual Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational.  On Tuesday, Oct 14 they will be introducing their new LPAPA-Wide All Artist Paint-Out at Main Beach.  The Paint-Out will be from 9 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. followed by the Showcase from 1 – 2:30 p.m. for LPAPA members.  It’ll take place at Main Beach in the cobblestone area.

This event is open to all artists, every level. In a press release, LPAPA said, “We invite you to join your fellow artists on Main Beach in Laguna and participate in this exciting new event.  We look forward to having as many of LPAPA’s members painting as possible.  This event will allow the public to watch plein air artists at work.  Paintings completed by LPAPA members during this event are eligible for entry into the Art Showcase and Sale, which will take place on the Cobblestone area at Main Beach.” 

Entry into the Art Showcase and Sale is by reservation only. LPAPA will have 50 easels available for rental (on a first come, first serve basis) at $35.  All work entered into the Art Showcase will be eligible for Randy Higbee Framing Awards and The LPAPA Wide Best In Showcase Award sponsored by Jean and Linda Stern.

Pre-registration for this event is $35 per easel required (only one easel per member allowed: first come, first serve basis).  All sales will be handled by LPAPA (with a 60/40 split for the artist and LPAPA).

To reserve easel space for the Art Showcase and Sale, contact Rosemary Swimm at 376-3635 email info@lagunapleinair.org 


Gratitude for Glennwood is Glennwood House’s first gala, set for 5:30 p.m. (new date) November 1 at The Ranch

Glennwood House of Laguna Beach is planning their first ever Gratitude for Glennwood event in honor of the first year of providing an independent living home for 50 young people with special needs.

The event will be a celebration and opportunity to support this completely privately funded residence in Laguna Beach.

“We are happy to say this has been a very successful first year,” said Executive Director Stacey Enmeier. “We have learned and grown, and we now even have 78 people on a waiting list.”

For the young adult residents, Glennwood represents an opportunity for a life like everyone wants; a chance to live on their own, out of mom and dad’s house, and into a safe and supportive environment that allows for social interaction and activities, while encouraging individuality.

Gratitude for Glennwood will be a fun evening on Nov 1 at 5:30 p.m. 

There will be dining and dancing, nestled in the canyon and overlooking the beautiful golf greens at The Ranch. There will be wonderful silent and live auctions, as well as live music for dancing the night away under the stars.

Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available by clicking this link: http://glennwoodhousing.org/

For more information call Danielle Wilson at (949) 584-6469

More This and That


An Evening for Africa at the Ranch in Laguna Beach - Oct 9

An Evening for Africa is planned for Thursday, Oct 9 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Laguna’s newest venue, The Ranch, located at 31106 Coast Highway. The event is a fundraiser for the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (“IEFT”), which operates Orkeeswa Secondary School near Monduli, Tanzania. 

The Laguna United Methodist Church has sponsored two trips to this exceptional school, with another team scheduled for the summer of 2016. 

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is a spectacular outdoor setting and the evening will include free trolley rides from the Ranch’s parking lot on Coast Hwy, a sumptuous BBQ, and great music, including a jazz ensemble directed by Laguna’s own Geoffrey Glass as guests arrive, and the popular surf band, “Saltwater Highway” to rock the dance floor after the sun sets. Staff from Orkeeswa School will be providing a video presentation during the meal. 

The entrance ticket per person is a $30 tax-deductible donation to IEFT. Food and beverages are available for cash purchase at the event. You may purchase tickets on-line @ www.ieftz.org/events

For more information, contact Kay Ostensen kay@SeasideSolutions.org. 


Friendship Shelter’s 2014 gala Nov 14 at Ritz-Carlton

Friendship Shelter’s annual gala will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Themed HOME, the evening will feature fine dining, live and silent auctions, and lively entertainment.

This year’s event is chaired by Jane Manolakas, Jeri McKenna, Teddie Ray, and Keiko Sakamoto, and will honor Jane and Joe Hanauer and Temple Bat Yahm for their outstanding generosity and community leadership. 

Additionally, a former Friendship Shelter client will be honored the evening of the event and will share his remarkable journey.

“Not only do we have a fabulous event cabinet this year, but the theme HOME ties into our mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community in a very meaningful way,” said Dawn Price, Executive Director of Friendship Shelter. 

Pre-gala Patron Party Oct 1

In honor of Friendship Shelter sponsors, both past and present, a pre-gala Patron Party will be held on October 1, 2014 at a private home in Dana Point. The Patron Party is generously presented by City National Bank, and will feature a fashion presentation by Max Mara.

Tickets to the gala are $250 each and sponsorship packages range from $1,500 to $25,000. Additional details can be found at: www.friendshipsheltergala.org.

All proceeds will benefit Friendship Shelter, which has helped homeless adults achieve self- sufficiency since its inception 26 years ago. Every night, nearly 100 people who would otherwise be on the street sleep safely under the care of Friendship Shelter staff at its flagship shelter on Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, the Alternative Sleeping Location in Laguna Canyon, or at various permanent supportive housing sites throughout South Orange County.

For more information about the Gala or Patron Party, or to purchase tickets, please call (949) 494-6928 x. 16.


“It’s Your Estate!” – 8-week series underway at Susi Q

Leslie Daff

Laguna Beach attorney, Leslie Daff, J.D., M.B.A., State Bar Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust, and Probate Law, is offering free legal advice on Friday, October 3, for the non-profit educational event “It’s Your Estate!”  She will be teaching about the use of revocable trusts, irrevocable trusts, and entities in estate planning from 1:30-3 p.m. at the Susi Q (380 Third St). 

Don’t miss out on this free estate planning educational series sponsored by a number of charities including our Laguna Canyon Foundation.  Nothing is “sold” at the workshops, which will continue with different moderators on Fridays through Oct 31 except Sept 26.  

The “It’s Your Estate” and “It’s Your Money” Fall 2014 Workshop series is held throughout Orange County under the direction of Laguna Beach resident Peter Kote.  The charitable sponsors of the series are: The Ocean Institute, Laguna Canyon Foundation, American Heart Association, Mission Hospital Foundation, Chapman University, PBS SoCal, St Jude Memorial Foundation, St. Joseph Hospital Foundation, Orange Coast Community College and Pacific Symphony.  

Learn more at www.feelincontrol.org.

An Evening for Africa at the Ranch in Laguna Beach - Oct 9

An Evening for Africa is planned for Thursday, Oct 9 from 5 to 9 p.m. at Laguna’s newest venue, The Ranch, located at 31106 Pacific Coast Highway. The event is a fundraiser for the Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (“IEFT”), which operates Orkeeswa Secondary School near Monduli, Tanzania. 

The Laguna United Methodist Church has sponsored two trips to this exceptional school, with another team scheduled for the summer of 2016. 

The Ranch at Laguna Beach is a spectacular outdoor setting and the evening will include free trolley rides from the Ranch’s parking lot on Coast Hwy, a sumptuous BBQ, and great music, including a jazz ensemble directed by Laguna’s own Geoffrey Glass as guests arrive, and the popular surf band, “Saltwater Highway” to rock the dance floor after the sun sets. Staff from Orkeeswa School will be providing a video presentation during the meal. 

The entrance ticket per person is a $30 tax-deductible donation to IEFT. Food and beverages are available for cash purchase at the event. You may purchase tickets on-line @ www.ieftz.org/events

For more information, contact Kay Ostensen kay@SeasideSolutions.org.

Sawdust Studio Art 

The Sawdust Art Festival, in collaboration with Visit Laguna Beach, offers some exciting new classes to the Award-Winning Sawdust Studio Art Classes’ schedule for 2014.

The year-round art education program is includes special classes in glass, fused glass, jewelry and ceramics.

Call 494-3030 for information and to reserve a class.

Students may register for all classes online or by calling 494-3030. 

Visit the website at: 



Class Schedules


Friday Oct 3


9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Glass Blowing

Muffin Spencer-Devlin

10 a.m.


Annie Medina

2 p.m.

Rolling Mill

Jamie Bichler


Saturday Oct 4


9 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Glass Blowing

Muffin Spencer-Devlin

10 a.m. 

Basic Soldering

Erin Proctor


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