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This is as close as we can come to actually singing to our readers on their birthdays! 

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October 21

Foster Eubank

Janet Koelle

John Hoover

Regina Jacobson

Wendy Collins-Estreicher

Elvin Bishop


October 22

Donna Edmunds Brown

Curtis Thibault

Steven St. Clair


October 23

Gavin Heath

Jaime Bentley Hoben

Pam Wicks

Scott Bunte


October 24

Cambria Lynn Steel

G Ray Kerciu

Heidi Winegard

Josh Hoke

Julia O’Brien

Robin Fuld


October 25

Moira Peacock

Monica Prado

Muffin Spencer-Devlin

Terrell Washington Anansi


October 26

Susan Anderson

Leslie Christen

Ethan Taub

Lynne Curtin

Shelley Furse

Brandon Leahy


October 27

Verna Glancy

Claudia Hernandez-Franco 

Animal Crackers Fall Fundraiser will be held on Sat, Nov 1 

Lots of Laguna Beach residents remember the efforts and successes of Animal Crackers Pet Center in South Laguna as it found home for rescued pets of all types before lease problems required them to find another spot. As many people know, Animal Crackers is now in Laguna Hills and Gina Kantzabedian hasn’t paused for an instant in her mission!

On Saturday, Nov 1 at Laguna Beach Neighborhood Congregational Church, 340 St. Ann’s Drive from 6 – 9 p.m., it will be “come one, come all, come laugh!” Animal Crackers will hold a fundraiser to support a great cause and to help the animals.     

There will be food, a cash bar, great prizes, a live auction, and lots of fun. Tax-deductible tickets are $75, and include a set of bingo cards for Drag Queen Bingo (if you haven’t played it, be ready to laugh and have some loud fun!).   

Space is limited to 200. This event sells out every year, so hurry and buy your tickets. Volunteers, donations and sponsors are most welcome.  

To reserve your spot, call: (949)-454-0800 or contact acpetrescue@gmail.com, or visit animalcrackerspetrescue.org.  They take paypal. 

Animal Crackers Pet Center is a 501© (3) non-profit. Tax-id #26-1382698

Laguna South Coast Theatre Show Times

162 South Coast Highway



Oct 24 – Oct 23


Click on photo for a larger image


Fury  (R)

Fri: 4:30 p.m., 

7:20 p.m. & 10 p.m.

Sat: 1:30 p.m., 4:30 p.m., 

7:20 p.m. & 10 p.m.

Sun: 1:30 p.m., 

4:30 p.m. & 7:20 p.m.

Mon - Thu: 

4:30 p.m. & 7:20 p.m.


Click on photo for a larger image


The Judge (R)

Fri: 4 p.m., 

7 p.m. & 9:45 p.m.

Sat: 1 p.m., 4 p.m.,

7 p.m. & 9:45 p.m. 

Sun: 1 p.m.,

4 p.m. & 7 p.m.

Mon - Thu: 4 p.m. & 7 p.m.


Click to purchase tickets online

Fresh and healthy veggie dishes at SoLag Community Garden

Chef Linda Elbert of Mindful Cuisine will be demonstrating tasty and beautiful side dishes with fall fruits and vegetables during the Fall Vegetable Tastings at the Garden Park event on Saturday, Nov. 1, 10 a.m. to noon, South Laguna Community Garden Park located at Eagle Rock Way and Coast Hwy.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Chef Linda Elbert

Learn to prepare and enjoy tasting samples of dishes suitable for Thanksgiving as well as fresh and healthy any time. On the menu: white gazpacho; melon, pear and arugula with pumpkin seeds; and roasted winter squash with pan roasted mushrooms and brown butter sage vinaigrette.

Take home recipes. Space is limited. Reserve, sign up now at SouthLaguna.org/garden. Attendance is free, but donations are appreciated.

Y’all done good !!

You know where theses places are and you told her so! 

Hah, Maggi’s getting an “L” for this week’s photo challenge.

Many of our readers correctly answered with the location of these things and places around Laguna.

Thanks for checking in, and keeping her on her toes!

These are the where’s and what’s from Tuesday’s challenge. 

Tune in again next week!

Click on photo for larger image


Parking lot behind Adolfo’s, Anita Street


Left – Sculpture of women, on Ocean Ave.

Center – Painted doors, cottages on Nyes Place

Right – Entrance to Victoria Beach from Dumond Dr.

Thanks for playing!

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Sound Spectrum

Top 20

1. Stevie Nicks, 24 Karat Gold

2. alt-J, This is All Yours

3. The Growlers, Chinese Fountain

4. Tom Petty, Hypnotic Eye

5. Jackson Browne, Standing in The Breach

6. Train, Bulletproof Picasso

7. Lady Antebellum, 747

8. Robert Plant, Lullaby & The Ceaseless Roar

9. Leonard Cohen, Popular Problems

10. Annie Lennox, Nostalgia

11. Tove Lo, Queen of the Clouds

12. Ty Segall, Manipulator

13. Eric Clapton & Friends, An Appreciation of JJ Cale

14. Prince, Art Official Page

15. Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga, Cheek to Cheek

16. Billy Idol, Kings & Queens Of The Underground

17. Aretha Franklin, Sings the Great Diva Classics

18. Weezer, Everything Will Be Allright

19. U2, Songs of Innocence

20. Lenny Kravitz, Strut

Since 1967

1264 S. Coast Hwy494-5959

Fall Boutique at LBUMC – great bargains Sunday

The Laguna Beach Friendship Shelter is one of eight organizations that will receive donations from the proceeds of the Fall Boutique sponsored by United Methodist Women of Laguna Beach United Methodist Church. The annual event will be held on Sunday, Oct 26, from 9:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the church’s Healton Hall, 21632 Wesley Drive (up the street from Lang Park). 

This year a light lunch will be available for $3 in addition to the usual handcrafted items, gently used clothing and housewares, plants, Christmas decorations, jewelry, gifts, collectibles and more. A silent auction will be held until 12:30 p.m.

Monies raised also will be distributed to the Illumination Foundation, David and Margaret Home for Girls, Africa University, Indigenous Education Foundation of Tanzania (IEFT), I-Hope, Vanguard University’s Global Center for Women and Justice, and LBUM’s Children and Youth Programs.

Police Header

City Council candidates answer this week’s questions IV


Ed. Note: Our readers are invited to submit questions to the candidates. Please email your questions to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We have asked our readers to submit questions to be put before the seven Laguna Beach City Council candidates. This week we continue with the candidate’s responses to three of our submitted questions, including one from our editorial staff.

We will continue in our Friday editions until the election.

All seven candidates responded. (The candidate’s answers are in random order this week)


Michael asked: 

 The ocean is what defines Laguna Beach and is central to our health and economy. Isn’t the ocean every bit as important (or even more important) as the arts, planning, and traffic commissions?

Would you support a Laguna Beach Ocean Commission?


John Madison-

I would support a Laguna Beach Ocean Commission – as long as the commission has clear and defined duties and procedures.

I would first have to check with the City to see if there are any other committees or commissions that exist or have similar duties.

If not, I say we need to develop an Ocean Commission.


Kelly Boyd-

I’m not sure what an ocean commission would do. We presently work with Fish & Game. We are also constantly working to improve run-off to the ocean, and we have a full-time person assigned to the tide pools along our coastline to educate people and stop them from taking anything off of our reefs and rocks.


Paul Merritt-

 The Paul Merritt campaign totally agrees that our City needs much stronger support for the Ocean. A commission, or a special semi-annual report will help focus on our Laguna “beach” and its Sea.  I also support a formal liaison by Laguna with the State and County agencies to co-ordinate protection and enhancement of the Ocean.

As a former L.N. Councilman I led the battle against offshore drilling.

We should also consider flexibility for “family” on-shore fishing as we continue to grow back the depleted ocean fisheries.  Our city council needs new direction and vigor on this vital aspect that makes Laguna a special environment.


Toni Iseman-

Many safeguards are in place. Dry weather diversions send street water to our sewer treatment plant, keeping toxins from the ocean. Tidewater Docents educate beach-goers and protect our tide pools. The MLPA--Marine Life Protection Act--made our coastline a no-take zone. Our ocean is now rich with fish and lobsters that grow to maturity. The San Diego Regional Water Board monitors any ocean spills and fines violators. The California Coastal Commission works to prevent developments that threaten our bluffs and shoreline. Laguna employs a full-time marine protection officer. We have the Surfriders Foundation and OC Coastkeepers working for our waters. We recognize the value of our ocean.


Michele Hall- 

Laguna Beach is the only city in the US with a contiguous bluebelt and greenbelt. We are so fortunate that we have such an active community in regards to citizen involvement and participation in preserving our natural resources. The Laguna Ocean Foundation, The Surfrider Foundation, The Laguna Bluebelt and our Marine Safety Department all do an excellent job of protecting our ocean. I would not oppose an Ocean Commission, per say, but without knowing the scope/definition of such a board, I cannot say yes or no definitively.


Rob Zur Schmiede-

 Given the importance of ocean resources to our community, the question of whether an Ocean Commission should be established certainly warrants a public conversation and thoughtful consideration at the Council level. I would want to understand the role and responsibilities of the proposed new Commission versus the City’s existing Environmental Sustainability Committee, city marine safety staff, and the work of the many non-profits involved with management and enhancement of all of our natural resources (i.e. the Laguna Ocean Foundation, Laguna Bluebelt, Surfrider Foundation, Laguna Greenbelt, the Laguna Canyon Foundation, and the Laguna Canyon Conservancy).


Eli Grossman- 

Sorry for my ignorance Michael, but I have not heard of the Laguna Beach Ocean Commission. As a very liberal Democrat, I see the environment, ecology, and climate change in your group’s name. My small imagination has Republicans seeing No EPA, Business knows best, and only GD has an influence on weather.

 Too many unknowns to currently support your Hypothetical Commission. I googled your commission name and found Nada!  Unlike Professional politicians, I can't comment on things I don't know about. It's called Character.


Anne asked:

What will you do for our many [growing to 40%] seniors who live in Laguna Beach?


Toni Iseman- 

Our Senior Center, the Suzi Q, provides many opportunities for Seniors.  It’s a clearinghouse for services that address senior needs. Isolation, loss of loved ones, limited mobility and financial challenges are issues that need our attention. We have senior housing, but the spaces are limited. More housing for Seniors is a priority. We have Sally’s Fund that provides transportation for medical needs. Baby Boomers approach aging with goals of remaining active.  Laguna has an abundance of cultural events to keep our population stimulated. We have a compassionate community.  We need to encourage volunteering and reaching out to help one another.


Paul Merritt-

I am a member of AARP and have lunched and attended programs at our Senior Center. Seniors have earned respect and continue to be a vital fabric of the Laguna Beach community.

 As a councilperson I will monitor Police enforcement to protect Seniors from white collar financial scams and crimes.

 Additionally, Laguna can do better in providing bus and taxi transportation for our deserving Senior population.


Michele Hall-

Affordable housing and access to reliable transportation are the two big issues I want to focus on. I would like to encourage group living facilities in private homes as well as actively seek out land for the construction of affordable senior housing. I like the parcel of land behind the hospital for a potential site and promise to work with the neighborhood in order to achieve a win/win solution to this idea. We also need to ensure that our seniors have access to reliable transportation so that they are able to stay active and involved in our community.


Kelly Boyd

We are working on the issue of senior housing and finding that land is limited for building such housing. The property above Mission Hospital has been talked about for years for Senior Housing. It is my hope that that property would be a real possibility.


Rob Zur Schmiede-

The City should support creation and expansion of age-in-place programs, which would allow our aging residents to remain in their homes. Many communities have helped create a “virtual village” of services for seniors. This effort should be supported. Following the City’s approved Housing Element and the recent work of the Senior Housing Task Force, the City should continue to search out opportunities for more senior housing and assisted living arrangements. Given the anticipated growth in our senior population, the City should also consider additional financial support for the Senior Center and its programs.


Jon Madison- 

Tough question- with no simple answer.  Laguna definitely needs to address the seniors in our community.

Whether it be for more affordable housing, transportation, or services that reach out to the seniors, we need a plan that works!

One idea would be to have seniors live with families within the community – we could set up a mix and match program that would pair the right senior with the right family.

Remember – most seniors are very active and want to contribute!


Eli Grossman-

A City Budget is a Moral statement for what that City considers it’s primary concerns, and where its values lie.  How our City Council chooses to dispense it shows its priorities.

Replacing our Police Department with the OCSD will be both a financial savings, and an upgrade of our unethical Police Department.

Laguna Beach will now have less Public Safety costs than it currently does, and I will try to guide these savings towards areas we currently underfund, including our seniors, our Arts Community, and the homeless, who need more empathy, Not Sympathy!

I believe in All over Some!


Stu News Laguna editorial staff question:

Would you support the construction of a parking structure in the Act V lot?


Michele Hall-

Yes, but it has to make financial sense. I opposed the village entrance project due to the financial burden it was going to place on the city and the fact that when all was said and done, did not add enough parking to make it financially feasible. I want to make sure that if we build a parking structure, it is cost effective and modern, meaning possibly including mechanical lifts. I am, and have always been, a proponent of peripheral parking and using public transportation in to the city center as a way of alleviating parking congestion.


Rob Zur Schmiede-

Additional parking at Act V should be on the table as we implement the recommendations of the Downtown Parking Management Plan and evaluate peripheral parking options. Any structure proposed for Act V should not impact canyon views.


Eli Grossman-

I support the idea of using Car Lifts in the Act V parking lot, plus any other lots that can be fitted.
Parking Structures are expensive: Approximately $13,000  per space, and above.  I have done initial research on Car Lifts,
and see a cost payback of under four years. There will be additional labor costs for operators.

I see the local businesses paying for these lifts. Every lift space is an extra space for Public Parking, and businesses will “rent” lift spaces to fulfill parking requirements, and for employee parking, which uses many residential spaces for the whole day.


Kelly Boyd- 

I don’t believe a structure would be used year-round at Act V. I cannot support spending millions for a structure that will only be used ten weeks a year. My preference would be to support a joint private-public venture with parking lots like Wells Fargo, Pavilions, and Albertsons. 


Paul Merritt-

Yes, I support a parking structure at Act V. However, the new parking will only benefit Laguna if it is coupled with active and coordinated shuttle transport to and from the lot. The City must support alternative transportation. A new proposed 4-lane road down Laguna Canyon is not the solution to traffic or parking problems.


Toni Iseman-

Eventually we will need to add parking at ACT V, but not in the near future. Keeping cars from our downtown is a goal we all share. As we make improvements to make Laguna Canyon Road safer, we must ensure that the design of the road allows for additional parking at ACT V. The current parking lot could sit atop a lower level of parking.


Jon Madison-

Yes – I would support a parking structure in Act V. 

But – I would first investigate the use of lifts. We would basically double the parking with the lifts and have almost no construction costs.

Also – there are companies that provide and maintain the lifts. I would have city employees/business employees park in the lot. Their cars would be up all day – therefore the lifts would not be going up and down all day, and making it easier to park.

Of course we would have to have an express tram/trolley system in place that ran all year long to shuttle everyone to the downtown area/City Hall.

“One man’s trash can be another woman’s bikini”


That is the quote from one very adventurous woman. She is on a quest to turn trash into treasure, raise awareness, and save the ocean environment. 

“Awareness is number one,” says Alison Teal of her plans to spread education about ocean pollution and its effect on a place that otherwise would be considered paradise. “I was just one little surfer girl with a dream. I never knew that now I’d be a world-wide activist.” 

Teal launched her Surf, Survive, Sustain campaign to make a film about the mountains of plastic waste that she found washed up on the shores of the Maldives.

Photo courtesy Sarah Lee

Click on photo for a larger image


With efforts from donations, and supporters including companies that make clothes (and bikinis) from recycled plastics, she is in pre-production of a film called Alison’s Adventures Maldives. She hopes to finish the film, and then promote it at festivals and at schools - to raise ecological awareness and find sustainable global solutions.

To see the teaser to the Alison’s Adventures Maldives film, click here: Alison’s Adventures Maldives

She would like people to know that the plastic trash found on the beach in the Maldives are not particular to the Maldives, nor are they locally originated. “The plastic is from all over the world,” she said. “It is not a Maldives issue, it is a global issue.”

Photo courtesy Shaahina Ali

Click on photo for a larger image


When Alison Teal is not speaking around the US with media outlets, such as NBC, the Weather Channel, and National Geographic, or talking with environmental activists, she is hanging with her family in Hawaii and in Laguna Beach, with her aunt, local news anchor Leslie Leyton.

As Teal describes it, she was raised in a “global family”. Her parents were adventure photographers. “I was the Tarzan child,” she laughs. “Who grows up on Mt. Everest, the Andes, the Amazon?” Well, Alison Teal did. 

Now she’s called the female Indiana Jones.

This woman’s bikini

It actually started minus the bikini.

Teal was cast in the Discovery Channel’s hit show, “Naked and Afraid in the Maldives”. She was plopped on a Maldive island with a perfect stranger, naked and without food or water. It was the “Everest of survival challenges,” she says. Together they survived 21 days.

She’s a can-do person, but she learned during that adventure that the pristine island she survived on was smattered daily with floating garbage.

“I was shocked by the overwhelming amount of plastic trash covering the uninhabited island,” Teal said. “This was only one island. I couldn’t bear to think of what the other 1,200 islands looked like, covered in trash. 

“To leave the island, we actually made a raft out of bottles,” she continued. “As we paddled to our rescue boat, I swore I would come back and do something about the plastic pollution.”

Her goal with Alison’s Adventures is to inspire and educate. She wears all clothing made from a company called Repreve that processes plastic into usable thread for brands such as Patagonia, Odina, Teeki, Volcom, and Roxy. 

“And, of course, my surfboards are Sustainable Surf approved eco boards made from recycled Styrofoam,” she adds.

Photo courtesy Sarah Lee

Click on photo for a larger image


Teal may be simply wearing a pink bikini and riding a pink surfboard, but she’s carrying a big message. She is trying to change the world with passion, humor, and the gift of storytelling through her film and speaking circuit. 

She brings a fresh outlook with wisdom well beyond her years, perhaps because of the many cultures she has learned and grown up with.

Donations to finish the film may be made by visiting her homepage: www.alisonsadventures.com

Dennis’ Tidbits



October 24, 2014

Dennis’ feeling: The Jet Will Take a Plunge South

Local surface ocean temps continue to amaze me as we enter the last week of October. Here along the Orange County coast, ocean readings are at a solid 68-72 degrees with even some warmer pockets being found out in the Channel as some 74’s and 75’s are occasionally popping up here and there. Normal surface temps for late October are roughly 62-65. 

Last year at this time we were already down to 60-62°. The last time it was this warm this late was back in 1997 when surface temps didn’t fall below 70° until mid November and were still 63-65 during Christmas week, thanks to a mega El Niño that year. That was quite a run of warm water that year when it made 70° as early as the first week of April and stayed at 70 or above for seven and a half months with a few readings during that period as high as 78 degrees!  

That prolonged period of superheated water played a large part in Laguna’s wettest season on record as the North Pacific jet stream was well displaced to the more southern latitudes as storm after storm focused more on California instead of the Pacific Northwest resulting in significantly higher rainfall totals here than in Oregon and Washington. 

That historical season of 1997-98 saw over 37 inches here in Laguna compared to a seasonal norm of 13.85 while places like Seattle and Portland came up with only about 22 inches compared to a normal of nearly 40 inches. San Francisco collected over 48 inches, a record, compared to a seasonal normal of 21 inches. San Diego registered its first seasonal total in excess of 20 inches, eclipsing the old record of 18.78 inches back in 1982-83. Their annual norm is about 9.8 inches.

Former hurricane Ana, which terrorized Hawaii a few days ago has plowed northward and is about 2000 miles west of Southern California and is expected to hook up with the west to east jet stream in a couple of days carrying loads of moisture and taking aim at the Pacific West Coast so this storm went nearly full circle. That hasn’t happened since August of 1997 when Category 5 hurricane Guillermo, born off Southern Mexico, taking aim at Hawaii before taking a sharp right turn and heading northward only 250 miles east of Hawaii and eventually hooking up with a strong low riding the North Pacific jet and days later made landfall in Oregon dropping up to six inches of rain that August, normally Oregon’s second driest month averaging only about eight tenths of an inch in Portland. Guillermo had also gone full circle. It’s a pretty rare event for sure. Another symptom of the presence of El Niño. I just have a gut feeling that the North Pacific jet is gonna take a plunge to the south sometime in the fairly near future, most likely before New Years.

Well, the Dark Ages are fast approaching as Daylight Savings officially ends on Sunday, November 2 when the sun will set at 4:57 p.m. Pacific Standard Time.

Thursday saw a partial eclipse of the sun with 34% coverage shortly after two in the afternoon. I noticed a slight darkening of the blue sky around the sun with slightly dimmer shadows.

Back on July 11, 1991 I witnessed a total solar eclipse down south at the tip of Baja. It was pretty neat.

The neat thing about Halloween is I don’t need a costume, I mean have you seen my mug shot in the Paper?

Have a great weekend and we’ll get together next Tuesday, ALOHA!

LBHS Homecoming Queen and King

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo courtesy Simonson Photography

LBHS Homecoming Queen Brenna Merchant and King Dominic Droulez Oct 17

Brenna Merchant and Dominic Droulez were crowned Homecoming Queen and King on Friday night Oct 17 at the LBHS football game. 

Brenna comes from a “Royal Line” – her Dad Tim was Homecoming King at LBHS in 1980 and her Aunt Mollie Merchant was Homecoming Queen at LBHS in 1983!

Members of the court: Charlotte Andrews (left), Willy Wheeler & Audrey Pillsbury


Click on photo for a larger image


Nolan Gunsolley and Makena Collins

Laguna Craft Guild hosting an art show - this weekend

Come on down to the Laguna Craft Guild art show located on the Cobblestones of Main Beach. The show will be on Sunday, Oct. 26 from 9 a.m. to sundown and is free. 

There are over 30 different artists exhibiting unique and handmade arts and crafts, including painters, glassblowers, textile artists, potters, jewelers, & lots of others. We hope to you see you there; bring your friends, family, and dogs.

Trunk Or Treat!

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Plan to join The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints at their Annual Trunk or Treat Halloween Festival on Monday, Oct 27 from 6-8 p.m. The event will be held in the church’s parking lot at 682 Park Ave. Join the fun... there will be candy, homemade pies and hot chocolate served.  All are welcome - free of charge! Wear your favorite Halloween costume, and be ready for a “spook-tacular” time!

Laguna Beach Books to host an event with children’s author and illustrator James Horvath on Sunday

On Sunday, Oct. 26 at 4 p.m., Laguna Beach Books will welcome James Horvath, author of Work, Dogs, Work,for atalk and signing. 

Set the charges and get out of there fast. Shout, “Fire in the hole!” then Top Dog Duke and his busy crew have a big day of construction fun ahead of them as they race to repair a road. With miles and miles of new road to lay, our favorite doggy construction team gets to work with equipment like bulldozers, steamrollers, graders, and paving trucks. But what happens when a rocky hill blocks the way? Time to bring in the demolition crew!

With his bouncy verse and bold, colorful illustrations, James Horvath brings the excitement of a bustling construction scene to life. Working hard to keep places connected has never been more fun!

James Horvath is the author-illustrator of two more picture books starring Duke and his construction crew: Build, Dogs, Build and Dig, Dogs, Dig, which the New York Times said “hops along with the bouncy effervescence of P. D. Eastman’s Go, Dogs, Go!” He has worked as a designer and illustrator for more than fifteen years. In 2002, he established Jamestoons Studios (with a workforce of one) so he could focus more on his illustration. When not scratching and scribbling at his drawing table, he plays with his two young sons and wife, bangs around on the banjo, surfs, and generally has a lot of fun. A lifelong devoted cartoon fan, James Horvath lives with his family on California’s central coast.

Laguna Beach Books is an independent bookstore striving to create a community-enriching environment with a superb selection of books for adults and children, exciting author events and readings, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Laguna Beach Books is owned by Jane Hanauer and is located at The Old Pottery Place at 1200 S. Coast Highway. 494-4779.

“The Year of Magical Thinking” in one gala night

From a press release

Subscribers, donors, and supporters were completely engrossed and enraptured by the star turn performance Linda Purl delivered at the Opening Night Gala of the Laguna Playhouse’s latest presentation, the second show of its 2014-2015 Season, “The Year of Magical Thinking,” directed by Jenny Sullivan based on the masterful book by Joan Didion.

Click on photo for a larger image


Very special guests Pierce and Keely Brosnan came down from Los Angeles to support their friend Linda Purl’s opening night at The Laguna Playhouse

“What a night of ‘magical thinking’ with such a personal, deep and heartfelt play and a performance from Linda Purl for the ages,” said Executive Director Karen Wood. “Our audience was completely spellbound by the glorious work of Linda Purl and our wonderful director Jenny Sullivan. The play offers so much to consider about the journey and meaning of our lives. The immediate standing ovation was richly deserved,” added Artistic Director Ann Wareham.

It was a full house with 425 in attendance, including Playhouse Trustees Jim and Suzanne Mellor, Joe and Jane Hanauer, Melinda Masson, Paul and Heather Singarella, Heidi Miller, Ilona Martin, and Lisa and Jim Hale. 

The show continues through Sunday, Nov. 2; tickets are $36 to $66 and are available at www.lagunaplayhouse.com. For information, dates, and times, or to purchase tickets call 497-ARTS or visit their website. The Laguna Playhouse is at the Moulton Theatre, 606 Laguna Canyon Road.

Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner November 3 will celebrate 25ty Anniversary of the Walk in the Canyon

The next Laguna Canyon Conservancy dinner meeting will be held Monday, Nov. 3, at Tivoli Terrace restaurant, which is on the Festival of the Arts grounds at Irvine Bowl Park. Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the Walk in the Canyon with Harry Huggins and Laguna Canyon Conservancy.

The no-host bar social period starting at 6 p.m. Huggins will present a PowerPoint that covers the efforts to Save Laguna Canyon, including the Walk in the Canyon on Nov. 11, 1989. The Walk’s lead sponsor was the LCC and Huggins was the Executive Director organizing the event that drew approximately 7,500 protestors opposed to development in Laguna Canyon.

Photo courtesy of Laguna Canyon Conservancy

Harry Huggins, executive director of the event committee, at a 1995 reunion

Huggins will recognized individuals and groups that worked with him and give particular recognition to former Mayor Lida Lenney, who was the founder of the LCC, and Charles Michael Murray of Endangered Planet. The Walk was co-sponsored by the Laguna Greenbelt, Village Laguna, the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce, and the City of Laguna Beach.

Doors open at 6 p.m. Dinner tickets are $10 for members, $15 for non-members and may be paid at the door with prior reservations. Those wishing to attend should make reservations by calling Sharon Larimer at 545-7669. Space is limited.

During the spring of 1989, Mark Chamberlain and Jerry Burchfield gathered support including from the City of Laguna Beach to have a collaborative art project constructed at Sycamore Flats, now the Jim Dilley Preserve, along Laguna Canyon Road. All they needed was funding, and materials including about 100,000 photographs, which many people throughout Orange County and beyond donated. The artists used the colors to draw the pictures with the knowledge that over the summer the colors would fade. 

The pivotal “Walk in the Canyon” started at Irvine Bowl Park and ended at “The Tell” at Sycamore Flats. The Los Angeles Times reported that approximately 7,500 people attended this event where they demonstrated their concerns about development in Laguna Canyon. The cry was “Save the Canyon.”

A direct result was stopping the Irvine Company’s 3,500 housing unit Laguna Laurel development in Laguna Canyon, the City of Laguna Beach negotiating to purchase the property, and Laguna Beach citizens passing Measure H a $20 million bond measure with a nearly 80 percent yes vote.

Julie Laughton Ad

LBHS Varsity Cheerleaders clinic for K-8 on Nov 1

A Cheer Clinic with Laguna Beach High School Varsity Cheerleaders will be on Saturday, Nov. 1 from 1 to 4 p.m. Participants must register from 1 to 1:30 p.m. The clinic will start promptly at 1:30 p.m. and will conclude at 4.

Area schoolchildren in grades Kindergarten through eighth-grade will learn a cheer and a chant from the LBHS Varsity Cheerleaders that they will perform at the school’s varsity home football game on Friday, Nov.7 at 7 p.m.  

The $50 fee includes instruction, a Laguna Cheer T-shirt, snacks, and water for each “Junior Cheerleader.” 

The Cheer Clinic will be at LBHS Quad, located through the double doors to the left of the Artists’ Theater, 625 Park Ave. 

For more information, contact Yvette Kelly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Annual Fall Women Artists Event and Fundraiser

The Annual Fall Women Artists Event and Fundraiser will be held Sunday, November 2 from Noon to 5 p.m. at the Woman’s Club, 286 St. Ann’s Drive.

Proceeds raised from the auctioned items will support a scholarship fund for one student at the Laguna College of Art + Design. 

The registration fee for the event is $25 per artist for Woman’s Club members and $40 (early bird pricing) per artist who are non-members. With your fee and artwork donation, you will be entitled to showcase and sell your creations to the public in the Clubhouse.  

Artists who are interested in participating may contact the event chair, Kim Salter at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (949) 230-1169.  

Only a few tables remain! 

Youngsters from Laguna competed in the California Open Martial Arts Competition in Carson Oct 18 

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Members of Cho’s Academy Youth Team include Vincent Ewing, Alex Chang, Brayden Jenson, Sterling Radisay, Garrett Woodburn, Luke Machin, Rex Bradshaw, Leo Pardun, Nico Bammer, Sabrina Yang, Jimmy Shea, Theodore Drews, Alyssa Sladeck, Zachary Van Meter & Zachary Wang-Huhem (not pictured)

Cho’s Academy Youth Team represented Laguna Beach at CA Open Martial Arts Competition recently and did extremely well. 14 young martial artists from Laguna Beach’s Cho’s Academy competed in sparring at the 22nd Annual KS Choi California Open Tae Kwon Do Championships in Carson on Oct. 18. 

Roughly 1,000 competitors participated in the event. The medal count for Cho’s team, by way of matches won, was five gold medals and two silver medals. Three of the Cho team losses were extremely close matches, with one match going into double-overtime, another into standard overtime and one loss a likely result of accidental fouls. Overall, it was an exciting day of competition. 

One parent had this to say to Cho, “Thank you for putting so much time and effort into all your kids and all that you do. You have two of the proudest parents today. I had tears at the end. What an awesome day and what an awesome experience.”

The Cho’s Academy team undergoes a rigorous training schedule in order to best prepare, and are encouraged to be humble in victory and to accept loss with dignity. All academy youth students are required to compete as part of their curriculum, not just the gifted athletes.

“We prepare and compete to win, but know that having the courage to step up is most important in life. We are building strength of the body, strength of character and the spirit to fight and persevere. I believe competition is an important component of this process,” said Jacob Cho, academy owner and team coach.

“We are proud and appreciative of our wins and ready to improve from our losses. I am incredibly proud of all my students for their work-ethic, follow-through and bravery. An impressive display especially considering their young ages, 7-12 years young only,” said Cho. “We all know losses are hard to handle, but being surrounded by a supportive team can definitely help.”

Another parent whose child did not win by tally of points said, “By the time we got into the car he was already talking about what he would do better next time. He must have said 10 times how appreciative he was for all of us cheering for him. Anyway, it was a great day and I think it’s just made him stronger for the next competition.”

Cho’s Academy has been proudly serving Laguna Beach since 2009 and offers Tae Kwon Do, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Donation-Based Yoga and Strength and Conditioning Fitness classes, and is conveniently located at 1966 S. Coast Hwy with ample parking behind the academy.

Laguna Beach Interscholastic Mountain Bike Team

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by Sharael Kolberg

Coming together to start interscholastic mountain biking: L-R - Kathleen Morrell (parent), Anthony Morrell (LBHS Team Captain), Facundo Malbran (Laguna Canyon Riders), Tony Zentil (Team Director), Mark Draper (Team Treasurer), Tasha Zentil (Thurston Team Captain), Bob Snyder (Coach), Jason Sering (Coach).

On Thursday, Oct 16, the mountain biking community came together to support the newly formed Laguna Beach Interscholastic Mountain Bike Team for middle school and high school students.

The kick-off meeting, led by Team Director Tony Zentil, was attended by students, parents and industry leaders, including Troy Lee, Hans Rey, and reps from Laguna Canyon Riders, Crankbrothers, Fizik, Laguna Cyclery, and Oakley.

“It’s so inspiring to see the community come together to support this endeavor,” said Zentil. “With nearly 15,000 acres of mountain biking terrain in our backyard, it’s the perfect fit for Laguna Beach students.”

Unlike traditional sports such as football or soccer, the co-ed mountain biking team is all-inclusive. There are no team tryouts, team cuts, or benched riders. Students who make regular practice and put in the training are eligible to compete.

The team, which will start practicing in December, will compete in the SoCal League sanctioned by the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA). The SoCal League has a three (middle school) and five (high school) weekend cross country races from February through May and qualified student-athletes have the opportunity to compete against riders from the NorCal League at State Championships.

An evening with rabbi, filmmaker, David Nesenoff - Thursday, Nov. 6 at 7 p.m. at Chabad Laguna Beach

A story of humor, danger, spirituality, media bias and cyber hatred!

The viral video of White House correspondent Helen Thomas, proclaiming that Jews should “get the hell out of Palestine” and “go home to Poland and Germany,” forced Thomas to resign and catapulted her interviewer, David Nesenoff, into the limelight, receiving tens of thousands of hate mail and death threats. 

Nesenoff is an American rabbi, independent filmmaker, singer/songwriter of contemporary Jewish music, and blogger. He speaks to worldwide audiences, and his talks have been called, “Mind blowing...truly uplifting...Powerful and hilarious.” 

His films have received numerous awards and have been screened at the famed Sundance Film Festival. 

He came to national attention as an expert and counselor regarding bias crimes, and worked as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Justice in the Denny’s Restaurant racial discrimination case. Later, he served as an intervention consultant to Mel Gibson, when Gibson was accused of anti-Semitism.

Nesenoff himself has been interviewed and quoted in The New York Times, has written a column published in the Washington Post, and has appeared on Fox News and CNN’s Reliable Sources program. He maintains a website, RabbiLIVE.com, which features short videos clips and articles about Israel, interviews with rabbis, and his notable interview of opinion columnist Helen Thomas. 

Chabad is located at 30804 Coast Hwy. Please RSVP online at www.chabadoflaguna.com or call 499 – 0770. The cost is $18 per person.

Soroptimists of Laguna Beach accepting applications for their “Live Your Dreams Award” – Nov 7 deadline

Natalie Fisser,hearing impaired,part time student and head of household of 4, won the Live Your Dreams Award (formerly the Woman of Opportunity Award) at the Regional level last year. The deadline to apply is Nov 7.

Soroptimist International of Laguna Beach is seeking applicants for the Live Your Dreams award at the local club level. 

Since 1972, the Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Awards program has provided women who serve as the primary wage earners for their families with the financial resources to offset costs associated with their efforts to attain higher education or additional skills and training. The award can be used for tuition, books, childcare, transportation or any other education-related expense. 

The Laguna Beach club will provide a $2,500 cash grant to its award recipient, who will then advance to the Soroptimist Region level, where one recipient will receive $5,000. The program culminates with three finalists being awarded $10,000 each.

It is possible to be awarded as much as $17,500 if the candidate wins at all three levels: local, regional and national.

The qualifications are:

Provide the primary financial support for her dependents (including children, spouse, siblings and/or parents).

Demonstrate financial need.

Are enrolled in, or have been accepted to, a vocational/skills training program or an undergraduatedegree program.

Are motivated to achieve their educational and career goals.

Reside in one of Soroptimist International of the Americas’ member countries or territories.

Have not previously been the recipient of a Soroptimist Women’s Opportunity Award; are not aSoroptimist member, employee of Soroptimist or immediate family of either.

If you know someone who qualifies, or to apply, contact Lynn Cserotta, 949-637-6741, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , or Maggie Hempen, 949-922-7291, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Laguna Playhouse youth theatre presents - back by popular demand - Pinkalicious the Musical Nov 7-16

This popular NY Times best-selling children’s book will be presented live on-stage beginning Friday, Nov. 7 through Sunday, Nov. 16 at the Laguna Playhouse Moulton Theatre. Pinkalicious will be directed by Donna Inglima, with musical direction by Diane King Vann and choreography by Ellen Prince. 

Pinkalicious can’t stop eating pink cupcakes despite warnings from her parents. Her pink indulgence lands her at the doctor’s office with Pinkititis, an affliction that turns her pink from head to toe - a dream come true for this pink loving enthusiast. But when her hue goes too far, only Pinkalicious can figure out a way to get out of this predicament!

There will be very special kids Pinkalicious Pre-Show Parties on Nov 8, 9, 15 & 16! Bring your special Pinkalicious fan to enjoy a Pinkalicious cupcake, have their face painted, have their photo taken in our Photo Booth, do a Pinkalicious craft, receive a raffle ticket for the show raffle and much more! Parties begin at 11:30 a.m. before the Saturday and Sunday Matinees at 580 Broadway next door to the Laguna Playhouse.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

The cast of Pinkalicious features young actors from the Laguna Beach and Orange County areas. The cast includes McCallister Selva reprising her role as Pinkalicious, Joey Laderer as Peter, Amanda Pappalardo reprising her role as Alison, Jessica Hayes as Mrs. Pinkerton, Siena Yusi as Dr. Wink and on a Special Guest Artist Contract with Actors’ EquityAssociation, Topher Mauerhan plays Mr. Pinkerton. The Ensemble includes: Faith Ackley, Josh Anderson, Samia El-Erian, Gavin Burkhart, Leo Hekma, Nini Guerry, Jayden Goodman, Sophia Haslett, Addyson Mackay, Bridget Phillips, Kalista Puhnaty, Delaney Puthuff, Anna Salvini, Katherine Sele, Maggie Sonenshine, and Abigail J. Williams.

Book and Lyrics by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann Music and Lyrics by John Gregor.

Pinkalicious will perform on Friday, Nov 7 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, Nov 8 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.; Sunday, Nov 9 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.; Friday, Nov 14 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, Nov 15 at 1 p.m. & 6 p.m.; and Sunday, Nov 16 at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. at the Laguna Playhouse, 606 Laguna Canyon Road. 

Tickets range from $18 - $20 and can be purchased online at www.lagunaplayhouse.com or by calling (949) 497-ARTS (2787) x 1. Group tickets are available by calling Kathy Bonner at (949) 497-ARTS (2787) x 229. Add on a Pickalicious Pre-Party Ticket for $20. 

The box office is open Mondays – Sundays: Noon to 5 p.m. (open until 7:30 p.m. on performance days). 

For more information on all shows and programming visit http://www.lagunaplayhouse.com.

Laguna Print Ad

Glennwood House “Gratitude for Glennwood” – November 1

Glennwood House of Laguna Beach, home to 50 young adults with special needs, is celebrating their first year with much gratitude. For these young people, Glennwood is a first experience at (assisted) independent living. Every day at Glennwood is joy filled with socializing, learning, sharing meals, services, and activities, all within a safe and loving environment.


“I love Glennwood because of my new friends, my job in Laguna working with animals, and the cool place I live.” – Brad


On November 1st, Gratitude for Glennwood will offer the community of Laguna Beach a fun way to support and celebrate this wonderful living opportunity. There will be dining and dancing under the stars in the beautiful canyon setting at The Ranch at Laguna Beach. There will be live and silent auctions, all in the spirit of giving thanks.


“I feel free to be who I want to be. Everyone at Glennwood is family.” – Amy


Glennwood House invites you to partner in friendship and support for special young people who just want a chance to live as others do – growing and learning, being good citizens and neighbors. 

To learn more about Glennwood House, and to order tickets for the evening of November 1st, Gratitude for Glenwood, click here: 


Police Beat Primer

Police Beat derives from information in the log maintained at the front counter by the Laguna Beach Police Department and required under CA Government Code Section 6254 (f). The press does not have access to written police reports.

Information in the police department log is deemed reliable and StuNewsLaguna is not responsible for mistakes made available as public record by the Laguna Beach Police Department.

Parents with children in school may contact 949-497-1615 to request that their names be omitted from Police Beat. The decision of StuNewsLaguna is final.

Any person arrested is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Abbreviations sometimes used in Police Beat

647f – Public Intoxication; DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; NFA – No fixed address; RP – Reporting/Responsible Party; UTL – Unable to locate

Police Beat 102414

DUI Arrests

No DUI arrests reported this period

Incident Reports

Tuesday, October 21

S. Coast Hwy | 700 Block | Shoplifting

12:50 p.m. A swimwear store reported that a known suspect swiped items worth $400 over the weekend.

S. Coast Hwy | 600 Block | Vandalism

12:31 p.m. A fountain was knocked over at an art gallery overnight.

S. Coast Hwy | 1900 Block | Credit Card Fraud

11 a.m. A retailer learned that a Rolex Submariner watch purchased for $8,000 in early August had been accomplished with a fraudulent credit card.

Temple Terrace | 1200 Block | Warrant Arrest

9:31 a.m. During a traffic stop, wants and warrants resulted in the arrest of Santa Ana resident Adolfo Curiel Corona, 44, on an outstanding Harbor Court warrant. Charges on the warrant were DUI, driving without a license and providing false ID to an officer. Bail was set at $15,000. 

Monday, October 20

Flamingo Road | 1000 Block | Fraud; ID Theft

4:27 p.m. An unknown suspect filed a federal tax return using the RP’s name and personal info.

Cress Street | 300 Block | Warrants

3:51 p.m. Oscar Hernandez-Nava, 27, Riverside, was arrested on two Harbor Court traffic warrants with charges of driving on a suspended license, speeding and not providing financial responsibility. Total bail: $30,000.

100 N. Coast Hwy | Drunk in Public

2:33 p.m. Jeffrey Beeltz, 44, Costa Mesa, was arrested for being drunk in public.

S. Coast Hwy | 1700 Block | Burglary, commercial

12:39 p.m. A restaurant discovered after viewing surveillance video that someone had gained access to the upstairs veranda and made off with sack of liquor from the bar area. Entry was made via braking a lock on an outside gate. Loss: $500.

S. Coast Hwy | 600 Block | Drunk in Public

8:10 a.m. Curtis Ebling, 42, no fixed address, was arrested for being drunk in public. He was also arrested on the same charge Sunday in the 1100 block of S. Coast Hwy.

Seaview Street | 400 Block | Warrant Arrest

5:56 a.m. Police responded to a report of a man causing a disturbance. On scene, San Diego resident Andrew Barrett, 35, was taken into custody for a San Mateo County DUI warrant.

Sunday, October 19

S. Coast Hwy & Ruby Street | Warrant Arrest

4:09 p.m. Youssef Azzazy, 26, Laguna Niguel, was arrested during a traffic stop for a North County warrant with a charge of speeding during dangerous weather conditions.

This and that around town

From readers and press releases


Gratitude for Glennwood is Glennwood House’s first gala, set for 5:30 p.m. (new date) November 1 at The Ranch

Glennwood House of Laguna Beach is planning their first ever Gratitude for Glennwood event in honor of the first year of providing an independent living home for 50 young people with special needs.

The event will be a celebration and opportunity to support this completely privately funded residence in Laguna Beach.

“We are happy to say this has been a very successful first year,” said Executive Director Stacey Enmeier. “We have learned and grown, and we now even have 78 people on a waiting list.”

For the young adult residents, Glennwood represents an opportunity for a life like everyone wants; a chance to live on their own, out of mom and dad’s house, and into a safe and supportive environment that allows for social interaction and activities, while encouraging individuality.

Gratitude for Glennwood will be a fun evening on Nov 1 at 5:30 p.m. 

There will be dining and dancing, nestled in the canyon and overlooking the beautiful golf greens at The Ranch. There will be wonderful silent and live auctions, as well as live music for dancing the night away under the stars.

Tickets and sponsorship opportunities are available by clicking this link: http://glennwoodhousing.org/

For more information call Danielle Wilson at (949) 584-6469


LAM’s Art & Nature features…nature-based art!

Laguna Art Museum will present the Art & Nature event Nov. 6-9. Art & Nature is a multidisciplinary exploration of art’s many and various engagements with the natural world. Both a community-wide festival and a conference, the festival will include works of art specially commissioned for the event. 

Art & Nature brings California artists of all kinds together with art historians, cultural historians, scientists, environmentalists, geographers, and other thinkers to share ideas and information about art in its engagement with nature.

This annual event serves a number of purposes: to provide a festival of art and ideas for the community; to inspire artists; to offer scientists a sense of what their work means in the wider culture; to find and develop connections between art and science; to raise awareness of environmental issues; and to celebrate Laguna Beach as a center for the appreciation of art and nature.

Artists have responded to nature in a kaleidoscopic variety of ways, from landscape and still life to scientific illustration, garden design, and Land Art; from painting and sculpture to installations, photography, film, and video. They have been inspired by the microscopic and the astronomical, by scientific research, by conservation concerns, by love and awe. 

Nature-based art has developed hand-in-hand with natural science, serving to connect science with the general culture and provide scientists with a sense of the social, intellectual, and imaginative context of their work. Throughout history, artists have periodically rallied around calls for a return to nature, and the early twenty-first century may well be such a moment.

The theme of Art & Nature speaks particularly to the identity of Laguna Beach, which for over a hundred years has been a center for art, the appreciation of nature, and environmental awareness. 

In 1929, when the Laguna Beach Art Association built an art gallery to show and sell their work, they chose a commanding location on the coastline close to the natural wonders they loved to paint. The present museum occupies the same site. There could be no more appropriate venue in which to explore the art-nature connection. 

The Museum is at 307 Cliff Dr. www.LagunaArtMuseum.org/

More This and That


Festival of Arts accepting applications for next summer

The Festival of Arts will run next July and August. Those interested in applying for the 2015 fine art show should submit a CD with three digital images per media and a completed application form to the Festival of Arts by Oct 31, 2014 (by 4 p.m.).

Applicants may download an application from the Festival’s website, www.LagunaFestivalofArts.org, or call 949-464-4234. Jurying fees are $50 per medium submitted.


Friendship Shelter’s 2014 gala Nov 14 at Ritz-Carlton

Friendship Shelter’s annual gala will be held on Friday, November 14, 2014 at The Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. Themed HOME, the evening will feature fine dining, live and silent auctions, and lively entertainment.

This year’s event is chaired by Jane Manolakas, Jeri McKenna, Teddie Ray, and Keiko Sakamoto, and will honor Jane and Joe Hanauer and Temple Bat Yahm for their outstanding generosity and community leadership. 

Additionally, a former Friendship Shelter client will be honored the evening of the event and will share his remarkable journey.

“Not only do we have a fabulous event cabinet this year, but the theme HOME ties into our mission of breaking the cycle of homelessness in our community in a very meaningful way,” said Dawn Price, Executive Director of Friendship Shelter. 

Pre-gala Patron Party Oct 1

In honor of Friendship Shelter sponsors, both past and present, a pre-gala Patron Party will be held on October 1, 2014 at a private home in Dana Point. The Patron Party is generously presented by City National Bank, and will feature a fashion presentation by Max Mara.

Tickets to the gala are $250 each and sponsorship packages range from $1,500 to $25,000. Additional details can be found at: http://www.friendshipsheltergala.org.

All proceeds will benefit Friendship Shelter, which has helped homeless adults achieve self- sufficiency since its inception 26 years ago. Every night, nearly 100 people who would otherwise be on the street sleep safely under the care of Friendship Shelter staff at its flagship shelter on Coast Highway in Laguna Beach, the Alternative Sleeping Location in Laguna Canyon, or at various permanent supportive housing sites throughout South Orange County.

For more information about the Gala or Patron Party, or to purchase tickets, please call (949) 494-6928 x. 16.


LOCA paint a leaf classes at Laguna Nursery Oct 30

Laguna Outreach for Community Arts (LOCA) is collaborating with Laguna Nursery in presenting “Fifty Shades of Green” garden-themed art workshops. 

Beginners and all levels are invited. New classes and instructors are offered once monthly, on Thursdays 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. at the nursery. Participants may enjoy one or many classes.

Click on photo for a larger image

Photo by LOCA

Leaf study with Mike Tauber

The program kicks off on Oct. 30 with a leaf study in acrylics taught by Mike Tauber. Attendees will learn to create color bleeds using pigments, opaque, and transparent mediums. Everyone will take home a beautiful finished canvas.

Cost for a single class is $30, or $125 for a flexible five-pack, for adults ages 16-up. All supplies and free parking are included. 

Register in advance at www.LOCAarts.org, email LOCAarts@yahoo.com, or call (949) 363-4700. Laguna Nursery is at 1370 S. Coast Highway at Mountain St. 

Free parking is available in the rear.

Nobel Peace Laureate will speak at SOKA U. Oct 29

Leymah Gbowee

2011 Nobel Peace Laureate, Leymah Gbowee, and international law professor, Karima Bennoune, will be speaking at the Soka Performing Arts Center on Wednesday, Oct. 29, at 7 p.m. on the topic “Outrageous Acts of Peace: The role ordinary people must play in transforming violence to peace.” General admission for the public is $8 for adults, and $6 for students and seniors. 

Tickets are available at www.performingarts.soka.edu.

Gbowee will be in conversation with Bennoune, author of Your Fatwa Does Not Apply Here: Untold Stories from the Fight Against Muslim Fundamentalism. Bennoune’s TED talk about these courageous citizens has been seen by over 1 million people. (Link: http://bit.ly/1s2ppbe)

The women will share their stories, as well as commentary on critical current events such as the Ebola crisis and violence resulting from global terrorism. In addition to discussion, the audience will learn how we each can be better citizen peacekeepers.

Soka University is offering to reimburse transportation costs and provide free tickets to organized high school groups of 30 or more sophomores and juniors who pre-register. For more information, contact changemakers@soka.edu.

Soka University’s Soka Changemakers program is coordinating the lecture. Soka Changemakers connects students and the community to the people, ideas, and organizations that change the world for good. Partners for this program include the Orange County Register, UC Irvine, Center for Living Peace, Center for Citizen Peacebuilding, and Students for Global Peacebuilding.

Transition LB selling their seedlings at the Farmers Market

Transition Laguna Beach Food Group will be at the Farmers Market, Saturday, Oct. 25th selling vegetable seedlings. They have a great selection of your fall crops. In particular they have two very unusual Kale plants that are hard to find: Purple Peacock (cross between kale and broccoli) and Kaleidoscope (cross between kale and brussel sprout). They will also have peas, lettuce, and herb seedlings ready to be planted in your vegetable garden. 

Many of the seedlings are from seeds harvested in Laguna, and all have been grown organically here in Laguna. Transition Laguna Beach’s booth is located at the back of the Farmers Market on Local’s Lane.

Boys & Girls Club alumni gathering at “Dirty Bird” Sunday

Celebrating what it was (the Boys Club of Laguna Beach), what it is (Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach), and what it will be - friends, fans, and alumni are invited to the second annual alumni party. 

On Sunday, Oct 26, there will be dancing to music by the Local Remedy, plus food and drinks - all at The Sandpiper, 1183 S. Coast Hwy.

The fun begins at 3:00 p.m., and admission is free. For more information, and to rsvp, contact Michelle at (949) 494-2535 ext. 103, or micheller@bgclaguna.org

Sawdust Studio Art 

The Sawdust Art Festival, in collaboration with Visit Laguna Beach, offers some exciting new classes to the Award-Winning Sawdust Studio Art Classes’ schedule for 2014.

The year-round art education program is includes special classes in glass, fused glass, jewelry and ceramics.

Call 494-3030 for information and to reserve a class.

Students may register for all classes online or by calling 494-3030. 

Visit the website at: 



Class Schedules


Friday Oct 24


10 a.m.

Sushi Set

Maggie Spencer


Saturday Oct 25


10 a.m. 

Oil Painting

John Eagle

2 p.m. 

Leather and Metal Cuff

David Farris


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