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May 30

Jessica Costa

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Where’s Maggi - Answers

Riddles solved… or not!            

Did you know where Maggi’s photos were taken this week?

Watch out because she thinks she’s beginning a winning streak.

Here are the mystery locations of Tuesday’s photo challenge:      

Click on photo for a larger image


Mural on upper Glenneyre

Click on photo for a larger image


Cement “dock piling,” Glenneyre at Flora Street

Click on photo for a larger image


Old gas pump, at Laguna Motor Werks, S. Coast Hwy

Remember, the correct answers and photos are often on our Facebook page.

Sound Spectrum



1. Jah Mex, Soul Garden

2. Eric Clapton, Still I Do

3. Grateful Dead, Red Rocks

Click on photo for a larger image

4. Bob Dylan, Fallen Angels

5. Prince, Hit and Run

6. Lianne La Havas, Blood 

7. Drake, Views

8. Jeff Buckley, You and I

9. Beyonce, Lemonade

Click on photo for a larger image

10. Mudcrutch, 2 

11. Santana, IVi

12. Meghan Trainor, Thank You

13. Edward Sharpe, Persona

14. Gwen Stefani, This Is What The Truth Feels Like

15. Ray Lamontagne, Ourobros 

16. Lumineers, Cleopatra

17. Kendrick Lamar, Untitled, Unmastered 

18. Weezer, White Album

Click on photo for a larger image

19. Cage The Elephant, Tell Me I’m Pretty

20. The 1975, I Like It When You Sleep

Since 1967

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Sunset Serenades adds another date in Heisler Park’s Amphitheatre

This Friday May 27, the Laguna Beach Arts Commission will present another show in its series of Sunset Serenades – a series of free live concerts at the Heisler Park Amphitheatre. Performances begin at 6:30 p.m.

May 27 — Four Singer Songwriters

June 3 – Tribute to David Bowie

The lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach fund this program.

Police Header

Maro Wood Grill: a gourmet learning adventure for owner Maro, chef Debra, and their diners


Another week, another article to write about a Laguna restaurant – and this one felt particularly special, as my wonderful mum (or mom, as you guys say) was visiting from the UK, so she got to come along and sample much deliciousness!

Not only that but this week marks my second anniversary of moving to the good old US of A. That’s right – two years ago I landed here, daunted, apprehensive and scared of how life was going to change for us all. 

Maro Wood Grill, located at 1915 S. Coast Highway, was one of the first places we visited then, and at the time we were blown away by their fabulous burger. It made sense for me to revisit the place to remind me of those days and also to see how the menu had evolved. 

Since then a few things have changed at Maro, noticeably the outdoor area, which has been beautifully renovated and decorated to create a cozy contemporary area with comfortable seating and a variety of pretty succulents on a “living wall.”

What has not changed at Maro is the staff. The same wonderful people, other than a couple of new waiters, maintain the traditional “family” atmosphere that attracts regular customers over and over again.

Maro Molteni and Debra Sims

Maro Wood Grill was the concept of Argentinian born Mariano Molteni (Maro) and chef Debra Sims. 

Maro has always worked in the restaurant industry, spending the five years prior to moving to Laguna Beach in New York, but he had never run his own restaurant.  When the company he was working for moved him to Anaheim, he went house hunting and discovered Laguna Beach. He decided to start his own business here and was introduced to Debra through a friend of a friend.

Debra, who had been in the Navy since age 18, had recently graduated from culinary school and had worked in Los Angeles for 12 months prior to meeting Maro. Debra, who hails from Colorado, has always had a very organic no-nonsense approach to food. 

“The community in which I grew up in had a very ‘co-op’ approach to food. We would all get together after church every Sunday and share our food that we grew, we hunted and we ate. It was survival, not that we were poor – it was just the way things were back then in the late seventies.”

Simplicity is the key at Maro Wood Grill. Everything that needs to be cooked is done over a wood grill. The strategy applies to modern, bold and uncommon Argentinean meat cuts as well as the finest locally sourced fish and produce. 

With fresh food deliveries everyday, Maro Wood Grill is passionate about creating and selling the freshest of food, preferring to run out of a dish and withdraw it from the menu rather than order too much and risk serving food that is not completely fresh.

As for my food journey, which was also a little celebration, we decided to start with an Argentinian “drinky” as people in England say. I’m a Sauvignon Blanc girl and my mum is a beer drinker. Luckily they had Argentinian versions of both and they were delicious.   

With a menu that is forever changing (although favorites are never removed) I decide to let Maro help me choose our food for the evening.  

Starters and Empanadas

To begin, I had a fabulous selection of three of the starters available: The Maro edamame, which is mesquite fired organic soy beans served with house pickled ginger and coarse Sonoma Sea Salt; mesquite fired shishito peppers; and a wood-grilled Temecula okra served with homemade aioli, Sonoma sea salt and burnt lemon. All of these dishes were gluten-free and tasty and complemented each other well.  

My mum had the empanadas. There are four flavors to choose from: spicy chicken, mushroom, beef and spinach. Debra prepared one of each for us to try. The spinach was my personal favorite, perhaps because it had a spicy kick from the pepperoncini peppers, and the feta cheese gave it a wonderful creamy texture. The pastry was light and not at all greasy.

Wood grilled baseball cut steak

Next was the entrée and it seemed only right that I go for an Argentinian steak. There were three choices of steak. Maro recommended I go for flavor as opposed to texture, so I chose the wood-grilled baseball cut steak. This steak is from a cut located at the top of the sirloin. The dish was served with roast potatoes and the house-made chimichurri.  The dish was absolutely delicious, rich in flavor but not too heavy.  The chimichurri was tangy and complemented the meat and potatoes to perfection.

Loch Duart salmon

Mum doesn’t eat red meat, so she decided to go for the fire grilled Loch Duart salmon, served with organic baby arugula, Gala apples, pecans and white balsamic. This dish was tasty, yet light. The salmon was crispy on the outside and perfectly soft and cooked on the inside. Truly mouthwatering!

It was finally time for dessert, which we were eager to try, especially as Chef Debra’s famous banana bread pudding has won best dessert in the OC three times. The dish incorporates artisan bakery brioche, organic eggs, milk, cream, brown sugar and organic bananas and is accompanied by a vanilla bourbon sauce.  It was truly a WOW! I can see why this dessert has won so many awards.  

Bread inspired puddings are pretty common in the UK and actually my mum has always made a great one, but we both agreed this was the best bread pudding we had ever tasted.

For my dessert I chose the gluten-free option of house made ice cream.  Chef Debra likes to treat homemade ice cream making as a bit of a science experiment. The flavors this week were fennel, strawberry and espresso.  I was privileged to see chef Debra’s “recipe book,” a hand written well worn book full of her most precious recipes. 

In the book were four pages full of different ice cream “experiments,” all unique in flavor. The fennel was my personal favorite and having never being a big fan of strawberry, I was really surprised at how delicious this one was. Chef Debra told me that she stewed the strawberries beforehand, which gave the resulting dish a much richer flavor.

My overall experience of Maro Wood Grill was excellent. Maro was passionate in his explanations of food choices and honest in how he talked about setting up the restaurant. Chef Debra was engaging – cool, funny, and full of interesting stories. 

What I love most of all about this place is that it has been a real “learning adventure” for both Maro and Debra, and the adventure has clearly paid off. I’ll be back.

Dennis’ Tidbits


May 27, 2016

“McWeather’s playing it smart for a change…”

Well, I guess you could say that Memorial Weekend is the unofficial start to summer, 2016. Most of the college students are done with their school year and grade, middle, and high schools will be out in a week or two. Of course the real start to summer is June 21 so the time is near.

What kind of summer are we in for? 

That’s always a tough one to predict in general unless there’s an El Niño or La Niña in the water because generally speaking, with the exception of last summer’s epic predictions, because the strong El Niño failed to even come close to expectations you’d expect from a powerful El Niño. Over the years, even decades, the La Niña events of the past have resulted in cooler, cloudier conditions with below normal water temps and not much south swell action. But who knows, what with the strange behavior of this El Niño, having totally uncharacteristic features of a strong Southern Oscillation, maybe this upcoming La Niña will behave erratically and maybe be better than the summer of 2015 disaster. 

That’s the thing about meteorology, folks. It’s still very much an inexact science and probably always will be, ‘cause Ma Nature never runs out of new tricks up her sleeve, so this time, McWeather’s playing it smart for a change and not making any predictions as he fell flat on his face last summer as far as long range outlooks are concerned, so we’ll just toss the dice and see what transpires. 

At least I’ll be off the hook!

In Major League Baseball, just a bit more than a quarter of the 162 game season has elapsed with around 45 games in the books. Home run production throughout the League is at its highest in 10 years with quite a few players on pace to hit 45-50 round trippers. Boston Red Sox star David “Big Papi” Ortiz, at 40 years of age, is having a career season so far with a .323 batting average with 11 home runs and 40 RBI. Boston has the best offense in baseball having scored 83 more runs than the second best offensive team, which is Toronto. After a disappointing last place finish in 2015, the Red Sox find themselves in first place, ten games above .500. 

The Chicago White Sox are atop the American League Central with the surprising Cleveland Indians right on Chicago’s tail only 1.5 games back. 

In the West, the Seattle Mariners are blowing everybody away with timely hitting and great pitching. Their offense is really lighting up this year after several lackluster years recently. Former Yankee Robinson Cano is having a career year so far with 15 doubles already and leads the League with 40 RBI, on pace for nearly 150. Former Oriole star Nelson Cruz in his second season with the Mariners is on pace for his third consecutive 40 homer season. They just acquired First baseman Adam Lind who proceeded to make an immediate impact by slamming two homers in a 10-3 rout the other night. 

Our Halos aren’t doing too well, floundering at five games under .500. The Angels scored nine runs the other night and you’re thinking a rout for them? Wrong. They lost 15-9. Bad hitting, worse pitching. They’ll finish third or fourth in their division. 

More on baseball next time. Enjoy the long weekend. 

Yippee, summer’s almost here! ALOHA!

New Royal Hawaiian moves its opening to mid-June

The Royal Hawaiian has found new footing thanks to Laguna resident, Mo Honarkar. Honarkar once owned the Heisler building, downtown, and so briefly owned the Jolly Roger, yet another iconic Laguna restaurant. Last year he purchased the Royal Hawaiian property with the intention of bringing it back to life.

Last month, Project Manager Brian Smith, Consultant Eric Bostwick, and newly hired General Manager Carlos Godinez were putting their heads together for the final run in preparation for the grand opening, slated to be May 27.

This week, Godinez told us that the opening has been rescheduled tentatively for mid-June. He said that when a date is confirmed, a public invitation would ensue.

Wednesday’s Downtown Buzz

Click on photo for a larger image


Lester Savit

It took a lot longer to get rid of these swarming bees than it did for their Queen to lead them to the roof of Pacific Gallery in the 200 block of Forest Avenue. Their buzz created quite a stir and a response from the fire department, which watched over the scene while bee experts worked to move the swarm and Save the Queen.

Another winner for the Historical Society


Carol Viebeck Lloyd did the Laguna Beach Historical Society proud with her presentation Wednesday on the part her family played in the development of downtown.

Lloyd is following in the footsteps of her mother, Beryl Wilson Viebeck, as a researcher and preserver of the early history of homesteading and eventual subdivision of downtown Laguna in the 1880s.

“My mother died about a year and half ago, but I know she wants me to continue sharing what she did,” said Lloyd.

Lloyd’s presentation included slides of early Laguna and a map of 39 homesteads that her mother had meticulously created, identifying the owners, including members of her own family.

The family’s connection to Laguna began with Henry Rogers, English by birth who emigrated to Galen, Ill., where he worked in the lead mines. Fearing for his health, he moved to California in 1873, leaving his wife, Elizabeth, behind. 

It wasn’t too long before he wrote to her: “Sell everything, gather as many family and friends as you can and come”

Elizabeth rented two railroad box cars, one for animals and one for the 21 people who traveled with her to California. The trip took three weeks. The Rogers’ son, George, was not on the train. He was on his honeymoon, but his sister Mary Ann was aboard, with her two daughters Jennie, two and Ora, four, 

Jennie is Lloyd’s great grandmother.

Henry bought 160 acres of land, stretching from Temple Hills to Bluebird Canyon and built a two-story home there to ”prove,” the property, a Homestead Act requirement.

George lived for six years in Anaheim before seeing the light. He bought 155.5 acres from Canyon Acres Road to Third Street and up to Mystic Hills. He paid $1,000 in gold.

It was George who built the home where City Hall now stands and his daughter, Elizabeth, who planted the pepper tree, still standing after 135 years. 

The Laguna Beach Woman’s Club eventually bought the property, but moved to its present location to allow construction of City Hall. Legend has it that the club only agreed to move if the city guaranteed it would cherish the pepper tree and if it didn’t, the deal was off.   

George also built the first school, for his children and any others who wanted to attend.

His goal was to build a town and aimed to do it by subdividing his downtown acreage into 323 lots. He named Forest and Ocean avenues; Forest because of the eucalyptus he had imported from Australia and planted, Ocean because he could see it from his home.   

Jennie and Ora were the third generation in direct descent from Henry Rogers.  

Ora and her second husband, Oscar Warling, bought one of the 39 downtown homestead plots. They built a home on the corner of Forest Avenue and South Coast Highway. It was moved to Woods Cove to accommodate the widening of the highway. According to Karen Wilson Turnbull ‘s research for her book, “Cottages and Castles of Laguna, it is the only home of one of early year-round residents still standing.

Lloyd’s grandmother, Lenore Wilson was the next generation of the family, Lloyd’s mother the fifth.

Berylgrew up in Orange County, but she became intrigued with Laguna after hearing about the town from family members.

Her curiosity and persistence in preserving the city’s history was brought to life Wednesday in another winning program presented by the Historical Society.

In the audience: Jane Janz, whose knowledge of Laguna’s history is encyclopedic; Bill Sorrells, back in town after 50 years and greeted with hugs from schoolomates; and Art Sherman, a 1937 graduate of Laguna Beach High School. He played on the 1936 championship football team.

Also: Trudy Josephson, Carolyn Smith Burris, Mary Kastner. 

Many Thanks

I would be remiss if I did not express my gratitude for the welcome home after being away from Laguna for two and half years. From Kelly Boyd and the rest of the council to Gene Felder and members of the Laguna Canyon Conservancy who warmed my heart with their reception to the news that I was back in town and writing again. 

And that takes me to Stu Saffer and Shaena Stabler. He flat out told me I needed to get back to work. This is the second time around for us. I worked for him on the original Coastline News after I retired from the Register and discovered retirement was not for me. Again he has come to my rescue. She writes the checks.

I am back where I belong.

My thanks also to Gene Gratz, Howard Hills, Glenna Mathews and so many others for their sympathy when they learned about the death of my son. It helps.

See the light this summer: The Ocean Institute in Dana Point will offer Bioluminescence Cruises 

The Ocean Institute will offer evening Bioluminescence cruises aboard its R/V Sea Explorer throughout the remainder of 2016, providing a unique opportunity to learn about the remarkable ability of some marine animals to glow in the dark, a curiously beautiful phenomenon.

To learn about the exciting luminous underwater world just waiting to shine, register for upcoming cruises. They’ll take place on June 4, July 8 & 9, August 5 & 6, September 3, and October 1. Cruise times are 8-10 p.m. 

The cost is $45 adults (18-54), $35 seniors (55+) and active duty military with ID, $25 children (4-17).  

For cruise information and reservations, call (949) 496-2274 and dial “0” for the operator, or visit

Local artist out to break the rules with watercolor

Laguna native Gaylen Solomon Corbett is burning the candle at both ends, preparing for her first solo show to be held at Lang Fine Art in Laguna Beach, opening the evening of June 4. This is a milestone for the emerging artist and she is enjoying the process.

Pradhan Studios

Gaylen Solomon Corbett

The show, titled “Edges: Lost & Found,” features multi-media works that Corbett has created during the past 12 months. She defines the collection as “modern watercolors,” featuring abstract and loosely representational subjects that are accented with metallic pigments and archivally sealed. Unlike traditional watercolors that are neatly framed with a color-coordinated mat and shielded behind glass, this series will have none of that. 

“There is no glass barrier to separate the viewer from the art. Viewers can see and even feel the texture of the paper,” Corbett explains. That texture is the central inspiration for the collection. “It takes dozens or even hundreds of layers of paint to create these works, yet with watercolor, the layers are so thin that the texture of the paper is still present.”

It’s no surprise that Corbett is passionate about watercolor. Her father, artist David Solomon, is a well-known local watercolorist. She grew up in his art studio and learned by watching him paint. “I’ve explored almost every media expecting to find something that I love more, but like my father before me, have concluded that watercolor is where it’s at.”

This is Corbett’s first exhibition to feature abstract works. Her representational pieces within this collection are very loose and open to the viewer’s interpretation. Some of the representational pieces are so loose and cleverly done that they can even be inverted (displayed upside down) and still loosely depict a dreamy landscape. That dreaminess is what she is seeking, to create landscapes that look like something from a vague and distant memory.

Lang Fine Art, owned and operated by local photographer and art collector Rick Lang, has occupied space in one of the landmark buildings in Laguna Beach since the 1950’s, located at 1450 S. Coast Highway on the same block as the Art Center. The artist’s reception for “Edges: Lost & Found” will be held Saturday, June 4, from 4 - 9 p.m. A sneak preview will be available during the First Thursday Art Walk on June 2. The show will run through June 28. 

For more information, visit , or call (949) 204-6301.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Laguna Beach Books welcomes New York Times bestselling author John Hart for talk on June 2nd

On Thursday, June 2 at 6:30 p.m., Laguna Beach Books will welcome author John Hart. John will be discussing his latest book, Redemption Road with local author and radio host Marrie Stone.

Over two million copies of his books are in print: The first and only author to win back-to-back Edgars for Best Novel; every book a New York Times bestseller. After five years, John Hart is back!

Since his debut bestseller, The King of Lies, reviewers across the country have heaped praise on John Hart, comparing his writing to that of Pat Conroy, Cormac McCarthy and Scott Turow. Each novel has taken Hart higher on the New York Times Bestseller list as his masterful writing and assured evocation of place have won readers around the world and earned history’s only consecutive Edgar Awards for Best Novel, with Down River and The Last Child. Now, Hart delivers his most powerful story yet.


A boy with a gun waits for the man who killed his mother.

A troubled detective confronts her past in the aftermath of a brutal shooting.

After thirteen years in prison, a good cop walks free as deep in the forest, on the altar of an abandoned church, a body cools in pale linen 

This is a town on the brink. 

This is Redemption Road.

Brimming with tension, secrets, and betrayal, Redemption Road proves again that John Hart is a master of the literary thriller.

John Hart is the author of the upcoming Redemption Road, and of four New York Times bestsellers, The King of Lies, Down River, The Last Child, and Iron House. The only author in history to win the best novel Edgar Award for consecutive novels, John has also won the Barry Award, the Southern Independent Bookseller’s Award for Fiction, the Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Award, and the North Carolina Award for Literature. His novels have been translated into thirty languages and can be found in over seventy countries. A former defense attorney and stockbroker, John spends his time in North Carolina and Virginia, where he writes full-time.

Laguna Beach Books is located at 1200 S. Coast Hwy, Suite 105.

Rosalind Russell is changing Nepal for the better, one goat, one woman and one new water well at a time

Well-known Laguna Beach resident Rosalind Russell of R Star Foundation (“Women Helping Women & Children in Nepal”) will soon be on a whirlwind speaking tour, based primarily in Las Vegas, bringing the public first-hand knowledge about events in Nepal a year after devastating earthquakes. Russell’s speaking engagements will take place between June 2 and 15.

During her talks, Russell will explain exactly what is going on in that part of the world right now. Nepal, she says, is in extreme need of assistance as the monsoons will soon arrive with few homes built strongly enough following the earthquake to protect from crime or bad weather.

Click on photo for larger image


Submitted photo

Rosalind Russell will talk about women who help women and children in Nepal

According to Russell, she chose Las Vegas as the focal point for her speaking engagements when her long-time friend Stephanie Singer invited her to give a presentation at her new home as part of her open house pool party. While making her plans to participate in Singer’s party, Russell realized that she could include five Rotary Clubs in the area on her speaking tour, given that she is herself a long time Rotarian.   

Russell, who is greatly admired for her work in helping empower and enrich Nepalese women by bringing them goats—often pregnant goats, offering a twofer—to help with their income, says that she loves opportunities to share her insights into life in Nepal.

Rotary Clubs are a particularly receptive audience because Russell has collaborated worldwide with the nonprofit to bring not only goats (which represent considerable wealth) to Nepal, but also water wells to rural areas. 

Along with some help from Rotary, she has facilitated education for elementary children, not to mention literacy classes and training for village women in rural areas where the now 50 villages she continues to work with and benefit are located.

Russell will also visit Phoenix to meet with one of her board members, Dr. Alvin Sanders, and is hopeful that they will have time to share a river float, one of her favorite “sports’ for decades.  

Meetings for Russell have the potential for fun in any setting, she says, but are especially sweet on a float.

To learn more about how to help the R Star Foundation or to organize your own gathering, visit or call Russell directly at 497-4911.

Spring Gala 2016, An Evening of Gratitude, kicks off I’MAGINE redesign project for Saddleback Memorial

Glamor, elegance, and a spirit of gratitude and giving descended upon The St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point, where physicians, donors and guests attended Saddleback Memorial Foundation’s Spring Gala, An Evening of Gratitude, on May 7. 

Click on photo for a larger image – more photos in slideshow below

Submitted photo

Laguna Beach residents Marty Ogle, MD (L) and wife Sue with Barbara Victor, MD and husband Michael were among the some 450 guests who attended.   

Nearly 450 guests gathered in the ballroom, which was transformed into a backdrop of French Provence for the black-tie event, raising more than $250,000 (net) for I’MAGINE, a three-year space redesign project for Saddleback Memorial Medical Center.

During the program, Steve Geidt, Saddleback Memorial CEO, described how this new project will benefit patients with more private rooms and more efficient use of space in the surgical and recovery units. 

“We asked ourselves what can make Saddleback Memorial even better,” Geidt said. “One of the answers was to give patients more dignity and privacy by letting them heal and recover in a private room.”  

More privacy, more rehab equipment

Specifically, on the first floor, the pre-op area will be moved within the perioperative unit with new pre-op bays. On the second-floor surgical nursing unit, three disconnected units will be reconfigured into one large unit consisting of 86 percent private rooms. The rehabilitation gym for orthopedic patients will be redesigned for more efficient use of space and more equipment will be added.

Other guest speakers during the event included Samuel and Tammy Tang, chairs of the I’MAGINE campaign. Tammy Tang, who volunteers as a compassionate listener for Saddleback Memorial, highlighted how patients share their needs with her. 

Samuel Tang also talked about hospitals facing competition in an era of consumer choice, making these renovations even more important. He announced the campaign goal as $7 million over the next three years. The Foundation has already raised $2 million toward that goal from generous donors. 

Serving as master of ceremonies and auctioneer, Celebrity Chef Dean Sheremet sold off packages that included an African safari, a year of homemade pies by CEO Steve Geidt, and tickets to New York City Fashion Week. This portion of the evening raised nearly $50,000. 

Patients express their gratitude to Saddleback Memorial

After the live auction, guests watched a video spotlighting grateful patient Monika Dowd and her husband Brian. Last year, Monika had an unexpected C-section to deliver their baby Natalie, and then needed emergency surgery to save her life. The film showcased the “human side” of Saddleback Memorial’s team, who galvanized each other during critical moments to save Monika. Mary O’ Toole, MD, even donated blood for Monika before performing the surgery. 

The Dowds, who live in Irvine, were also gala guests and gave the Saddleback Memorial staff a standing ovation after the video presentation.

The video preceded the Fund-a–Need segment, raising $56,300, while the Opportunity Drawing raised $8,700. Funds for both will also benefit the I’MAGINE project. The Opportunity Drawing winner was Marissa Armstrong of Corona del Mar, who will enjoy a night’s stay at The St. Regis Monarch Beach, along with two spa treatments. 

“It was a magical evening,” said Cecilia Belew, president of Saddleback Memorial Foundation. “Not only did all the guests look amazing and have a wonderful time, I think they understood the importance of the I’MAGINE project, and how it will help us care for our patients and get them back to living life.” 

Spring Gala 2016 Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze Sponsors:

Platinum Sponsors: Saddleback Memorial Medical Center, Saddleback Memorial Medical Center Medical Staff

Gold Sponsors: California Anesthesia Associates; Gary Damsker; Greater Newport Physicians / MemorialCare Medical Group; Ernest Hayward Jr., MD; 

Monarch HealthCare; Bill Phillips and Mary O’Toole, MD; South Orange County Surgical Medical Group; Surgical Care Affiliates; Samuel and Tammy Tang

Silver Sponsors: Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group; CEP America; 

Dawn and Gary Levine, MD; Memorial Radiation Oncology Medical Group; 

Orange County Neurosurgical Associates; Pediatrix and Obstetrix Medical Groups, Inc.; Arnold C. Schwartz

Bronze Sponsors:  Farmers and Merchants Trust Company; Nancy Field; Jane L. Frederick, MD; The Geidt Family; Cathy Han, MD; Karma Automotive;  

Kindred Healthcare; Joel and Joan Lautenschleger; The Louie Family; 

Dennis and Gillian Martin; O’Connor Mortuary; Orange Coast Women’s Medical Group; M. Leila Rasouli, MD; Saddleback Medical Group; Sea View Pediatrics; Bebe Shaddock; South Coast Radiology; South County Orthopedic Specialists; Lawrence Tran, MD.

See a few more photos of Laguna Beach residents in the slideshow below

Click on the left side photo to see them all

View the embedded image gallery online at:

Laguna Craft Guild on the Cobblestones this Sunday

Submitted photo

Come on down to the Laguna Craft Guild art show located on the Cobblestones of Main Beach this Sunday, May 29 from 9 a.m. to sundown. There are over 30 different artists exhibiting unique and handmade arts and crafts, including painters, glassblowers, textile artists, potters, jewelers, and lots of others. 

Bring your friends, family, and dogs. 

Tickets are free. For more information, visit

Julie Laughton Ad

Artist’s Reception for new solo show by artist Don Pendleton takes place on Saturday May 28 at 6 p.m.

Artists Republic is pleased to showcase The Reflected Sound of Everything, a new solo show by Don Pendleton, beginning with an Artist’s Reception on Saturday May 28 between 6 and 9 p.m.  

Don Pendleton’s work is highly recognizable from his decades of illustrative work in skateboarding. From 1998 to the present, Pendleton has been regarded as one of the top artists and graphic designers for the skateboarding industry. Working with companies such as Alien Workshop, Element Skateboards, Vans and Volcom, he has seen his work used for over 688 skateboard graphics as well as television commercials, music posters, and murals across the globe. 

Pendleton had his first solo museum show at the Huntington Museum of Art in West Virginia in 2014, and in 2015 he won a Grammy award for his art direction on the Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt album.

Don Pendleton’s solo show will revisit his past work with new perspectives

Pendleton’s new works for his show The Reflected Sound of Everything will explore past themes, showing them in a new light.  Since much of his graphic design work isn’t well known by many viewers beyond the skateboarding world, he wants to revisit those ideas for a new audience. This show will be “…the present and the past combined merging into a one single statement that’s a reflection of a little bit of everything over the past 18 years,” Pendleton says.

In order to present these ideas in a new way, he has focused on a different technique, old school cut and paste.  

“The interesting thing about cut paper is that it’s ultimately a combination of design, illustration, color theory with a similar composition I use with painting so hopefully it’s a step beyond my usual work,” he adds.

Unlike Pendleton’s previous solo shows with Artists Republic, this one will focus on the process and the embodiment of his work over the years. In this way, the flow of the works becomes a narrative along the way.  

“Past shows have all been paintings…I feel like with this exhibit, I was more conscious about the colors and how the pieces connect to each other, the flow from one piece to the next, so it’s a more cohesive, flowing body of work,” Pendleton says.

An American artist, his techniques range from creating digital and hand painted artwork for his legendary body of skateboard graphics to original acrylics on canvas for gallery shows, murals, conceptual art, and installation pieces that merge linguistics with his narrative artistic vision. He often incorporates references to insects, animals and ambiguous characters to complete his finished compositions. These equivocal archetypes are in constant interaction competing for space within the linear composition of the painting, creating a confluence of tension and issues of communication that is a metaphorical reflection on the state of contemporary society and culture. 

“I was always drawn to this idea of people cohabiting the same space and the conflicts that arise on a regular basis within that space. Whether it’s war or arguments or brushing shoulders or stepping on toes, there’s a consistency within the line and the space but at the same time, there’s tension and conflict and potential for fights. All of that appeals to me when breaking up the space and creating a piece,” Pendleton says. “I also like that there are characters in there that are basically on top of each other who may look confused or perfectly at ease within the chaos.” 

While the preponderance of his artwork is centered on his linear organic cubist, expressionist style, Pendleton continues to explore different new techniques to aesthetically complete each project he engages.

Artists Republic Gallery is located at 1175 S. Coast Highway. The Reflected Sound of Everything, presented by Vans, continues until July 10.

LBHS Park Avenue Players present Almost, Maine

One cold, clear Friday night in the middle of winter, while the northern lights hover in the sky above, Almost’s residents find themselves falling in and out of love in the strangest ways. Knees are bruised. Hearts are broken. Love is lost, found, and confounded. And life for the people of Almost, Maine will never be the same.  Almost, Maine: It’s love. But not quite.

The romantic comedy, Almost, Maine, written by John Cariani, and directed by Alexis Carol features more than 20 student actors and crewmembers. It will be performed May 26 – 29 at the Artists Theatre, 625 Park Avenue. 

Tickets, sold at the door, are $10 for students and seniors, and $15 for adults. Show times are May 26, 27, 28 at 7:30 p.m., and May 28 & 29 at 2:30 p.m.

The Box Office number is (949) 497-7769.

For more information, see:

Women’s Sailing Association - OC June 7 meeting 

The Women’s Sailing Association - Orange County (WSA-OC) holds meetings in Dana Point Harbor the first Tuesday of each month. Meetings are hosted at Aventura Sailing Association on the island side of the marina. Topics vary from month to month and visitors are encouraged to attend. 

Submitted photo

Prospective members can participate and interact with the current members in a friendly, Corinthian atmosphere.

On Tuesday, June 7,the group is hosting speakers from within the organization who have recently purchased sailboats as first time boat owners. Lisa Cullinane, Brenda Highley and Karen Pacella will be taking a closer look at first time boat ownership. Interactive conversations about the joys and pitfalls of boat ownership will be explored.

The importance of having a boating community for support for the first time boat owner is of utmost importance according to the experiences of the speakers. They will take a very realistic approach to uncovering the reasons why people hesitate to buy boats and dispel those fears with germane information.

WSA-OC is an organization supporting its members in becoming avid sailing enthusiasts and conservators of the ocean. Membership in WSA-OC is open to both women and men of all skill levels. The June 7 meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. with a “Happy 1/2 Hour” and the program will begin at 7 p.m. Members of the public are invited to attend. There is no charge for prospective members or guests to attend. Aventura Sailing Association is at 24707 Dana Drive, Dana Point Harbor. Visit or or email mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to learn more.

LB Chamber’s Summer Splash mixer set for June 9

The Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce kicks off its summer mixer series with the “Surf & Sand Summer Splash”, taking place on Thursday, June 9 from 5:30-7:30 p.m., at the Surf & Sand Resort.

This year’s event will feature tray-passed tasty bites, a buffet, beer and wine, raffle prizes, and the opportunity to enjoy the dazzling ocean views from the Resort’s lofty Pelican Room. Valet parking for attendees is available at the special rate of $6.  

The Surf & Sand Resort is located at 1555 S. Coast Highway. Admission is $15 for Chamber members; $45 for non-members.  In a special membership promotion, anyone signing up as a Chamber member between now and June 9 can attend the mixer for free. Existing Chamber members who refer a new member during the promotional period also qualify for free admission. 

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit the Chamber’s website,, “events” tab; or contact the Chamber at 494-1018.  

As host of the event, the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce promotes, represents, and supports local businesses in Laguna, and advocates on their behalf.  Now in its 99th year of operation, the Chamber also serves as the business resource center for the community. On an ongoing basis, the Chamber hosts educational seminars, luncheons, and networking events for local businesses and citizens.

Laguna Beach Library’s May & early June events

Laguna Beach Library will host a host of fun events throughout the year. All programs are free, graciously funded by Friends of The Laguna Beach Library.

Laguna Beach Library’s May and early June Events:

Saturday, May 28 at 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. - Children’s Craft Open House Get creative! Let your imagination run wild!  Children under 12 are encouraged to come to the library during the hours of 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. to make fun and creative seasonal crafts. Adult supervision is recommended.

Tuesday, May 31 at 3:30 - 4:30 p.m. - B.A.R.K. Read to a Dog Do your kids love to read aloud, or just need to practice their reading skills?  Come meet Venus and Georgie, therapy dogs from Beach Animals Read to Kids (B.A.R.K.)! Children can read to a certified therapy dog, eager to listen and love. Aaarf!  Sign up at the Children’s Desk. Drop-ins welcome too.

Tuesday, May 31 at 6 - 7 p.m. - Musical  Bedtime Stories with Brooke Briggs 

Musical Bedtime Stories is for children and music lovers of all ages. Each child participates at his or her own level in singing, moving, chanting, listening, watching, or exploring musical instruments. The whole family is welcome for this fun family music experience.  Wear your Pajamas! No preregistration required.

Wednesday, June 1 at 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. - Early Literacy Children’s Storytime & Parent Education Workshop “Summertime Tips for School Readiness” We encourage parents to attend this workshop immediately after our weekly 10:30 Storytime - presented by LBUSD Early Learning Specialist, Sandee Bandetinni. She will provide parents with tools and resources that promote happy and healthy families; Bandetinni will offer tips for transitioning from Preschool to Kindergarten for School Readiness. Take this opportunity to speak with an early childhood expert about any concerns or questions you might have regarding your child. No Preregistration required.

Thursdays, June 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 at 10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. - Peapod Academy Children’s Storytime Welcome to the Peapod Academy. Join some of the cutest babies, toddlers, & preschoolers in town and adults of their choice at the Library. Little peas will enjoy books & storytime, songs & music, fingerplays, movement, hands on activities, arts & crafts, and other cadets. Each week has a different theme.  Get to know others and support your little one’s developmental skills. No preregistration required.

For information, call 497-1733.

Laguna Print Ad

Celebrate World Oceans Day at the Ocean Institute

The Ocean Institute will join in the international celebration of World Oceans Day on Saturday and Sunday, June 4 & 5, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. The Institute will offer special activities themed to the day to help visitors learn about beautiful ocean creatures, habitats and our connection to the ocean. Specific activities include a better bag pledge, plankton microscopes, tidepool games, and aBureo Skateboards booth. 

Bureo Skateboards will offer a special presentation on Sunday at 1 p.m. about its activities transforming old fishing nets discarded in our oceans into skateboards. Learn about the process of re-pelletizing fishing net waste off the Chilean coastline and transforming it into the minnow skateboard.

Activities are included with general weekend admission: $10/adult (age 13-54), $7.50 seniors (55+) and children ages 2-12 (members and children under 2 free).

The Ocean Institute is located at 24200 Dana Point Harbor Drive. 

Shaena & Stu 

Have a summer solstice soiree planned!


Saturday, June 18 - 2 to 5 p.m.

Come and enjoy delicious appetizers with your friends and neighbors

And be ready for a few surprises!

The Cliff Restaurant

577 S. Coast Hwy

Police Beat Primer

Compiled by Alli Rael and Stu Saffer

Police Beat derives from information in the log maintained at the front counter by the Laguna Beach Police Department and required under CA Government Code Section 6254 (f). The press does not have access to written police reports.

Information in the police department log is deemed reliable and StuNewsLaguna is not responsible for mistakes made available as public record by
the Laguna Beach Police Department.

Parents with children in school may contact 949-497-1615 to request that their names be omitted from Police Beat. The decision of StuNewsLaguna is final.

Any person arrested is innocent until found guilty in a court of law.

Abbreviations sometimes used in Police Beat

647f – Public Intoxication; DUI – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; NFA – No fixed address; RP – Reporting/Responsible Party; UTL – Unable to locate

Police Beat 052716

Incident Reports

Tuesday, May 24

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Thomas Dylan Richeson, 27, Laguna Beach

Broadway | 300 Block | Theft

10:26 a.m. The RP’s wallet was stolen from his office and his credit cards have been used.

Monday, May 23

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Gregg Newton, 35, No Fixed Address

Forest Avenue & Ocean Avenue | Vehicle Theft

2:15 p.m. A 2008 white Honda CRV that had been parked earlier was missing.

Three Arch Bay (N. Vista De Catalina) | Burglary, residential 

10:28 a.m. Someone entered the RP’s home via an open door at some point over the weekend. A laptop was missing.

Sunday, May 22

Arrests for Being Drunk in Public

Julio Ceser Ortega, 51, Chino Hills

S. Coast Hwy – Three Locations | Counterfeit

6:07 p.m. Two women described as being white and heavy set – one with tattoos – passed and/or attempted to pass bogus $100 bills at three retail locations in a one-hour timeframe.

Cliff Drive | 300 Block | Theft from a Vehicle

10:39 a.m. Various items valued at $100 were taken out of an unlocked vehicle.

This and that around town

From readers and press releases


Bluegrass & Barbecue kicks off summer with Laguna Beach Live! Food, fun, and music for everyone

Laguna Beach Live! will kick off summer with a June 12 bluegrass concert from 3 to 7 p.m. by the acclaimed Sonoran Dogs, seasoned musicians who play traditional bluegrass standards, Americana, folk, and Celtic arrangements, and Laguna’s own Dupp Brothers, who play bluegrass and hillbilly tunes.

Guests are invited to enjoy JM Catering barbecue selections, hearty snacks, salads, wine, and beer amid the canyon oaks at Laguna College of Art + Design, 2222 Laguna Canyon Road, Laguna Beach.

This event always sells out early – tickets are available now…

Click on photo for a larger image


The Sonoran Dogs

The Bluegrass & Barbecue event will be a fun afternoon for all on LCAD’s lovely oak grounds. Concert tickets are $20 for adults in advance, and $25 at the door. Children 12 or younger $10 in advance, or $13 at the door. The barbecue is $20 advance, $25 at the door for adults, and $10 in advance, $12 at the door for children. There is also a gourmet cheese, fruit and charcuterie board: $14 in advance, $15 at the door. VIP tickets are available in advance only, $100 includes reserved table seating, concert and barbecue.

General admission includes seating on a first-come, first-served basis. No outside food or beverages will be permitted.

Tickets are on sale now at or by calling (800) 595-4849.

Parking is available at the Laguna College of Art + Design lots, plus free trolley and parking at ACT V lot from 2:30 – 7:30 p.m. 

For further information call (949) 715-9713

More This and That


Required sports physicals from South Coast Medical at LBHS June 1 & 2

South Coast Medical Group will be sponsoring sports physicals at Laguna Beach High School on Wednesday and Thursday June 1 and 2 from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Cost is $40. South Coast Medical Group will donate $25 of this fee back to LBHS Athletic Boosters. Checks should be made payable to SCMG (South Coast Medical Group). 

Please keep in mind that all students who want to participate in LBHS Athletics are required by CIF to have a sports physical with clearance.

Parents, please do not forget to fill out the sports packet, which can be found on the LBHS website in the “Athletics” icon. The athletic packet cover sheet, athletic clearance form, athletic transportation form, code of ethics – athletes, imPACT consent form, and sports physical screening form all need to be filled out.

If your child is unable to attend this convenient event, they can walk-in to the SCMG office – no appointment necessary – and have the physical done. SCMG will donate $20 of the $40 fee to LBHS. Please specify that you are from LBHS. South Coast Medical Group is located at 5 Journey, Suite 130, Aliso Viejo (next to the AV Library). Hours are Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Sunday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Whale watching cruises aboard The Sea Explorer

The Ocean Institute offers whale watching cruises aboard its 65-foot R/V Sea Explorer. The cruises will give participants an opportunity to see whales, dolphins, fish, sea lions and other wildlife along the Southern California coastline.

Upcoming cruises include:May 28, 29; June 4, 5, 11, 12, 18, 25, 26.  Cruise times are 10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Prices are $45 for adults (18-54), $35 for seniors (age 55 and up) and active duty military, and $25 for children (age 4 to 17).  There is a transaction processing fee for credit card, phone and Internet orders.  

Become an Ocean Institute member and receive a 10% discount.  Information may be obtained by calling the Ocean Institute at (949) 496-2274.  Register online at

24200 Dana Point Harbor Dr., Dana Point.  Phone: (949) 496-2274.

LagunaTunes’ rollicking Rock Through the Ages concert at LBHS Artist’s Theatre on June 12

LagunaTunes Community Chorus will offer a free concert, Rock Through the Ages, at the Laguna Beach High School Artist’s Theatre at 4 p.m. on Sunday June 12.

Rock Through the Ages sends concertgoers on a trip back through six decades of rock and roll, spanning the beginnings of rock to the present day. The concert will feature favorites from artists including Elvis Presley, the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Doobie Brothers, Van Halen, and more.  

These timeless classics should appeal to all ages, recalling fond memories for anyone old enough to remember when they topped the charts.

The 60-member chorus is led by Bob Gunn, the popular director of Orange County’s Men Alive chorus and Laguna’s St. Mary’s Choir. Gunn’s entertaining choral productions are well known throughout Southern California.

LagunaTunes is a 501 (c) (3) organization that provides choral singing for everyone – no auditions needed – and presents two concerts a year. The Festival of the Arts Foundation, the lodging establishments and City of Laguna Beach provide funding. 

For more information, visit or email mailto:

Sawdust Studio Art 

The Sawdust Art Festival, in collaboration with Visit Laguna Beach, offers some exciting new classes to the Award-Winning Sawdust Studio Art Classes’ schedule for 2016.

The year-round art education program includes special classes in glass, fused glass, jewelry and ceramics.

Call 494-3030 for information and to reserve a class.

Students may register for all classes online or by calling 494-3030. 

Visit the website at:


Class Schedules

Friday, May 27

1 p.m.

Oil Painting

2 p.m.

Rolling Mill


Saturday, May 28

10 a.m.


2 p.m.

Two-Hour Ceramics

Fused Glass

Wave Candleholder


Sunday, May 29

2 p.m.

Pendant Set

With David Farris


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