Camp Pinniped kicks off exciting summer season at Pacific Marine Mammal Center on Monday, June 4

Pacific Marine Mammal Center’s Camp Pinniped starts off the summer season on Monday, June 4. This weeklong camp attracts children ages eight to 13 from all over the nation. It’s a perfect experience for budding veterinarians, scientists, and animal lovers. 

The facility offers a unique experience for children to witness a marine mammal hospital in action. Campers learn how the animal care team rehabilitates the seal and sea lion patients through a series of mock activities including weighing fish, preparing fish smoothies, cleaning pens and learning the art of marine mammal rescue. Each day has a different theme in order to provide a well-rounded study of the ocean environment. Each theme is creatively reinforced through games, arts and crafts.

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Campers learn about rescued seals

Young aspiring marine biologists and ocean conversationalists will experience a marine mammal hospital in action. Children will engage in mock rescues and rehabilitation, meal preparation and research and observation of the current real life marine mammal patients. 

This year, the kids will be learning about elephant seals, orcas, sea otters, and oil spill cleanup, in addition to PMMC’s mission of rescue, rehab, release, and research. 

Senior camp counselor, Malena Berndt, started her PMMC journey 12 years ago when she was just eight years old. “I loved camp so much, I never left,” she said as she feeds some animals during her animal care volunteer shift. “This place is magical. It instilled something inside of me that made me want to volunteer, educate and pursue a career in this field.” 

Camp is held Monday through Thursday at PMMC from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Friday is a Beach Day from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m. PMMC does not offer extended day care hours. 

The cost is $350 per camper. Campers may receive a $30 discount to Camp Pinniped if attendee is a Harbor Seal Club Member or above (by using a membership code). Call PMMC’s Membership Coordinator at (949) 494-3050 to verify membership and receive the code. Tuition is non-refundable, unless there is proof of emergency.

Camp Pinniped spots are still available, for schedules and to register, go to

PMMC is located at 20612 Laguna Canyon Rd. For more information, call (949) 494-3050.

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2. David Byrne, Utopia

3. Grateful Dead, Live 1969-1977 

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5. Beach House, 7 

6. Jimi Hendrix, Both Sides of the Sky 

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9. A Perfect Circle, Eat The Elephant 

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Summer Musical Theatre Camp for kids is offered by No Square Theatre

This summer, kids from ages 5 - 18 will have an opportunity for a fun-filled camp at No Square Theatre. The theatre education for kids, Square Roots, includes classes, rehearsals, camp activities, and goodie days while they prepare for the final culmination: a fully staged Broadway style performance on August 4 and 5.

The summer camp is for young people who love to sing, dance and act in a positive and nurturing environment, and is split by age group (ages 5 - 8, 9 - 13, and 14 - 18). Camp runs Monday - Friday, from July 23 - August 3. 

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Summer musical theatre camp at No Square,
July 23 – August 3

Directed by Ella Wyatt and with music directed by David Jayden Anthony, the summer program will be held at the No Square Theatre, located in historic Legion Hall.

Camp registration is open now at

 Volume 10, Issue 41  |  May 22, 2018                                        

Laguna Life And People 071916

Monica Prado is a magician with her mosaic art


Photos by Mary Hurlbut

In 1979, following her high school graduation, Prado, now a successful ceramicist, visited Chinautla, Guatemala. At that point, she hadn’t focused on a particular profession or chosen a college major. She was on a mission as part of a nonprofit group helping to rebuild a washed-out bridge and supply store in one of the poorest areas of the country. 

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Monica works at her booth at the Sawdust

While in Chinautla, Prado became mesmerized by the pottery produced by the villagers, who hauled clay from riverbanks and formed it by hand into bowls and animals and figurines. They had no pottery wheels, no fancy kilns, no special tools, yet many of the designs were reminiscent of the finest Greek designs. 

She was inspired.

At the Sawdust Festival, where she’s been exhibiting her ceramics – featuring fine mosaics with a contemporary color palette – for sixteen years, Prado shows me a one-of-a-kind bowl made for her by a Chinautla villager more than three decades ago. The piece is decorated with grapes and leaves. Nowadays trees and fruit and birds find expression in her serene works of art. 

There’s also a beautifully misshapen turtle that I immediately crave to have as my own. But these are Prado’s muses, not mine or anyone else’s to own: they are palpable and enduring evidence of her long-ago artistic awakening.

Yet that wasn’t obvious to her when she first returned to the States. The desire to become an artist lay dormant while she went to college, where she majored in social anthropology and social work. After graduating from Cal State Long Beach, she pursued a career working for political campaigns that she believed would make the world a better place.

“I still do some consulting work, but I feel so lucky that Laguna is a place that focuses on making it possible for artists to earn an actual living,” Prado says.

Prado has several times visited Europe in search of inspiration “whether it is from the inside of a church or a bank logo,” she notes. 

The influences of Barcelona architect Gaudi and mosaic master Marco de Luca are evident in many of her creations – de Luca, who memorably said, “I want each mosaic to have the maximum liberty to be itself.” 

Similarly, “I don’t start with a theme or idea,” Prado says. “The image evolves.” She points to Spanish Grotto, one of the works hanging in her booth. “That changed time and time again over the last year, only a few weeks ago taking its final form.”

In her work I see a fusing of the visual and the visceral: art that is aesthetically appealing to the senses and also creates some kind of order out of inchoate emotions, leaving the viewer somehow soothed.

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A reflection of Monica’s beautiful ceramic art

Along with creativity, caring remains a consistent thread in Prado’s life. So it is that she provides consulting services to the director of development for the Laguna Community Clinic, which provides continuity of care for many people who would otherwise fall through the cracks in our complex health care system. 

“Within an area of just 5,000 square feet we handle 15,000 patient visits per year,” Prado notes. “Nine exam rooms plus a full laboratory and pharmacy are all located onsite. It’s an ingenious use of a small space.”

James Koch, who is HIV-positive, says of the care, medication and love he received when he needed it, “I want to thank the Clinic and Dr. Korey Jorgensen for giving me the opportunity to grow old.” 

That’s the kind of tribute that gladdens Prado’s heart and makes her work for the Clinic worthwhile.

She is also the president of the Board of Trustees of the Artist Benevolence Fund. The Benevolence Fund got its start in 1987, when a critically ill artist needed financial help, and local artists clubbed together to help him. Since then the fund has helped literally hundreds of artists through difficult times caused by illness or natural catastrophes.

“That’s it, though,” she says of her work in both the profit and nonprofit arena. “I have no desire to be a multitasker. I feel lucky to have such a deep, full life here in this beautiful place.”

Prado loves to hike the Canyon trails or walk along the beach with her brindled Australian cattle dog, Shasta. “On my travels and in nature I soak in the inspiration, and on the beach in Laguna I sort it out,” the Canyon Acres resident says. 

With that, Prado is ready to do business at the booth and we say farewell. 

I drive away, thinking about what Monica told me about her dog, Shasta – how she, the daughter of working dogs, cannot help but follow her instinct and so does her best to herd other dogs at the dog park – just as Monica Prado herself cannot help but create and care, because that’s simply who she is. 

To take a look at Monica’s art, visit her booth at the Sawdust Festival or her website at

Grace Kook-Anderson, former LAM curator, speaks at Laguna Art Museum this Thursday, May 24

This Thursday, May 24 at 6 p.m., Laguna Art Museum presents a lecture by the former LAM curator Grace Kook-Anderson, now the Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Northwest Art at the Portland Art Museum. 

Grace Kook-Anderson oversees the research, documentation, and exhibition of the Museum’s permanent collection of more than 10,000 objects of Northwest art. Kook-Anderson curates the ongoing APEX exhibition series, featuring emerging and established artists of the region, and recently published an essay for Anne Appleby: We Sit Together the Mountain and Me at the Tacoma Art Museum. 

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Grace Kook-Anderson

She most recently taught as an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art at Portland State University. Before joining the Portland Art Museum, she worked as an independent curator and arts writer. 

Art lovers shouldn’t miss this exciting night, as she shares her story.

Advance tickets are recommended. For more information or to reserve a ticket, call (949) 494.8971 x203.

Laguna Art Museum is located at 307 Cliff Dr.

Library Events



Tues, May 22

Crazy 8’s Math Club

3:30 – 4:30 p.m.

Crazy 8’s is a recreational after-school math club that helps kids enjoy the math behind their favorite activities! This is an 8-week program for K-2nd grade. The club will meet once a week for one hour. Space is limited. Pre-registration is required. 


Wed, May 23

Pre-School Playtime

10:30 – 11:30 a.m.

Calling all pre-schoolers and toddlers! You are invited to enjoy our new Wednesday storytime. Stories, songs, fingerplay, dancing and more will encourage a love of books and learning in a fun and interactive environment. Come for the stories and stay for playtime afterward.


Thurs, May 24

Family Storytime

10:30 a.m. – Noon

Welcome to the Peapod Academy. Join some of the cutest babies, toddlers, and preschoolers in town and adults of their choice at the Library. Little peas will enjoy books & storytime, songs & music, fingerplays, movement, hands on activities, arts & crafts, and other cadets. Each week has a different theme. Get to know others and support your little one’s developmental skills. No preregistration required.  

 Laguna Beach Books Bi-weekly Bestsellers



The Only Story by Julian Barnes

Love and Ruin by Paula McLain

The Female Persuasion by Meg Wolitzer



The Plant Messiah by Carlos Magdalena

The Soul of America by John Meacham

Tiger Woods by Jeff Benedict & Armen Keteyian


Children’s Books

The Honeybee by Kristen Hall & Isabelle Arsenault 

Ocean Meets Sky by The Fan Brothers

A Lion is a Lion by Polly Dunbar  

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Staff Recommendation

The Seasons of My Mother by Marcia Gay Harden


1200 S Coast Hwy


Annual Boys and Girls Club Harry Bithell Pancake Breakfast will be held on Saturday, June 9

Saturday, June 9 will mark the fourteenth year the Bluebird Branch of the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach has been open to serve youth members in the community.

In honor of the anniversary, the branch will hold its annual Harry Bithell Pancake Breakfast in beautiful Bluebird Park from 8 to 10:30 a.m., at no cost to the public (donations are always welcome).

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Submitted photo

Last year’s pancake breakfast was a great success

The Club invites residents to come and bring neighbors and friends for a morning of fun, meet the wonderful staff and Boys & Girls Club families, while enjoying a delicious breakfast. Kids will also delight in arts & crafts and park games. Oscar Parra, Branch Director, will host the Saturday morning event. 

“We are thrilled to be serving the community here at Bluebird Park! Our annual Harry Bithell Pancake Breakfast is more than just an anniversary occasion; it’s about celebrating how effectively our programs help children build character, creativity and academic success.” 

Oscar adds, “We would like to thank Harry Bithell, who has been a huge supporter over the years, plus our community partners, donors, and anyone else who has helped sustain Bluebird since the beginning. A special thank you to Las Brisas restaurant, who will be catering this year’s event again.” 

For more information about Bluebird Branch’s 14th Annual Harry Bithell Pancake Breakfast, contact Oscar Parra at (949) 715-3056 or email

For more information on the Boys & Girls Club of Laguna Beach including after school and summer camp programming, contact guest services at (949) 494-2535 or visit

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