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It is our firm intention to run any letter that any Laguna Beach resident writes to us with few exceptions.

If the subject of a letter is not a newsworthy individual, we will not publish a letter with any inkling of a personal attack.

We will not accept letters written about a business either positive or negative. It is much too easy for competitors to “create” letters about another business or
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If a business is newsworthy, it is probable that we will accept such a letter.

Generally, we will only change objectionable language and will leave spelling and grammatical mistakes as they were written.

The best rule of thumb is that the decision of the editor is final. 

Remembering Stu

With Stu’s passing, Laguna’s colors, maroon and white, aren’t quite so bright today. RIP Stu. You made a real difference in town.

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach

Time to get H.E.L.P.?

Laguna has an Environmental Sustainability Committee to advise City Council on issues pertaining to Laguna Beach and its environment, an Urban Planning Coordinating Committee, a Heritage Committee for mostly structural historic preservation and a view Restoration Committee but no HELP… Habitat, Environmental open space, Land acquisition and Preservation committee and we desperately need it!

H.E.L.P. would identify, recommend and secure open space preservation in collaboration with  city departments LBBC, Laguna Canyon Conservancy, Harbors Beaches and parks and other regional, state and federal groups, Sierra Club, etc.

It would include representatives who care about Laguna’s environment and physical features and work with existing groups and the city to target projects.

It would review and recommend restoration, maintenance and scheduling for vegetation, cleanup and mitigation of waste, creek restoration, ensure physical continuity for Laguna’s habitats as well human access routes, review and propose land to be included in open space as well advocate and represent the city coordinating land continuity with adjoining cities.

Your support and consideration for a permanent HELP committee is most welcome and needed.

Thank you for all you do,

Leah Vasquez

Laguna Beach Beautification Council

Hearsay is not evidence

I take exception to anyone making libelous remarks about our President or anyone without any basis in fact.  No evidence has come out that President Trump ever provided highly classified information to the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador during their recent visit to the White House nor whether any such information, if provided, was already allowed by our intelligence community since Russia is one of our allies in the war on terrorism.  The only such reports came from media stories insinuating such.  Hearsay is NOT evidence and no intelligent, adult should be reporting such in a letter to the editor.  A Special Prosecutor has been chosen to investigate allegations of Russian interference in President Trump’s campaign and, until such investigation turns up any evidence, speculation is both premature and immature.

I hope the readers take all this into consideration.  We are a Country of laws and everyone is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Gary Zaremba

Laguna Beach

Draft historic preservation ordinance actually loosens restrictions

Laguna’s historic inventory, professionally developed and officially adopted in 1981, lists properties built before 1940 that had kept their historic value at that time. Since the Inventory was adopted by City Council resolution, it does not lose its validity, but it does need to be culled of properties that no longer possess historic character.  As originally adopted, the inventory was simply an official listing of those properties that, at the request of the property owner, were eligible for inclusion on the city’s historic register. 

Question:  What has changed from 1981 to now?  Answer: California state law.

Without exception, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) now requires local jurisdictions to treat all properties that are 45 years or older as potential historic resources—whether or not they appear on a local inventory.  After official review, being determined to have no significant historic value is the only way for a property to be exempted from provisions that relate to treatment of historic resources.

The current process of revising Laguna’s historic preservation ordinance is designed both to satisfy state law requirements and to make life easier for owners of historic properties.

The ordinance specifies that, whenever allowed under state law, local, more flexible guidelines can be developed for guiding remodels of historic properties that, along with other similar properties, enhance the character of our city and its neighborhoods rather than being individually significant. Laguna has previously had no such guidelines, employing the state and federal standards that are not tailored to local conditions. Far from “tightening” restrictions, the draft ordinance seeks to loosen restrictions that in the past have proven to be problematic. 

In addition, when alterations for remodels or maintenance preserve the character of a historic property, the proposed ordinance offers multiple incentives, including more relaxed development standards than non-historic properties enjoy as well as reduced city fees and opportunities for reduced property taxes. It also provides that the City rather than the property owner will pay for the state-required historic evaluation that potentially historic buildings 45 years or older undergo. 

Far from “tightening” restrictions, the draft ordinance seeks to clarify requirements, loosen restrictions that in the past have proven to be problematic, and provide additional incentives for owners of historic properties. It seeks to balance preservation of Laguna’s historic resources while providing increased flexibility and benefits for property owners. 

Charlotte Masarik

Laguna Beach


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