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It is our firm intention to run any letter that any Laguna Beach resident writes to us with few exceptions.

If the subject of a letter is not a newsworthy individual, we will not publish a letter with any inkling of a personal attack.

We will not accept letters written about a business either positive or negative. It is much too easy for competitors to “create” letters about another business or
to find a person willing to write something nice about their business.

If a business is newsworthy, it is probable that we will accept such a letter.

Generally, we will only change objectionable language and will leave spelling and grammatical mistakes as they were written.

The best rule of thumb is that the decision of the editor is final. 

Win-win situation

It’s April, the month I renew my Laguna Art Museum membership, and I’d like to take this as an opportunity to share with Stu News readers a secret benefit: if you join at the Friend level ($125) or above you not only support LAM and get to attend special events at the museum, but you also become enrolled in the North American Reciprocal Museum Association (NARM). 

So what’s so great about that? It means that for just $125 you get free admission for two people to museums all over the country for an entire year!  My husband and I use this all the time, we just went to Palm Springs Art Museum (I went twice, he went once, savings of $37.50), we use it at the Balboa Park Museums, LA Museums, San Francisco and when we travel out of state. 

If you love art this donation really pays for itself in no time, and you help our local museum out. A no-brainer, but a secret not every one knows about, which is why I am sharing it with Stu News readers.

You can see a pdf of all the participating museums here: 


Hedy Buzan

Laguna Beach

Seniors need housing help

If you want to help a senior and have a room or small apartment to rent, call Martha Hernandez, the Care Manager at the Susi Q Senior Center, 715 8104. Some seniors looking for housing can help with light chores, including gardening, housekeeping, etc. 

Laguna has housing and urban development (HUD) housing. There are two ways to get HUD housing nation-wide. One is to apply for a section eight voucher. This enables the senior to get reduced price housing in any commercial or non-profit buildings associated with HUD but if you apply now, you may have to wait nine years for a voucher. 

The second way is to signup on a waiting list at various locations across the country. Vista Aliso, a 72 apartment complex on Wesley has a waiting list but it is a seven year wait & closed right now. Other complexes may have a shorter waiting list. 

There are seniors seeking housing right now. Some have lived in Laguna off and on for years. Call Ms Hernandez if you can help. 

Roger Carter

Who is the City’s safety officer?

It’s been over a month since the rainstorm eroded this section of Main Beach! What’s the problem? Waiting for some child to fall, get hurt and sue? Where are the priorities? Who’s in charge? Safety should [be] the “Top” of the list.

Danger! Danger! Where is the common sense?

Pat Galez

Laguna Beach


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