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Thanks to Shaena and Lynette

Thank you Shaena for your uplifting words about our beloved Laguna.  Despite the frustration of coming in the canyon at times, paying $50 at Nix for lunch, the noise of construction everywhere, even ‘rudies’ on the back country trails, all this is more than compensated by every word you wrote in this morning’s StuNews… Still grieving for the loss of your beloved Stu every day is all the more remarkable that you are able to reach out to us all with your cheerful upbeat message – Stu would be so proud of you!  Cheers to you ladies. 

Charlotte Masarik

Laguna Beach

Temporary signage on wheels is tacky

If the council wants to eliminate eyesores in the form of portable signs, I’d suggest they start with those large, ugly lighted signs on wheels that are installed at each end of town on PCH (blocking the bike lanes, too).  Unless there is a good reason to have these out (to announce a road closure due to a parade, for example), I’d recommend that they keep these out of sight.  They are really tacky looking and not fitting with our beautiful town’s character. I, for one, don’t have a problem with local businesses displaying temporary signs outside as long as they are tastefully done.

Christobel Selecky

Laguna Beach

Chaotic trolley ride

Yesterday I got on a blue “coastal route” trolley at the bus terminal that stops at all regular stops but ends at Mission Hospital. It was crowded and as is the case with many trolleys, the loudspeaker system didn’t work. I believe the driver announced before leaving that she was going to the hospital and not to the Ritz Carlton, which is one of the most popular destinations since it is adjacent to Salt Creek Park and connects with Dana Point trolleys. If she did make the announcement, because of the crowd and noise, few probably heard her. At Wesley, the last stop the red “limited stop” trolley makes before it stops at Three Arch Bay, (south of the hospital) Crown Valley and the Ritz, our driver again announced to a packed crowd that if anyone wanted to go south of the hospital, they should get off and catch the limited stop trolley. Fifteen people got off the standing room only blue trolley. By the time we got to the hospital, five more riders said they thought the blue trolley went to the Ritz. The driver frantically called a red trolley which was not far behind us and asked if it could pick up the five people at the bus stop across from the hospital.

The speaker systems on the trolleys need to be fixed, especially in light of the changes in trolley destinations and stops. Every day hundreds of people get on a blue or red trolley and are not exactly ready when they find out where it is really going.

The red trolleys have huge graphic signs showing where they make limited stops. The blue trolleys have 9 X 10 announcements in the front and side windows indicating they do not go to the Ritz. At the very least, the drivers deserve to have a public address system that works. 

This would make for a much happier summer for all trolley riders. 

Roger Carter

Laguna Beach

Dennis is on fire

Just had to say Dennis has been on fire of late. Maybe not with his predictions but his columns have been fantastic to read!!

Keep up the great work!!

Wes Correll

Laguna Beach

What Trump and Putin talked about at the G20 summit

I have found that conversations during happy hour at Mozambique, or any other restaurant in town, typically run the gamut from traffic woes in Laguna to how our kids are doing, and from vacation plans this fall to politics.  On this last point, there seems to be quite a bit of interest in the handshake seen ‘round the world last week between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin.  

More to the point, my friends and I want to know what the two talked about in Germany when the cameras were turned off.  Both made some general comments to the press, but that’s about it. That is until now. I haven’t been able to confirm the authenticity of the following exchange between the two world leaders, but I’m relatively confident this is what they said in private.

Donald Trump (DT):  Wonderful to finally meet you, Vladimir. It’s OK to call you that, right?  

Vladimir Putin (VP):  Yes, so nice to meet you too, Donald. Is your wife with you in Hamburg?

DT:  Melania is off with the wives of the other G20 leaders now. Would you like to meet her later?

VP:  You betcha I would. So, tell me this:  How did we do last November?  If it hadn’t been for my hackers, I doubt you would have won the election.

DT:  It was close. I wasn’t sure your people were going to come through for me or not. Thankfully they did.

VP:  I’m so glad it worked out.  I wouldn’t have liked it much having to meet with Hillary Clinton this week.

DT:  Now there’s something we both agree on one hundred and ten percent.  She wouldn’t know how to make America great again if her life depended on it.

VP:  I know. I know. In my country, I’m the only one who knows how to make Russia great.

DT:  Which reminds me. The United States Senate may have to slap additional sanctions on you.

VP:  Are you kidding to me  I thought we had all this worked out during the campaign. Nyet!  I won’t stand for it.

DT:   You’re right. You and I did have an understanding, but I’m not the only one who has a voice in this matter.

VP:  That is ... how you say ... BS.  Are you telling me you can’t fix this?

DT:  I’m clearly indebted to you, but no. I can’t just wave a magic wand and make the sanctions go away.

VP:  Listen to me very closely, Donald. You either convince Congress to turn the other cheek, or I’ll make sure no one gets reelected.

DT:  You mean rig the 2018 elections?

VP:  Ha!  Russian hackers already are working on ‘18.  No, I mean the 2020 election.

DT:  Just so I’m clear, you’re prepared to work against my friends and me three years from now?

VP:  If Jeff Bezos and Amazon can buy Whole Foods for nearly $14 billion, I figure I can buy an entire election for half that.

After a long, awkward pause in the conversation, Melania Trump enters the room.

DT:  Oh, look who’s here.  Melania, I’d like you to meet Vladimir Putin.  He’s been asking about you.

VP:  So very nice to meet you.  Your husband and I were just talking about shopping.  

DT:  It’s a long story, dear. I’ll tell you about it later. Vladimir, I’ll be in touch soon. Do you like to tweet?

Denny Freidenrich

Laguna Beach


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