A Valentine to the community from the Laguna Beach Garden Club

February is the perfect month for the Laguna Beach Garden Club (LBGC) to launch its “Love Letter” to Laguna Beach with the creation of a beautiful mural titled “For the Good of the Hive®” by artist Matt Willey, at the Laguna Beach County Water District Building on Third Street.

The Laguna Beach Garden Club board of directors has been working on this project for more than a year and it is finally becoming a reality.

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Photos courtesy of LBGC

One of Matt Willey’s creations

Willey’s mission is to ignite radical curiosity and active engagement around planetary health issues through art, bees and storytelling. Willey states that healing the planet is a marathon, not a sprint. Eight years into an estimated 21-year project, Willey has created 48 murals and installations around the world with more than 10,000 hand-painted bees.

Preparation for the mural began two weeks ago with the refurbishment of the planter in front of the south, street facing wall near the gated entrance to the Laguna Beach County Water District on Third Street. Honeycomb-shaped pavers engraved with inspirational phrases encourage us to remember that we are a world filled with people who see and experience the beauty and connectedness of all things.

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Willey interacts with kids as he’s painting a mural

The kickoff will be on February 9 when Willey, founder of “The Good of the Hive®” arrives in town to begin transforming the wall into a beautiful work of art.

In celebration of the Garden Club members’ efforts, there will be a private party at the newly renovated Rivian Theater on Friday, Feb. 16. The Laguna Beach County Water District and Rivian have graciously partnered with the Garden Club to make this celebration possible, giving Willey the opportunity to share his work from around the world.

The public is encouraged to visit the wall at the Laguna Beach County Water District while Willey is painting and give him a warm Laguna Beach welcome. Docents will be available on site to give details regarding the importance of bees to all of us.

For more information about the Laguna Beach Garden Club, visit www.lagunabeachgardenclub.org.

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