Adam Neeley introduces Gorgeous Little Things and announces new educational programming in collaboration with LAM

High Jeweler Adam Neeley is thrilled to announce the founding of Gorgeous Little Things (GLT), a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching children and preserving the appreciation of minerals, gemstones and contemporary jewelry. In celebration of the designer’s 25th anniversary, and as a nod to his mother’s tireless dedication to teaching, Neeley was inspired to give back to his community, and particularly its underserved youth, by offering educational tools intended to inspire the next generation of gem and jewelry aficionados. The organization’s debut comes on the heels of a successful opening of Modern Alchemy, the first decorative arts exhibition to be featured at Laguna Art Museum. Neeley and Laguna Art Museum have united to create educational programming through Gorgeous Little Things that will be implemented on-site as well as in local – and eventually national – K-12 school curricula.

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Oceanview Mine, Art Access, June 8

Current programming includes, in collaboration with Laguna Art Museum, a sponsored Art Access: Dig for Gems with Adam Neeley at the Oceanview Mine on Saturday, June 8. This trip is suitable for ages 8 and up. For tickets and details, visit

At Gorgeous Little Things, they envision a world where the wonders of minerals, gemstones and contemporary jewelry are not only appreciated but celebrated as a vital part of our cultural and scientific heritage.

Their mission is to create impactful educational programs that transcend traditional boundaries, bringing joy and enlightenment to museums, galleries and facilities dedicated to the preservation and teaching of these precious treasures.

By fostering a deep understanding and appreciation for Earth’s geological marvels and the artistic expressions of contemporary jewelry, they aim to inspire a sense of fascination in visitors of all ages.

Through their collaborative efforts with these institutions, they aspire to create immersive experiences that not only educate but also ignite a lifelong passion for the beauty and significance inherent in minerals, gemstones and the artistry of contemporary jewelry.

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Adam Neeley, age 16, Colorado mountains

According to Neeley, “My mother was a teacher throughout her life, and instilled in me the value of education. It is in her honor that we created Gorgeous Little Things. I look forward to sharing our mission, and showcasing the magical world of gemstones, minerals and jewelry to our community and beyond.”

Educational Programs

Support for Communities: Museum, gallery and facility exhibitions are curated to serve as immersive learning experiences, inviting visitors into the enchanting realm of Earth’s treasures and the artistry of contemporary jewelry.

Continuing Education: An educational blog serves as a virtual classroom, where readers can embark on a continuous discovery of gemstone and mineral science, the history of adornment and contemporary jewelry artistry.

Materials for Learning: Through GLT’s online educational resource, K-12 teachers are empowered with comprehensive lesson plans that seamlessly integrate into classroom curricula, providing both in-classroom knowledge and in-person reinforcement of Common Core requirements using NGSS (Next Generation Science Standards).

GLT partnership with LAM: Modern Alchemy Exhibition

GLT designed, manufactured and donated the display cases to provide LAM with the capability of creating future decorative arts exhibits.

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Collecting gems

In addition to showcasing Neeley as an artist, the exhibition was created in collaboration with curator Tim Adams, to include educational components: “STEAM,” an educational discipline that combines science, technology, engineering, the arts and mathematics.

STEAM Components of Modern Alchemy Exhibition

–U.S. mining and ethical practices

–Gemstone cutting/lapidary arts

–Step by step: design, execution and finished jewelry

–Gold alloying/fabrication process

–Classroom curriculum: provided by LAM education coordinator

–After school programs: provided by LAM education coordinator

–School Tours: LAM received a grant to bring in Title 1 school children into the museum. To date, more than 30 schools and more than 1,700 children have been bussed in to see the exhibition.

For more than 25 years, California-based jewelry designer, gemologist and goldsmith, Neeley has established a reputation for crafting jewelry of unparalleled artistry and design. Neeley’s innovative spirit and fiery creativity, combined with technical mastery, has garnered numerous major design awards as well as the attention of museums and elite collectors. Visit to learn more.

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