An exhibit within an exhibit – CAP at the Susi Q

By M. “Charlie” Ferrazzi

Take a break and visit Visual Creations at the Susi Q – a double header of an exhibit that will only be around till July 10.

A collaboration of Community Art Project (CAP) and Gallery Q at the Susi Q Center, brings together a selection of work by seven artists in a variety of subjects, styles and mediums, juried by CAP, to participate in Gallery Q’s current exhibit.

A unique part of the exhibit is CAP’s exhibit within the full exhibit. The juried works of Kate Carmell, Jill Cooper, Phyllis Edmonds-Themis, Veronica Gray, Christine Sullivan, Mike Tauber and Karen Wiechert are displayed in the library.

Kate Carmell, a plein air painter with the beach as her love, is also exploring abstract style and the use of color. “Painting the beautiful coastlines in Laguna Beach has been the main inspiration for my paintings, until last year when I decided to spread my wings and paint abstracts. They offer me a new freedom of artistic expression.” Examples of both styles are on display.

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Courtesy of Jill Cooper

Jill Cooper, “Morning Foliage”

Jill Cooper’s subject is also nature, but instead of brush and paint, she uses glass, fused in a kiln, to create her images. Stand alone, or back lit, the pieces take you to the beauty of the outdoors. “All my fused glass art is constructed of cut glass, layered in a design and fired in a kiln. This makes each one a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art.”

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Courtesy of Phyllis Edmonds-Themis

Phyllis Edmonds-Themis, “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay”

Phyllis Edmonds-Themis is another plein air painter with a love of the ocean. Be it one of the coves of Treasure Island or enjoying lunch under an umbrella on a dock, her rich colors and light show her appreciation of the subject.

Veronica Gray composes her work through the lens of her digital camera. “In my exploration of impressionistic ‘scapes,’ I embark on a visual journey to capture my love of nature and the interplay of light, color and texture. I invite the viewer to immerse themselves in the   poetic ambiguity of my impressionistic perspective.”

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Courtesy of Christine Sullivan

Christine Sullivan, “Storm Surge”

Christine Sullivan is a watercolorist and mixed media artist, who combines watercolor, textured papers, and ink to create her two-dimensional and three-dimensional works of nature. Bright sunlight in Sherman Gardens or the strength of waves crashing against the coast, become alive in the mix of color, texture and line.

Mike Tauber’s tile works are well known in Laguna Beach. “They look like classic oil paintings, but they’re done in ceramic tile. I just like the medium because of the way it looks. I lay it on really thick, so it has a very rich, glossy texture when they’re fired.” Views of Newport Beach’s Back Bay and Laguna Beach’s Treasure Island are the subjects of his works.

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Courtesy of Karen Wiechert

Karen Wiechert, “Moss Rose”

Karen Wiechert is familiar with many art styles and movements, and experimented with watercolor and collage. She is most interested in representational painting and oil on canvas as her preferred medium. In her current floral works she shows the richness of oils in her small close-up Moss Rose, and yet there is delicateness in a spray of white anemones as they burst across the canvas.

CAP’s mission is to increase the visibility and appreciation of art and serve as a catalyst for art education. Visit for information about ongoing or upcoming exhibits, to be on the e-mail list, or to become a member and support of CAP. CAP is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit funded by the member supporters, the Festival of Arts Foundation, the lodging establishments and the City of Laguna Beach.

Gallery Q at the Susi Q Center, 380 Third St., Laguna Beach and is open Monday through Friday 9 a.m.-5 p.m.

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