Assemblymember Dixon introduces affordability package

Assemblymember Diane Dixon (R-Newport Beach) introduces legislation addressing affordability.

“Californians are feeling the squeeze of high taxes, high inflation and the high cost of regulations,” said Assemblymember Dixon. “These issues affect real, hardworking people and small business owners in our state, and I want to address them.”

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Courtesy of Diane Dixon

Assemblymember Diane Dixon

Assembly Bill 2274 will create a Back-to-School Tax Holiday to allow for school supplies, bought in the third weekend of July, to be exempt from California State sales tax. This is intended to combat the high cost of living in California for our young citizens and low-income families and to help ensure student success.

“Our students are the future of California. We need to set them up for success in any way that we can. High inflation should not impact the ability for students to afford necessary supplies. AB 2274 will prioritize students in California.”

Assembly Bill 2626, brought to the Assemblymember by the City of Seal Beach, will extend the deadline given to local governments by 10 years to transition their “specialized fleet vehicles” to zero emission vehicles. This bill intends to exempt small cities from state enforcement regarding violations of this policy occurring before January 1, 2025, in order to support efforts towards keeping transportation costs low.

“It is crucial to extend this deadline for local communities as the pathway to such transformation is still very unclear. With a lack of available technology and funds, it is important that we support local governments through this transition by providing further extensions. They should not be penalized for unforeseen challenges of limited infrastructure needed to adapt to new technologies.”

Assembly Bill 2912 calls for transparency in the California Energy Commission regarding gasoline prices. This bill will require monthly online updates about the effectiveness of SB X1-2, which was passed with the purpose of capping oil refinery profits. This report will include information on the differences between the national average and California gasoline prices.

“As Californians face an affordability crisis and increasing prices at the pump, solutions need to be transparent. Promoting accountability and allowing residents to see whether SB X1-2 has truly lowered gasoline costs will benefit all.”

Assembly Bill 3153 implements a 15-year extension, specific to the Balboa Island Ferry (BIF), to the deadline requiring the electric motor modification of local ferries. Currently, the ferry is working to obtain funding through various grant programs to assist them in electrifying their fleet. It is anticipated to take millions of dollars to update the fleet. Ensuring the ferry can continue to operate a low-cost way for people to travel 800 feet across the harbor, instead of driving six miles via local streets, is essential.

“The ferry is a small, family-run business that has been operating out of Newport Beach for more than a century,” said Dixon. “It would be devastating if the ferry were to close due to these regulations. In fact, local business owners and citizens would face challenges as transportation becomes less accessible and more expensive. I am doing everything I can to support the ferry with their grant process and have introduced this legislation to ensure there is a back-up plan if the grant timing is inadequate.”

During the 2024 Legislative Session, Assemblymember Dixon will continue to push to make California more affordable for everyone.

Assemblymember Diane Dixon, R-Newport Beach, is a pragmatic businesswoman and former mayor, who represents the 72nd Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Laguna Beach, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Laguna Woods and Lake Forest.

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