City of LB Tenancy Termination Ordinance now in effect: Community Workshop to be held June 18

The City of Laguna Beach has announced the adoption of Ordinance No. 1696, which establishes new notice and reporting requirements for tenant evictions, effective as of April 12, 2024. This ordinance is designed to enhance transparency and compliance with state laws, particularly Assembly Bill 1482 and Senate Bill 567.

Key Provisions of the Ordinance:

1. Submission of Eviction Notices: Property owners and landlords must submit a copy of any notice to terminate tenancy to the City of Laguna Beach within three calendar days of issuing an eviction notice to a tenant. This requirement aims to ensure that the city is informed of all eviction notices, promoting accountability and adherence to legal standards.

2. Consequences for Non-Compliance: Failure to submit the required notice will serve as an affirmative defense in unlawful detainer actions and may result in the city withholding building permit inspections for substantial remodels. This measure is intended to enforce compliance and protect tenant rights.

3. Tenant Access to Information: Tenants can use the Tenancy Termination Notice portal to verify that their property owner or landlord has submitted the necessary eviction notice. This portal provides tenants with the assurance that their eviction process is being monitored for legal compliance.

4. Demolition and Substantial Remodels: Property owners must provide detailed information to tenants regarding any intended demolitions or substantial remodels. This includes the scope of work, estimated duration, and relevant permits or contracts. Such transparency helps tenants understand their rights and the timeline of any significant property changes.

Resources and Support: For more information on state laws governing evictions and rent rates, tenants and landlords are encouraged to visit the following resources:

Consumer Alert from the California Office of the Attorney General

The California Office of the Attorney General’s webpage for Landlord-Tenant Issues

Tenant Protections website

Legal aid may be available through organizations such as Community Legal Aid So Cal and Seaside Legal Services, offering support to those who cannot afford counsel.

“With this ordinance, we are taking a decisive step toward greater fairness and transparency in our housing practices,” said Mayor Sue Kempf. “Our goal is to uphold the rights of tenants while ensuring that property owners adhere to clear and consistent standards. This ordinance reflects our commitment to creating a balanced and just community for all Laguna Beach residents.”

“This ordinance adds important safeguards protecting the rights of tenants and ensuring transparency in the eviction process,” said Councilmember Bob Whalen, who spearheaded the effort. “By requiring timely submission of eviction notices and providing tenants with access to critical information, we are fostering a more equitable and accountable housing environment in Laguna Beach. Our community deserves to be informed and supported, and this ordinance is a crucial step in that direction.”

An upcoming community workshop will be held in-person on Tuesday, June 18 to provide an overview of the new ordinance with the community.

If you’re going:

What: Community Workshop on Tenancy Termination Ordinance

When:  Tuesday, June 18 from 3-4 p.m.

Where: City Council Chambers – 505 Forest Ave., Laguna Beach

For further details and to access the Tenancy Termination Notice portal, visit the City of Laguna Beach website here.

For more information, contact Jennifer Savage, housing program coordinator at 949.715.1141, or

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