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Laguna Beach High School’s Girls Water Polo begins the playoffs this Thursday in the very competitive Open Division

The regular season of winter sports culminated last week up at the high school, meaning it’s now time for playoff action. One sport that Laguna Beach always seems to be strong in is water polo…in this case, Girls Water Polo.

This Thursday, Feb. 8, our girls will play at Mater Dei beginning at 6 p.m. As you might imagine, this one is big. Mater Dei is 22-4 on the season and finished second in the Trinity League. The Breakers were 16-11 and finished second in the always difficult Surf League.

Both teams are competing in the highest Open Division.

Fortunately, one of the nation’s top players, junior Presley Jones, stars for Laguna Beach, and she told us here at Stu News that the team “would love to get the community support out for the contest.”

So, how about it? Let’s do it!

• • •

My apologies to our good friends at the Laguna Beach PD. In my haste to get a last-minute story in Friday’s edition of Stu News Laguna concerning some major police activity earlier last week, I wrote a headline saying they arrested a man for allegedly brandishing a “laser.”

Well, an all-out police hunt, including the helicopter wouldn’t have been called in, most likely, just for a laser.

It was, in fact, organized because a man was allegedly brandishing a “taser” that was very disconcerting and potentially dangerous to anyone he would’ve encountered. Although the story developed in plenty of time to compile the original story, the identity of the suspect and the charges were finally reported late and the error subsequently happened during that effort.

I apologize to the chief and his staff for the error.

• • •

The 57th Annual Laguna Beach Patriots Day Parade is taking shape. Last week the parade order assignments went out. Stu News got position 42.

My hope is that you’re joining in, either by participating with your own entry or with a plan to enjoy all the entries with a perfect perch along the side of the parade route.

The day’s theme is “Laguna Heritage.” The only qualifier is “this is a PATRIOTIC EVENT and organizers suggest an authentic United States flag or red, white and blue in or on your entry; no altered U.S. flags are allowed.”

It’s scheduled for 11 a.m. on Saturday, March 2.

See you there!

• • •

Last year about this time we told you about a desert exhibition put on display by former Laguna Beach City Councilmember Peter Blake. Well, he’s back at it with Blakehaus Palm Springs 2024, where he’s combined the “intersection of art, design and architecture at the Wexler Steel House in Palm Springs.

This new exhibition of modern and contemporary art and design opens this Saturday, Feb. 10 and will be on view through Feb. 24.

The iconic Steel House was originally designed by renowned Mid-Century modern architect Donald Wexler.

Click on photo for a larger image

Submitted photo

Former City Councilmember Peter Blake is displaying his latest modern and contemporary design exhibition this month in Palm Springs

To schedule a viewing, go here.

Should you have any inquires, please direct them to info@peterblakegallery.com.

• • •

Feel like some music? The 22nd Annual Laguna Beach Music Festival, in collaboration with the Philharmonic Society of Orange County, comes to town February 14-18.

The festival is a multi-day series of classical and contemporary concerts, community outreach programs and dynamic special events.

Some of the highlights include Friday, Feb. 16, with the Prelude Soirée featuring an exclusive evening with one of the world’s most esteemed violinists, Anne Akiko Meyers. Then, Saturday, Feb. 17 features the Plein Air Art and Music from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. in Heisler Park.

And there’s so much more.

For more information on all of the programming, go here.

• • •

And while we’re on the subject of music, don’t forget Live! Music Matters every Tuesday at 11:30 a.m. at the Laguna Beach Library.

The program is a free and is an interactive activity for kids ages up to 6. Musician Zach Churchill leads the program that involves singing, dancing and some friendly child percussion opportunities joining in.

Check it out.

• • •

Remember not too long ago when people said, “it’s supposed to rain” and our often common reply was “we can sure use it!” Are you like me, longing for those times again?

I’m supposed to play in a golf tournament in the desert this Saturday and getting any practice in between now and then is going to be difficult…or at least, very wet…and yes, the greens will be slow.

Here’s the good news…the roof over my head currently isn’t leaking.

So, what’s next on the storm front?

The hour-by-hour forecast on Weather.com shows rain virtually every hour through late morning tomorrow. Then, it turns to some sun, with morning showers forecasted in again for Friday morning, before a sunny Saturday and then a week of partly cloudy conditions before, yes, some rain returns late in the month.

Please understand, I’m no weather prognosticator…I’m just reading and guessing like the rest of them.

Stay dry.

• • •

Finally, under the “did you know and do you care file,” this caught my attention. Why, I don’t know.

The OC Fairgrounds up in Costa Mesa just released their What’s Happening in February update and one item was a “Centennial Farm Workshop: Backyard bantams – Your guide to urban chicken keeping.”

“Chicken keeping?” Who knew?

It’s planned for Saturday, Feb. 24, from 10 a.m.-12 p.m.

But first, is “chicken keeping” even legal in Laguna Beach?

The short answer is “yes,” but there are guidelines that are enforced.

In the city, under the Code of Ordinances/Animals, Chapter 6.20 – Livestock and Poultry, it reads that “No person shall keep or maintain, or cause to be kept or maintained, within the corporate city limits any poultry or rabbits, except under the following conditions:

1. Such poultry and animals shall, under no circumstances, be permitted to run at large, but shall be at all times confined within a suitable house or coop with enclosed runway.

2. Such house or coop runway shall, at all times, be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.

3. So, forget a dog…forget a cat…how about getting the kids some chickens? Just think, fresh eggs every morning.

4. And, of course, they’ll get up early to collect the eggs…right?

5. Okay, probably wrong.

6. Here’s what you need to know: Bantams are “petite and charming chickens, or so they say, which are also prolific egg producers.”

It might be something to consider.

Just don’t get a rooster, or something tells me the neighbors will hate you every morning at daybreak.

Better yet, here’s my idea for enjoying chickens: Serve them under glass with a nice white wine, mushroom and caper sauce, and perhaps a side of rice.

In other words, no chickens in the yard.

Cluck, cluck.

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