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After being found and rescued by LBFD from behind a retaining wall, Scruffy subsequently succumbs

Today, I have some sad news to share. Remember Scruffy, the cute, little, ragged pooch we announced on Tuesday that had been found behind a retaining wall? Well, I’m sad to report that Scruffy didn’t make it.

I know, grab the tissue…I did.

A city spokesperson notified Stu News Laguna last evening (Thursday, Feb. 8) letting us know that Scruffy passed away shortly after being taken to the vet after being recovered.

Here’s the full account: Initially, LBFD/LBPD dispatchers were walking into work and heard the sounds of a weeping animal coming from behind a nearby retaining wall.

Laguna Beach Fire was called to investigate, and they found a dog caught between the wall and the hillside behind it. They named him Scruffy, and judging by the picture, they were spot-on!

Once located, LBFD “quickly rescued” Scruffy to remove him from danger. There were no reported injuries and Scruffy was handed over to the Laguna Beach Animal Services for further care.

However, he subsequently died.

The city has no further details on the cause.

The Scruffy story appeared to take a life of its own around town after it became public, and was then read and shared by many.

It’s a sad outcome to what seemed like a wonderful story with a beautiful ending.

Click on photo for a larger image

Courtesy of LBFD Instagram page

Scruffy after originally being rescued with Laguna Beach Firefighter Seager

• • •

City Council meets again Tuesday, Feb. 13 with a 4 p.m. Closed Session, and a hybrid virtual/in-person Regular Meeting at 5 p.m.

The Consent Calendar includes recommendations appointing Mayor Sue Kempf and Councilmember Mark Orgill as the City Ad Hoc Committee for the Promenade of Forest Project, and then followed by clarification of what their work will entail.

There will also be a recap summary of the recent 2024 Annual City Planning Workshop.

Regular Business follows and includes interviews and appointments for committees and boards including View Restoration; Heritage; Design Review; Parking, Traffic & Circulation; Environmental Sustainability and Recreation.

Also under Regular Business is the recommendation of selecting a consultant to develop a comprehensive Facility Master Plan; and a risk assessment presentation on a lemon-scented gum tree 387 El Camino del Mar and recommendation for the tree.

Then Council will move to Public Hearings. First up is an appeal of a Design Review approval related to a 7,584-sq.-ft. R-1 residence located at 31451 Coast Highway (item continued from December 12, 2023); then following is an appeal of an approval for a CUP permitting a tattoo body art service at an existing art gallery located at 618 South Coast Highway.

Adjournment is then scheduled.

However, one other item that is floating out there is the appointment of the next City Manager. Several weekends ago, staff reportedly met with final candidates. Assuming a candidate was selected and a compensation package was presented that was then accepted, an announcement and introduction could come soon…perhaps even Tuesday?

Your guess is as good as mine.

• • •

We got a note from representatives of Laguna Beach FC earlier this week telling us about their plans to launch two new local athletic programs.

To avoid any confusion, “FC” is commonly used and stands for “football club”…but no, not the kind we’re all waiting to see this Sunday in the Super Bowl. Laguna Beach FC is all related to soccer…a sport that is commonly referred to as football anyplace outside the U.S.

The two new soccer training programs Laguna Beach FC is offering for 2024 are Futsal, a Friday night program for kids from 7-13, and a Spring Rec league.

First, Futsal. It’s “a fast-paced, indoor soccer game, played in a confined space, to reduce time and increase pressure. As a result of this training environment, it requires faster decision-making and ball control, with fast footwork to keep possession. This improves technical development, as well as being physically demanding and great fun.”

Futsal just began last Friday, but don’t worry there’s still an opportunity for everyone interested. Futsal is broken into two sessions, one running all Fridays up through February 23. The program is $70/month or just a drop-in for $20.

For kids born from 2014 through 2016, the session is from 4-5 p.m. Kids born 2011 through 2013 follow from 5-6 p.m.

Session 2 then follows from March 1-23; with Session 3 going from April 5 through 26.

Action takes place at the Laguna Beach Rec Center, 30516 Coast Highway.

For the Spring Rec league, it runs March 16 through May 11, for both boys and girls born 2012-2016. It’s an eight-week intro to soccer, which includes weekly training and games with LBFC coaches, and an end of season “World Cup” Tournament.

The price is $350 which includes a training tee and a tournament jersey. Play is on Saturdays from 10:30 a.m.-12 p.m.

For more info on all of the above, go to www.lagunabeachfc.com/events, or email LBFC Director of Coaching Andy Thomas at allenglandsoccer@msn.com.

• • •

Don’t forget, it’s nearing California Cool time in Laguna Beach. The California Cool Art Auction, hosted by Laguna Art Museum, opens for bidding online beginning next Friday, Feb. 16.

For the auction, LAM has curated artwork in collaboration with Southern California’s most notable artists. You may begin perusing some 125 high-quality artworks now, with bidding beginning next week. The online auction then runs until concluding on March 4.

Guests are also invited to enjoy cocktails, appetizers and entertainment on March 2 at 6:30 p.m., when an additional live auction will be added to the mix.

All funds raised go to the funding of LAM’s recognized arts education programming.

For more info, including tickets to the March 2 evening, go to https://lagunaartmuseum.org.

• • •

Perhaps it’s the gift of a future date you buy for Valentine’s Day. Pageant of the Masters is offering 20% off on tickets for this upcoming summer’s run, with performances nightly, from July 6 through August 30.

To order, go to www.pageanttickets.com and use promo code VDAY24. A $10 per ticket service charge applies to all orders and excludes loge center and premium-priced tickets.

Offer expires February 14, 2024.

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