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Questionable weather forecast cancels 2024 Patriots Day Parade

The 2024 Patriots Day Parade has been canceled tomorrow (Saturday, March 2) because of anticipated rainfall during parade time.

According to Sandi Werthe, representing the Parade’s committee officers, “(We) have decided that it is best to cancel our March 2 parade because of the threat of rain.

“We are heartbroken that the step was necessary after six months planning, but feel that for the safety of our entries and all concerned, it is the best possible decision.”

The parade is canceled and not expected to be rescheduled. The parade is expected to return in 2025.

Parade programs prepared prior to cancellation are available by emailing shworthy@cox.net.

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Today in Stu News Laguna you’ll find a new feature titled Fair Game Laguna Beach, a podcast interview spinoff from my column between Mayor Sue Kempf and me.

The idea for the program was developed to overcome occasional difficulties in putting thoughts into simply printed words, which can differ from when feelings and emotions are added in through voice.

The Mayor and I plan to meet weekly to further connect with the community on a variety of subjects.

There are many exciting times ahead.

The finished podcast can be viewed below in Stu News Laguna, on the city’s YouTube channel and through a Nixl distribution.

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So, yesterday was the Leap Day of Leap Year. Of course, it’s the 29th day of February every four years. Do you have any reason as to why we do this?

Well, here are some multiple choice answers to choose from: 1) it’s so we can make fun of people born on that day that they’re only 10 years old after 40 years of life; 2) because calendars were incorrectly printed a number of years ago and they’re still trying to get rid of them all; 3) it’s done to keep the months in sync with annual events, including equinoxes and solstices; it’s a correction to counter the fact that the Earth’s orbit isn’t precisely 365 days a year.

Okay, if you answered either 1 or 2, shame on you! Never ever question your children again as to whether or not they’ve done their homework!

Yes, it’s the correction, number 3, of what I mentioned above.

It was probably best said by one Younas Khan, a physics instructor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in a recent U.S. News & World Report article on the subject of Leap Year.

“Without the leap years, after a few hundred years we will have summer in November. Christmas will be in summer. There will be no snow. There will be no feeling of Christmas.”

This isn’t just something we recently figured out, mind you. No, it was discovered way back in ancient times when the Julian calendar hung on the ruin walls.

The extra day has been accounted for in one fashion or another since way back then.

According to one Nick Eakes, an astronomy educator at the Morehead Planetarium and Science Center at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, the solar year is precisely 365.242 days.

So there’s truly no perfect solution by just adding a quarter of a day every year to equal the full day after four years. It’s still slightly short.

But, don’t ask questions, just go with it. And still laugh at those people mentioned above that are only 10 after 40 years.

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We recently teed up a story about the Laguna Beach High School Rugby Club team and their quest to defend their SoCal championship. So, how did they do?

Well, it was a full day of action down at JSerra. Laguna Beach rolled early winning two Pool Games, edging Santa Fe Christian, 14-12, then defeating JSerra, 28-7.

Next, it was on to the semifinals where they lost to the eventual champion St. Anthony squad, 19-12, before finishing up by beating Francis Parker, 26-14, in the third place final.

Not what they set their sights on, but still a great effort.

Again, this is just a club sport, but action doesn’t stop. Next up they head to Tampa Bay for a two-day tournament where many of the country’s top academies will attend, including additional teams from Canada and New Zealand.

The matches will be held on March 29 and 30.

Submitted photo

Teams from Tahiti and Laguna Beach line up opposite each other at the center of Guyer Field to begin play in a “friendly” match

Laguna Beach also recently hosted what’s termed a “friendly” with the Papeetee Rugby Club from Tahiti. The event took place on Guyer Field.

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The big weekend conclusion to Laguna Art Museum’s California Cool Art Auction + Benefit + Bash comes tomorrow night (March 2).

Still, whether you’re attending the big event or not, you may still get in on the bidding for 120 world-class artworks vetted for art buyers of all experience levels and tastes. Here’s how to bid:

The first way is to attend the live event at LAM. That also affords you the opportunity to bid on even more exclusive artworks during their silent auction.

But, if you can’t make it, or don’t have a ticket, venture onto artsy.net and view, then bid on all pieces until Monday, March 4.

The important part to remember is the entire effort is done to support LAM and the programs they offer.

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