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Local singer-songwriter travels to Israel to try and raise spirits in difficult times

Jason Feddy is a singer-songwriter-entertainer who can be regularly seen around town sharing his music. Afterall, he’s no stranger to such places as the Laguna Beach Festival of Arts, the Sawdust Arts Festival, The Ranch at Laguna Beach, The Seahorse Bar at Pearl Street General, the Laguna Playhouse and the Forest Avenue Promenade.

But currently, Jason is underway proudly performing elsewhere. He has embarked on his second self-funded musical trip to Israel over the last three months, according to The Jewish Chronicle.

He is playing 12 concerts in two weeks, “performing at hotels and venues in Netanya, Haifa, Tel Aviv and at an army base.”

His goal is to entertain and raise the spirits of the soldiers and evacuees.

According to the Chronicle, Jason said, “It’s fun. I make silly jokes and try and tell jokes in Hebrew. It seems trivial, but it’s part of the makeup of how we’re going to get through this. This is what I call my tribute to my fellow human being.”

During a similar trip several months back, Jason added a response to some local stories of the atrocities he’s heard, “Really incredibly traumatic stuff – cars being shot through the window, crashing – and yet these people want to sing. I believe that music has some power, but you can’t prove it until something like that happens.”

Jason locally works with a Jewish organization, the Jewish Collaborative of Orange County, which has set up a webpage to enable people to donate to various Israeli charities.

Thank you Jason for your courage in bringing some comfort to those who are struggling.

Courtesy of Jason Feddy

Jason Feddy

• • •

Last week, the Laguna Beach City Council passed an urgent ordinance to regulate residential development in line with California SB 9 which adds potential parcel developments to lots and moves toward attaining required Regional Housing Assessment Needs allocations forced on cities by the state. They also introduced changes and amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and Local Coastal Program (LCP).

According to the city, “the revised SB 9 LCP amendment will be reviewed for adoption at the March 12 meeting. This urgency ordinance ensures enforceable development standards for SB 9 projects while awaiting review by the California Coastal Commission. Once the revised SB 9 LCP Amendment is in effect, the urgency ordinance will end and regulations for SB 9 projects will follow the amended LCP.

Also last Tuesday, council agreed to move forward on a contract with Community Works Design Group LLC to further develop and finalize a citywide Playground Master Plan.

The expected 18-month timeline before it returns to council for final approval will include community outreach, benchmarks and program evaluation, and capital improvement planning for the nine park sites involved.

Council is also planning to consider a Public Art Program Ordinance that would update sections of the municipal code to match revisions outlined in the Public Art Program Policy.

The policy is aimed to modernize guidelines to serve as a resource for artists, stakeholders and the public, reflecting industry best practices.

The next City Council meeting will be March 12 at 5 p.m. and is expected to include a potentially controversial discussion of a community pool and how it will integrate into plans for further development and enlargement of the Laguna Beach High School pool.

Local neighbors of the high school have been vocal against what they say is excessive school district spending.

• • •

Today is the Primary Election. Following today and the tabulation of votes, attention for elected office will turn to next November. And although potential candidates can’t submit their official forms seeking future office to the City Clerk until during a one-month period mid-summer, candidates normally announce intentions much earlier to assist in fundraising and attaining additional name recognition.

Offices up for grabs include Bob Whalen’s and George Weiss’ seats. Neither has confirmed or denied their intentions of seeking re-election.

That being said, so far two residents have announced to run a campaign for office in spite of whether either incumbent decides.

The two are Hallie Jones and Judie Mancuso.

Jones is the former executive director of Laguna Canyon Foundation and the current executive vice president and chief program officer of Crystal Cove Alliance. Hallie grew up in Laguna Beach in the canyon and is a graduate of Laguna Beach High School.

Mancuso is Vice-Chair of the City’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, founder and CEO of Social Compassion in Legislation and a strong advocate for animal rights legislation. She most recently ran and lost to Diane Dixon for California’s Assembly District 72 and previously ran for Laguna Beach City Council.

No other names have surfaced to potentially enter the fray. Much could depend on whether or not Whalen and/or Weiss decide one way or the other.

Stu News Laguna reached out to both, but received no response.

• • •

Pageant of the Masters is proposing that in honor of St. Patrick’s Day you should have a lucky time and use promo code GREEN24 to purchase Pageant tickets in the Main Tier Sides for Monday through Thursday* performances for just $45.

This offer expires on March 17 and includes (*) a $10 per ticket service charge on all orders.

You may order your tickets here.

• • •

The Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce will perform a ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating The Honarkar Foundation and their first preview of a new exhibition – the Tony DeLap: A Survey of Works 1960s–2000s.

“I am so happy to see this beautiful space being utilized once again. The historical former Post Office building has become a spacious 4,200-square-foot exhibition venue,” said Erin Slattery, CEO of the Laguna Beach Chamber of Commerce. “The Honarkar Foundation has opened this museum-quality exhibition space to host a rotating series of curated art shows as well as other public programming.”

The Honarkar Foundation is located at 298 Broadway St. If you’d like to attend the ribbon cutting and see the exhibition, RSVP to director@lagunabeachchamber.org.

• • •

Speaking of the Chamber, and previously of Judie Mancuso, she will be the guest speaker this Thursday (March 7) for the Government Affairs Committee Meeting that airs via Zoom from 8-9 a.m.

To RSVP, go to director@lagunabeachchamber.org.

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