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Tonight, the City Council votes to approve new City Manager, who is expected to be on hand for the meeting

Tonight should be a special City Council meeting. Not necessarily because there’s some big issue on the calendar that will change the lives of Lagunans, or is it Lagunians, moving forward; unless you consider the appointment of new City Manager Dave Kiff under that guise. I do! I believe Dave will bring a new leadership style to town, inside and outside of City Hall that most will love.

Tonight’s agenda begins at 4 p.m. with a Joint City Council/Design Review Board Meeting, followed by the Regular Council Meeting at 5 p.m.

Following a somewhat short Consent Calendar (financial detail approval; claims against the city; the acceptance of a donation to fund a temporary public art installation at City Hall; and an adoption of an ordinance to amend certain detail related to regular meetings, the installation of officials for leadership roles, meeting conduct, etc.), at the beginning of Regular Business is the Appointment of City Manager.

I’m told that Dave will “be in the house” as the terminology goes these days.

I’ve worked with and witnessed Dave in his prior role in Newport Beach and found him to be beloved by staff, available and sensitive to the community and their needs, and smart!

I believe the city will love him. And b-t-w, he’s technically not moving to Laguna Beach. Dave has been a long-time resident.

Personally, I believe that this city manager position in some ways completes Dave, and, it’s one he’s quietly coveted.

After Dave’s appointment, council will address an extension related to SB 9 issues, an audit review report from past years, a request to remove property located at 2055 Catalina St. from the Historical Register, potential bond sales for the Woods Cove utility assessment district and consideration to establish a local housing trust.

There’s more, then the council will look at possibly amending Design Review Board bylaws, before moving to two Public Hearings: the first deals with the property at 288 Chiquita St., and then the appeal of an approval relating to 1560 Sunset Ridge Drive.

And that my friends is why your councilmembers make the big bucks…NOT!

• • •

Get ready, this Saturday, April 13 is the A.P.O.T.Y., otherwise known as the Art Party of the Year. The 8th Annual for those of you counting. It will take place from 12-7 p.m. at the Laguna Beach Sanctuary, 2190 Hillview Drive.

The A.P.O.T.Y. honors local artists who make a living as “creators in a world-renown art colony.” This year will celebrate these 11 artists: Victoria Foley, textiles; Leslie Edler, jewelry; Michael Okko, leather; Sherry Salito-Forsen, glass; Amanda Burke, “clothier to the stars”; Karen Petty, painter; Maryam Khojini Rouhi, charcuterie boards; David Fleischmann, character artist; Beth Bell Kukuk, jewelry; Lilia Venier, ceramics and Poul Pedersen, music man.

This event is located just above the Village, up Park Avenue across from Thurston Middle School, donning magnificent ocean views, libations, food and live music by Poul Pedersen (Missiles of October).

Everyone is welcome to this free event to preview new works for 2024 featuring jewelry, ceramics, paintings, kiln-formed glass, sculpture, live music and libations.

• • •

Laguna Beach Rugby, the local Under 18 Boys, continue to make news. Twenty-four teams from across the U.S., Canada and including teams from England, Jamaica, Trinidad Tobago and the Cayman Islands, joined Laguna Beach in Tampa, Fla. to compete in their division.

The locals came in an impressive third.

Click on photo for a larger image

Courtesy of Laguna Beach Rugby

Team gathers after their impressive third-place finish in Tampa at the Tropical 7s rugby tournament

In the opening day Pool Play, Laguna Beach beat Upright Rouges, a Canadian squad, 24-21, lost to Sth Panther Academy from St. Louis, 19-12, before beating the Badger Select (Wisconsin), 52-0, to move on to the quarterfinals.

There, Laguna Beach beat the Detroit Rugby Football Club, 17-7, before losing to TOA Rugby (Idaho), 19-14, in the semifinals. Then, in the third/fourth place playoff, Laguna Beach came back to crush Sth Panther Academy (St. Louis), 45-7.

TOA Rugby from Idaho, who edged Laguna Beach in the semis, went on to win the whole thing.

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