Gerard Basil exhibition at HFA through February 18

Gerard Basil’s Innocence Lost, Freedom Fading: America’s Wake Up Call exhibition is now on view until February 18 at the Honarkar Foundation for Arts & Culture (HFAC).

As described by Basil, “This exhibition stands as a wake-up call to the trajectory of our nation. It’s imperative to preserving not only our past but, more crucially, safeguarding the exceptional qualities that define America for future generations.

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Photos courtesy of HFAC

“Innocence Lost, Freedom Fading: America’s Wake Up Call” on view now at HFAC

“Each piece in this collection encapsulates not just tangible objects and forms, but the intangible spirit of America – its ideals, beliefs, and the vast realm of opportunities that have made our nation a beacon of hope. These sculptures become powerful reminders, urging us as responsible stewards to champion the very freedoms and experiences that colored our childhood, creating the foundation for an exceptional American legacy.

“In the face of our present trajectory, this exhibition serves as a call to action, imploring us to awaken to the stark reality that the greatness we cherish is at risk. The fragility of these cherished memories hangs precariously in the balance, compelling us to alter our course for the sake of a promising future. Each piece, seemingly wrapped and preserved, symbolizes not only a gesture of protection but a tangible memory of the extraordinary qualities that we must safeguard for generations to come.”

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“Docui Perceptum” is among the exhibition’s current works

This exhibition is generously supported by The Honarkar Foundation and organized by Dr. Rebecca Washington-Lindsey on behalf of We All Matter – a non-profit organization committed to recognizing, promoting and celebrating the artistic contributions of African American artists.

HFAC Gallery is located at 298 Broadway St., Laguna Beach.

The gallery is open 10 a.m.-3 p.m. daily.

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