This is as close as we can come to actually singing to our readers on their birthdays!

We’d love to include yours – and/or your children’s birthdays here.

Just email to:

Celebrate and enjoy your birthday!

June 11: Carol Josepher, Maria Lupita, Mark DePalma, Shelley Arends

June 12: Caley Versfelt, Chris Desmond, Jeanine Stafford, Lynn Corcoran Fair

June 13: Elliot Leeds, Eric Obre, James Rushing, Justin Rawlins, Kate Somerset, Pamela Waitt, Stacey Zee Brettin, William Levin

June 14: Charlie Rainey, Cindy Landsiedel, Shannon Kavlich, Sherwin Riahi

June 15: Danielle Brown, Eric Bergstrom, Joe Blecha, Kerry Swank, Leah Freidenrich, Pamela Knudsen, Todd Williams

June 16: Lucas McConnell, Mark Payne, Samantha Ferri, Sharbie Higuchi, Susan Immel

June 17: Candace MacWilliam, Celia Fischbeck, Dawn Alexendra, Josephine Brooks, Lauren Harris, Patrick Quilter, Rachel Gilson

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