Sixth Annual Crystal Apple Awards Winners

By Claire Wittkop and Yuika Yoshida

Students at LBHS

In partnership with Brush and Palette newspaper

Throughout high school there are teachers who truly make an impact on students. These teachers are committed to their students and provide encouragement both inside and outside the classroom. The Crystal Apple Awards make it possible for students to nominate teachers who have inspired them. Laguna Beach High School’s recipients this year were math teacher Valorie Quigley and ceramics teacher Somer Selway.

“When I found out, I was really excited and extremely flattered that I was nominated,” said Quigley. “Molly and I have a great relationship, so for her to think that highly of me and nominate me means a lot to me. I like being with my students and I’m just trying to make sure that their stress is as low as possible.”

The Sixth Annual Crystal Apple Awards were held Thursday, March 20 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. This unique community event honors teachers from four local high schools. For LBHS, a total of 24 teachers were nominated this year.

Sixth Annual group

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(L-R) Assistant Superintendent Alysia Odipo, senior Molly Cohn, math teacher Valorie Quigley, ceramics teacher Somer Selway, senior Bella Fonk, Principal Dr. Jason Allemann, and senior Cal Nielson attend the Crystal Apple Awards to acknowledge the importance that teachers play in the lives of students

“I remember the first time I did poorly on a math test, Mrs. Quigley calmed me down and went over each question calmly in order to comfort me. I think this shows how caring Mrs. Quigley is. Not only does she take immense time and effort in her lessons, but she also takes time to support each and every one of her students,” said senior Molly Cohn, one of Quigley’s nominating students.

At the event, Quigley and Selway heard heartwarming speeches by the students who nominated them.

“I’m really honored to receive the award and I am so humbled, and I feel like all teachers deserve a Crystal Apple,” said Selway.

Every teacher makes a significant difference in their students’ lives, and it is important for them to be recognized.

“Ms. Selway understands that life happens. She is always there to support us as people, rather than just academically,” said senior Bella Fonk.

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