June Neptune: death of popular Laguna Beach restaurateur announced


The death of June Neptune was announced at the November 4 dinner meeting of Laguna Canyon Conservancy, just one of the many nonprofits in Laguna Beach she hosted in the 40-plus years she held the lease on Tivoli Terrace on the Festival of Arts grounds and Tivoli Too! on the Art-A-Fair grounds. 

Her generosity to underfunded groups was legendary.

June and her husband Terry were honored in 1998 as the Patriots Day Parade Citizens of the Year for their contributions to the city.

The Neptunes met on the Brooks Street Beach in 1957. Terry lived here; she was a frequent visitor. They married that autumn. 

Both had children from previous marriages. Terry had two sons, Peter and Michael. June had two daughters, Lana Bobele and Linda Robson. 

June and Terry both were former actors who found they preferred the restaurant business. 

June had spent the years previous managing various Laguna Beach restaurants. He had managed Laguna’s first “South Seas-themed” restaurant, Christian’s Hut.

When the Festival of Arts opened bids for the lease of its restaurant concession, the Neptunes went all in.

“They won the bid and a place in the hearts of Lagunans,” wrote Parade President Charlie Quilter in the program.   

Tivoli Terrace became a popular site for weddings, receptions, and parties during the Festival off-season. The couple opened the Hacienda restaurant in 1979 in Santa Ana and then the cleverly named Tivoli Too!, which they remodeled at their own expense. 

The couple was known as soft touches for Laguna’s struggling nonprofits, including the Laguna Beach Animal Shelter and RUFF, which stands for Rescuing Unwanted Furry Friends. 

June also hosted fundraisers for the Community Clinic, the Aids Services Foundation, and the Laguna Canyon Conservancy.   

And when it was discovered that she might lose her lease on Tivoli Terrace, the groups rallied to her side.

“I encourage all Lagunans to let the Festival of Arts board know that they should renew the lease of Tivoli Terrace,” wrote Gene Felder, then president of the conservancy urging public support for June. “Tivoli Terrace has been a great member of the Laguna Beach community for many years and should stay.”

Terry Neptune died in 2000, but June carried on – despite a landslide in 1998 that crashed through Tivoli Terrace as she watched from the tennis courts below.

And as she watched, she was making plans to transfer events from the uninhabitable Festival across the street to Tivoli Too!, to make sure no bride’s wedding was ruined. 

Stu News Laguna wishes to express its gratitude to the Patriots Day Parade committee, which supplied information about the Neptunes.