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Volume 15, Issue 22  | March 17, 2023Subscribe

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Laguna girl starts campaign to support first responders with profits from lawn signs


Like many other college students, Kate Gilles, who grew up in Laguna, is currently at home from her freshman year at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., due to the COVID-19 outbreak. 

Kate has initiated a community campaign to raise awareness and gratitude for first responders. “I’m currently selling lawn signs thanking first responders, and all profits from the sale of the sign go towards the COVID-19 Relief Funds at Mission Hospital and Hoag Hospital.” 

One of her close friends at Georgetown, Liam Marshall, started this program in his hometown in New Jersey. 

“I was inspired by him to start it here in Laguna Beach and donate to a local cause. Growing up in Laguna, I have seen the sense of community that we all share,” says Kate. “I figured people would want to show support for first responders in the community and donate to help hospitals. Liam was the one who designed the signs, but I found a local company to produce them here. It was Laguna Graphic Arts. Ali Rounaghi has been super helpful with getting me these signs quickly and at a good price.”

Laguna girl sister

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Grace (on left) and Kate Gilles with lawn signs

 This endeavor seems right up Kate’s alley. She’s in the business school at Georgetown. “I’m unsure about my major, but I’m hoping to pursue a minor in Entrepreneurship,” she says. 

“One thing I want readers to know is how much of a help my sister has been during this whole process. I log the payments and addresses, and then she helps me drive around to drop the signs off. It would be too big of a task for me to complete without her help. Her name is Grace, and she’s currently a junior at Laguna Beach High School.” 

To purchase a sign:

--Go to Venmo @kategilles, the price is $15 (the sign measures 18” x 24”)

--Make the Venmo description your home address

--Kate and her sister will deliver the sign straight to your lawn!

They deliver to Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Corona del Mar, Aliso Viejo, and surrounding areas.

Kate says, “Buy one for your neighbors, family members, and friends to show your support for those risking their lives to keep us safe.”

If you don’t have Venmo, forgot to list your address, or if you want more information, email Kate at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call her at (949) 800-9085.


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