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 Volume 13, Issue 37  |  May 7, 2021

Mural installation at Third Street stairs puts a smile on your face and a bounce in your step


A day after being unanimously approved by the City Council, Laguna College of Art + Design alumni Beau Stanton was on site working on the most recent temporary mural installation at the Third Street stairs.

        Funded by Laguna Beach residents Tammie Arnold and Mark Porterfield, a design by Beau Stanton was selected and approved by the Arts Commission. Stanton, who works in a variety of mediums, is nationally known for his large-scale public murals. The imagery and themes for his works are always site specific, closely tailored to the locale of the artwork and a direct response to their environment. His latest installation on the Third Street stairs was installed over a period of six days onto the 70 risers, creating one visual from below. 

Mural installation Mark

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Submitted photo

(L-R) Mark Porterfield, Tammie Arnold, and Artist Beau Stanton

Tammie Arnold and Mark Porterfield have been huge supporters of the Arts Commission and have provided funding for many programs. This installation perhaps comes at the most fitting of times. Funds were donated to celebrate Stanley Alexander, a Laguna Beach resident who left us too soon. Alexander was a positive, enlightening, and playful personality, who always gave back to the Laguna Beach community, especially during challenging times.

Adam Schwerner, Arts Commission Chair, said, “Our huge appreciation goes to the donors who have allowed the Arts Commission to facilitate this temporary public art installation. Now, more than ever, artists can show us a way forward through glee and joy. This installation, in the very heart of our community, does just that.”

Mural installation guys

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Ben Rubin (on left) and Beau Stanton

Consultant Ben Rubin is the owner of Elephant and Castle, a Laguna Beach-based art consultancy working with national and international street, graffiti, and contemporary artists.

Cultural Arts Manager Siân Poeschl says, “At this anxious and challenging time, it is so wonderful to have an installation that is playful and positive. The Laguna Beach connection of Arts Commission, donors, and artists really shows what a truly amazing community we are. Art plays such an important role in how we see ourselves and how we come together in support of one another.”

Mural installation all steps

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Beau at work

Working in a variety of mediums, Stanton’s public work takes the form of large-scale murals, mosaics, stained glass, and multimedia animations. Heavily informed by historic ornamentation, mythology, and the classics, his work seeks to draw parallels between past narratives and contemporary human issues such as climate change, environmental conservation, and post industrialization. 

  Creating large-scale public artwork for the past 10 years, Stanton has completed murals and art installations across the globe in cities including New York, Dubai, London, Rome, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Detroit, Berlin, Miami, Amman, and Nashville. Notable clients include the U.S. Embassy to Italy, Juxtapoz Magazine, Times Square Arts, Fiat, VH1, the City of Jersey City, McCann Torre Lazur, The Explorers Club, GILT, Kiehl’s, Converse, the City of Eugene, OR, and The Atlantic magazine.

Stanton has lived in Laguna Beach – and surrounding areas – and has a very close connection with Laguna Beach. He loves working on projects in the city.

Mural installation cans

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Photo by Scott Brashier

Beau expected to use about 40 cans of acrylic paint on the stairs

        Arts Commissioner Donna Ballard added, “This design by Beau Stanton is energetic, enlivening, and greatly improves a site in our downtown. I would like to congratulate the artists, and hope we see more of these temporary installations by all sorts of different artists in the near future.” 

Siân Poeschl would like to remind local artists that they too can apply for funding for temporary projects by completing a “Fostering Creativity in a Time of Crisis” application. “Now is the time to be brave, to create work and understand that arts and artists are important to our community. We are here to help you.” 

Applications are available at


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