Crystal Cove State Park creates new and exciting virtual summer learning experiences for kids

Even though it’s a different kind of summer for California State Parks, Crystal Cove State Park stepped up to meet the challenge by creating a suite of engaging and exciting Online Summer Activities for kids. To access, click here.

Now kids can experience the fascinating natural and cultural resources at Crystal Cove State Park. Instead of visiting the park, “they are bringing it to you.”

Crystal Cove Ranger Alex

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Photos courtesy of Crystal Cove State Park

Park Ranger Alex Anderson

According to Park Naturalist Winter Bonnin, “It’s been a challenge to alter our entire program going from in-person to online, but what’s been rewarding is knowing that all our new creations like scavenger hunts, videos, and walkabouts (even scat craft making and owl pellet cookie baking) will live on our website and can be enjoyed for years to come.”

Known to generations of schoolchildren simply as “Ranger Winter,” Bonnin has been the driving force for the Park’s interpretative programs for almost two decades.

“Spring is the busiest time of year at Crystal Cove State Park for our interpretive/education team. Normally we have thousands of school children joining us for guided field trips, hundreds of visitors attending our weekend programs, and public events like Art in the Park.”

Crystal Cove Winter Bonnin

Park Naturalist Winter Bonnin conducts a virtual Junior Ranger Program – Animal Evidence

 “This year everything came to a screeching halt and although it seemed like a good time to clean 20 years’ worth of papers out of the filing cabinets, instead our team chose to create, develop, and present a collection of online programming, which was like starting a new job,” said Bonnin. “Check out Bringing the Parks To You Online for engaging, interactive school program-focused content or our new Online Summer Activities for more typical California State Park types of summer engagement.” To access, click here.

So, no need to miss out on all Crystal Cove State Park has to offer – kids can just go online and join the entertaining activities that will take them there.