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 Volume 12, Issue 62  |  August 4, 2020

Guest Column

Want more ease moving through the day? Here’s how!

By Dr. Vidya Reddy

Hello, and welcome to the happiness corner. This week it’s about how to move through your day with more ease. 

As a thought exercise I’ve learned over the past few months, I feel compelled to share it with you in the spirit of robust helpfulness. If you would like more information, techniques, and meditation based on Life Lessons, please refer to my podcast:

I recently did dozens of video calls for applicants for my new project that I am working on, and at first, it really exhausted me.

I shared that with my Guruji in India on a recent call, and we had a discussion about leaning into the calls (which feels very tense for me) versus leaning back and allowing some space. The latter approach helps me feel more at ease.

This practice helped a lot, and I shifted what I’ve been doing lately to moving through the day with much more ease.

Basically, the idea is this: instead of having a grasping, tense attitude about whatever you’re doing – you can lean back a little and be more relaxed.

You can try it now: see where you are holding tension, take a few breaths, and release the tension. Come to a place of ease, peace, and openness. It might take a bit of practice, but most of us are holding tension in what we do, much of the time.

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Dr. Vidya Reddy: Feeling grateful to be alive is one way to move through the day with more ease

If we can get to a place of ease, of not grasping or leaning into everything we’re doing, the things we’re doing all day can be more restful and we can finish the day feeling more refreshed.

Talking to someone on an hour-long video call? No worries, it’s a lovey, relaxing time with a beautiful soul.

Have a bunch of messages and tasks to take on? Not a problem – take each one on with deliberate care, giving it your full attention, while having a restful attitude toward the message or the task at hand.

One thing at a time. 

Full attention and devotion to that task, conversation, message. 

An easeful, peaceful attitude as you move through it.

One more thing that helps me: letting myself feel nourished by everything around me. As I walk outside, I can be caught up in my thoughts of everything I have to do, or I can open to the nature around me, and feel nourished by it all. I can let myself soak in the beauty of the person in front of me or think of the people I’m doing a task for and feel care for those people. Feeling nourished by everything around us – by the mundane and the sublime alike – helps us to not feel so drained by everything we have to do.

Feeling grateful to be alive helps as well.

How would you like to move through the day with more ease? Try it today and bring curiosity for what that might be like. 

In Peace, Love and Gratitude 

‘Til next time 

Dr.Vidya Reddy, ND, AMS, DAC, CLC


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