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 Volume 12, Issue 64  |  August 11, 2020

City Election 2020: Two candidates file nominating papers


George Weiss is the first City Council candidate to file nominating papers for one of the two seats open in the 2020 election. 

Weiss, a founder of Laguna Residents First, submitted on Thursday a list of 29 residents, nine more than required. The Orange County Registrar of Voters must verify that all signees of the nominating papers are registered Laguna Beach voters. 

Mayor Bob Whalen, Mayor Pro Tem Steve Dicterow, attorney Larry Nokes, and businessman Ruben Flores have picked up their nominating papers as candidates for the council, but had not filed them by 3:30 p.m. Thursday. They have until August 7 to file, unless either or both incumbents decide not to run, in which case the nominating period is extended to August 12.

Candidates’ statements, which go on record when the nominating papers are signed, will be available for public review from August 8 to August 17 in the City Clerk’s Office in City Hall. 

City Treasurer Laura Parisi and City Clerk candidates Mariann Tacy and Ann Marie McKay have picked up nominating papers.

McKay filed hers on Thursday. Her 29 signees were verified by the Registrar of Voters the same day.


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