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Local launches Beachably with custom tables that make beachgoing a breeze


No need to ever again attempt to balance your drink on a beach blanket – and best of all, there will no longer be sand in your snacks. Designed with beach lovers in mind, Beachably tables allow beachgoers to comfortably and stylishly enjoy refreshments without all the awkward logistics. The tables are also ideal for camping and picnics at the park.

When Laguna resident Tanya Spence-Spangler, president and founder of Beachably, was gifted with a table her brother made, it turned out to be the perfect solution to this balancing act. After receiving endless favorable comments on the table and answering questions about where she got it, on June 10, Spence-Spangler founded Beachably. 

So far, she reports that the response has been great. “People are enthusiastic about them. One thing I especially like about Laguna is that locals support locals.”

After traveling the world for the perfect home, Spence-Spangler finally found her abode in Laguna Beach ten years ago. Inspired by the ocean’s gentle breeze, the sound of crashing waves, and nature’s ambience, Beachably was established to promote a natural, sustainable lifestyle. 

Local launches Tanya

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Tanya Spence-Spangler with a Beachably table

“The inspiration of the table came from my brother who came to visit me and also fell in love with Emerald Bay. He handcrafted the table in Australia and brought it to me to use here in California,” says Spence-Spangler. “He thought it was just what was needed to enjoy a cocktail on the beach. I have had so many compliments and questions about it, I decided to have the tables handcrafted locally. I dislike plastic and the disposable society we are, so I love that these tables are sustainable, durable, made locally, and super easy to use.”

She explains how the name Beachably came about. 

“My husband Tim and I were throwing names around, trying to decide what feel we wanted to have for the website and company. The name Beachably reflects the comfortable style of living at the beach.

“We focus on naturally-sourced materials for sustainability, handcrafted products for individuality, and our vision to remind us all to take a step back and enjoy the peacefulness of the natural world around us,” she says. 

Spence-Spangler is vigilant about avoiding disposables. “I think the pandemic has been a good reset for people. They’re very conscious of what they’re buying and putting back into the earth.”

Local launches man

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Photo by Candice Dartez Photography

Beachably tables are great for park settings too

While it can be comfortably carried by its handle, the table’s slim profile of just under 12” wide lends itself to fitting perfectly into the average travel pack or Tommy Bahama chair. The table’s convenient size and lightweight design makes it easy to set up and use. There are also convenient holes to secure glasses and your favorite bottle of wine. The table is best used on grass or sand. Built for simplicity, the table smoothly folds and unfolds effortlessly, so you can focus less on the set up and more on relaxing. 

Beachably offers three styles of tables: 

--The Murray: Features three openings for two wine glasses and a wine bottle.

--The Goulburn: Features two non-slip cork pads and an opening for a wine bottle.

--The Esplanade: Features an opening for a wine bottle and a smooth surface for other items. 

The tables come in two color options: Naturally Sunkissed or Beach Blonde.

They are custom crafted locally – maple is used for the legs and the top is made of marine grade plywood for durability. With the stake at the bottom, the table can be used on any soft earth such as grass, dirt, or sand.

Beachably also offers custom engraving, which is perfect for gifts.

According to Spence-Spangler, most of the orders are custom engraved (which they do in the right hand corner of the table). A personalized engraving makes it feels special, she says. “Customers usually order them with a house number, a name, and one customer ordered two hearts.” 

Local launches wrapping

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Photo by Candice Dartez Photography

Special wrapping to enhance the unique quality of the table

Although Spence-Spangler is now a decade-long resident of Laguna, she took a long journey to finally get here.

She grew up in Australia and left at 22 years old to travel the world. The typical Australian “walkabout.” 

“I started in the States, driving through 40 States and ended up in Crested Butte, Colorado for the ski season. Then on my second year of traveling I was in Europe. I met my husband, Tim, in Istanbul Turkey. We settled in New York City, where he had just started working as a lawyer. After we were married, we moved to England, so I could do a Master’s Degree at Oxford University, and we ended up calling London home for the next 14 years. 

“Tim was a native Californian, so we would come back to visit often. However, it wasn’t until after many visits to Cali, that he took me to lunch in a little beach town, Laguna Beach. I instantly fell in love with Laguna. It took us three years, but we finally moved; that was 10 years ago. I love the community here and for all the places I have lived, this is where I will call home forever!”

As for the longevity of Beachably tables, after five years of use, the table Tanya’s brother made for her is still going strong.

During the month of August, as an extra bonus for Stu News readers, Spence-Spangler is offering 20 percent off tables with the code: STUNEWS20. The code is valid until August 31, 2020.

Readers can follow Beachably on Instagram @beach_ably to stay updated on their news and offers.

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