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 Volume 13, Issue 48  |  June 15, 2021

Kelp gets lots of help at “Kelp Klean-up Day”

Photos by Mary Hurlbut

Numerous nonprofits collaborated on Saturday to celebrate World Oceans Day by participating in a “Kelp Klean-up Day.” 

Participants gathered at the kelp forest north of Main Beach. Sustainable baggies were provided, and SUPs and kayaks were also available.

Kelp gets paddles

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Paddles up and ready to go

“The ocean clean-up was a huge success!” says organizer Rich German.  “Almost 100 people showed up, and we all paddled out on SUP boards and kayaks. We had the support of 14 local organizations.” 

Kelp gets German

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Rich German and participant

“We raised a lot of awareness and collected a lot of trash from the ocean, including balloons, plastic bottles, plastic cups, plastic packaging, fishing lines, and even a broom. Thank you to everyone who came out to show their love for our precious coastline!”

Supporting organizations included SeaTrees, Project O, Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Lido Paddle Project, Laguna Bluebelt, Laguna Ocean Foundation, La Vida Laguna, Orange County Coastkeepers, Keep Laguna Green, and others.

Kelp gets ocean

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In the midst of the kelp 

According to National Geographic, “Scientists call these fast-growing underwater forests the ‘sequoias of the sea’ for their ability to store large amounts of carbon dioxide. By absorbing CO2 in the surrounding water, seaweed decreases acidification that can kill marine life.

“Through photosynthesis, kelp forests boost oxygen levels in the ocean while helping protect the coast from erosion by reducing the speed and size of waves.”

“It was inspiring to work with other ocean enthusiasts to get plastic out of the kelp and ocean on Saturday,” says Jinger Wallace, co-founder of Laguna Bluebelt Coalition. “Sometimes we overlook how important our kelp forests are as a home for sea life and as a way to protect our beaches and bluffs from erosion. Thanks to Rich German for organizing the day and appreciation to LaVida Laguna for the kayaks and keeping everyone safe.”

Kelp gets Mike and Jinger

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Mike Beanan and Jinger Wallace, co-founders of Laguna Bluebelt Coalition

“And for everyone who’s been asking, yes we will do it again!” German adds.

German is the founder of Project O and has been paddle boarding off the coast of Laguna Beach with dolphins and whales virtually every day since 2010. An encounter with a pod of four orcas in 2015 garnered international media attention and connected him with some of the leading ocean conservationist organizations. When he learned firsthand about the peril our ocean and the marine life are facing, his hobby turned into a passion to protect them.

For more information, message Rich German on Instagram @richgermanlb.

For information about Project O, go to


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