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 Volume 13, Issue 61  |  July 30, 2021

Aliso Beach cleanup yields 70 pounds of trash, mostly plastic, in just two hours

Photos by Mary Hurlbut

On Sunday, July 18 at Aliso Beach, people could be seen up and down the beach and creek with buckets and grabber-reachers in hand. Organized and staffed by Kaysha Kenney, Laguna Ocean Foundation, and Locals For Laguna Beach, the sight represented their rejoined efforts to clean up the beach after their popular and recent Shaw’s Cove “Kelp Klean Up.” Aliso is said to be one of the dirtiest and most populated beaches in Laguna. 

Aliso Beach bucket

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Never too young to find out it’s fun to be environmentally conscious

Along with 21 volunteers fueled by Jedidiah Coffee, who set up a coffee stand for volunteers, the team picked up roughly 70 lbs of trash between 9-11 a.m.

Aliso Beach trash

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Just some of the trash that littered the beach

 Plastic food takeout containers, plastic bottle caps, and cigarette butts were the usual culprits, further reinforcing the importance of the recent announcement and ordinance last Thursday that Laguna Beach had effectively put in place: a ban on single-use plastic food ware items.

Aliso Beach group

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Nearly two dozen volunteers helped with the beach cleanup

These organizations plan on hosting additional beach cleanups and have pledged additional events to educate the public and support and partner with the Ocean Institute and Boys & Girls Clubs. They’ll also support moves to introduce more environmentally friendly straws, takeout packaging, and other single-use items at local restaurants.

Aliso Beach information

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How to volunteer for future events


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