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 Volume 13, Issue 98  |  December 7, 2021

Fair Game


Here’s an idea to make this Thanksgiving feel just a little extra special

Fair Game Toms new headshotThursday, obviously, is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day we set aside as a national holiday to celebrate, most often, with family and friends. It’s a day to give thanks, offer prayer, spend time with loved ones, and usually, enjoy a wonderful feast…oh, and I mustn’t forget football. 

Wave Baker is the manager of Sound Spectrum music store in town, located at 1264 S. Coast Highway. Wave contacted me last week to tell me a story about a man who lives in town, who is “simply a kind face to all he meets, but also a guy who’s down on his luck and needs help.”

Wave asked me if I could help spread the word. So, I thought, nothing says Thanksgiving better than giving thanks for what we have, and perhaps in turn, reaching out to someone else who isn’t as fortunate.

Enter Quentin V. Kunaka, otherwise known as “Q.” For 20 years, Q, as Wave tells me, “has been a friendly face seen around town, specifically the local point below my house on Brooks Street, otherwise known as ‘Q’s Office’.

“Many know Quentin as an important and positive part of our community here in Laguna Beach. With a full heart for others, his intentions have always been to connect, protect and keep the stoke alive in this town. He is as generous as a guy gets, always willing to lend a hand or a listening ear and is a friend to children and adults alike.”

According to Wave, “in recent years Q has run into some tough times, losing his home, his job and turning towards alcohol as a remedy to his troubles.”

Many of Q’s friends have encouraged him as of late to face his troubles to try and heal himself. The good news is, he’s taking that to heart.

Fair Game man with surfboard

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Courtesy of Wave Baker

“Q” doing what he enjoys

Wave tells me that “Q has shown a serious commitment for the first time to sobriety, as he checked himself into a rehab program a few months ago and is currently participating in AA. He is now temporarily residing at a Costa Mesa sober living home and he’s now been sober for about six months.”

Forget this “about” business, I spoke with Q yesterday and he proudly told me he celebrates six months on December 5th. That in itself is a huge accomplishment.

Quentin is also working two days a week at the Sound Spectrum and is currently in the application process to volunteer at the Boys & Girls Club Laguna Beach. Additionally, he’s volunteering with Helping Hands to assist in their outreach into the community by regularly manning an information table in town. And, if that’s not enough, you’ll probably also see him voluntarily picking up trash on Main Beach and in Heisler Park.

Anything for the community.

Saying “congrats Q” is one thing, but I’m thinking, what else could we do as a community to help him in his effort to get him firmly back on his feet? 

Enter a GoFundMe account that is designed to be supportive of Quentin in his search for a new place to live and to afford him some of the other necessities of life.

After all, he’s down, but he’s not out.

Wave says that it’s also important because he has ”hopes of keeping him a part of the Laguna Beach community.”

And you never know, there might also be people who could help in a big way assisting Q with a job or even a place to live. Wouldn’t that be something?

As Wave reminded me, “It takes a village.”

So, I ask you, wouldn’t it be nice this year to sit down over your Thanksgiving dinner with friends, family and the ones you love, knowing that you had just a little part in perhaps changing someone else’s life for the positive.

Think about it!

Happy Thanksgiving, from me…and from Q!

• • •

Some City biz: Representatives from SoCal Edison gave the City an update on their “service reliability,” or perhaps their lack of it. They’ve promised they’re working on reducing the time of outages, many brought on by high fire risk. 

Here’s where residents can go to receive up-to-date information during those outages:

Finally, the next City Council meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 14 at 5 p.m.


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