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Volume 15, Issue 25  | March 28, 2023Subscribe

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The Plant Man: More spring planting questions answered

By Steve Kawaratani

“The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible.” –Edwin Way Teale

The Plant Man Steve Kawaratani

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Photos courtesy of Steve Kawaratani

Steve Kawaratani

Among my rites of spring was to avoid the seemingly constant rain in Laguna and adjacent locales. I had been successful in the main until this week, however, I must admit that the precipitation has been good for well-tended flower beds.

Here are a few more of your garden questions for March.

Q. Plant Man, what flowers do you favor now?

A. Cyclamen, impatiens, English primrose, foxglove, Iceland poppy, snapdragon and azalea top my garden color list for the spring.

The Plant Man spring garden

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My flower garden bursting with color

Q. Is it too late for bulbs now that it is mid-March?

A. March is the “other” bulb season. There is still plenty of time to start gladiolus, dahlias, the fragrant tuberose, and of course, tuberous begonias. They will all benefit by being mulched to keep the soil moist during our sunny early spring, which I hope is just around the corner.

The Plant Man tulips

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Tulips in a variety of hues

Q. Any suggestions for my old bulbs?

A. Spring-flowering bulbs that have flowered, such as hyacinth and narcissus, may be saved by allowing the foliage to remain on the plant. Once the foliage has matured (turned brown), remove the bulbs and keep them paper bagged and dry until time for planting in the fall.

I would be remiss, if I didn’t mention that St. Patrick’s Day is the traditional day to plant potatoes and peas in Ireland. Why not celebrate the holiday with a gardener’s favorite “green” pastime – plant some flowers (or shamrocks) this weekend – rain or shine! See you next time.

Steve Kawaratani has been a local guy for seven decades and likes to garden and drive the Baja Peninsula with Loki. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 949.494.5141.


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