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 Volume 13, Issue 17  |  February 26, 2021

Noah Rosen is living on the edge – and loving every moment


Noah Rosen is Bree Burgess Rosen’s adult son. That’s an accomplishment in itself, as most Lagunans would agree. No doubt he was raised with a song (or quite a few) and a prayer.

Noah is also a proud alumnus of El Morro Elementary School, Thurston Middle School, and Orange Country School of the Arts Culinary Arts Conservatory. He’s currently studying at Johnson and Wales University in Providence RI, and he’ll graduate in 2019 with two degrees, in Culinary Arts and in Food and Beverage Entrepreneurship. 

In the meantime, you could say he’s living on the edge. 

Not to put too fine a point on it, the young blade has gone into the knife business. He’s started up a company called Forge to Table Knives, which is on the cutting edge of all things kitchen.

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Noah Rosen loves his knives

Stu News asked Noah why he decided to take a stab at this particular product.

“Forge To Table Knives, which will be in its second year of production in October, came about as a result of passion and serendipity,” Rosen responds, his enthusiasm obvious. “In March of 2017, at the Housewares show in Chicago, I had the pleasure of meeting Carole, the daughter of a second generation knife maker. She and her family operate a small forge in southern China. 

“For years they produced only knives for local markets and chefs, but once she and her brother joined, they brought new ideas and began to produce Japanese style knives. With their skill and precision, honed by decades of training and apprenticeship, [I saw that] they offered some of the best handmade knives I had ever seen.”

(A samurai or two in Carole’s ancestral tree, one wonders?)

Adds Rosen, “At first my only goal was to get a knife for myself, but as we talked, I realized I could get amazing knives in the hands of students like me at prices unseen in the handmade knife world – also for home and professional cooks. 

“After that it was full steam ahead. From March to June, I was in near constant contact with Carole, and the forge, to design what would become the Forge To Table Chef Knife (Gyuto).”

noah rosen sunset

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No sunset clause when you buy Noah’s durable knives

Any way you slice it, this meeting was clearly serendipitous. The conversation sharpened Rosen’s desire to dice, pumped up his passion for paring, and honed his entrepreneurial spirit. 

Rosen explains some of the complexities involved in creating the sharpest tool in the kitchen drawer. 

“The best knife can hold an edge but still sharpens easily. It won’t rust too quickly. There must be a balance of ideal flexibility and thickness of the blade. Then there’s the handle. Japanese style knives have different shapes and the best for every shape of hand out there, large or small, is the octagonal style. It provides a better grip and equally suited for right or left handed use. 

“All of these factors help determine the exact specs of all my knives,” he adds.

Then Rosen gets technical – so I’m just going to cut to the chase. In summary, Rosen says that Forge to Table Knives represent all the factors important in a knife – its blade and handle. 

And here’s a riddle: When is a knife like a mattress? Answer: When it has a rosewood handle – which conforms, somewhat like a memory foam mattress (my bad analogy, not Rosen’s) to the shape of the body – the hand, in the case of a knife. 

noah rosen grapefruit

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Any way you slice it, Noah Rosen looks to have founded a very fruitful firm

Forge to Table Knives are stylish, too, Rosen tells me, and the photographs certainly prove his point.

“The hammered, blacksmith finish doesn’t just look good, along with the thin blade, it allows for an easy glide through anything you’re chopping, and eases release of food as well,” he adds.

(I’m just loving these expressions! I’d never pictured of food being released before. The thought makes me want to break out into an old Tom Jones song.)

Rosen is ready to make his mark

And how does Rosen aim to make his mark in the business?

“Through countless emails, WhatsApp messages, Skype, and samples back and forth, my dream became a reality,” he says, “and the forge went to work creating my design. This was the first knife they had ever sold in America, and as I have grown, so too has the forge! 

“The first two hundred and fifty knives took over five months to make. It was all hands on deck. 

“At first I just sold through word of mouth, then through ETSY and Soon I had also had shelf space in fantastic retail locations, Spice Merchants of Laguna Beach, STOCK Culinary Goods in Providence RI, and the Johnson and Wales Bookstore (don’t worry, knives in a bookstore is totally normal for a culinary school!) In six months, all 250 knives had sold! 

“Now, with more Gyutos in stock and a Petty (utility knife) and Sujihiki (slicing knife) in the works, I have expanded to sales on and presales right this moment on Kickstarter.” 

Rosen predicts Forge To Table will soon present more styles, more steels, and even other kitchen necessities, all right from the forge to the customer. 

Visit to find out more about these sharp new products. 

A final comment: There’s no question in my mind that the brilliant Noah Rosen will have the edge when it comes to competition. He’s a man of steel, that much is clear, and I don’t see too much Kryptonite in his future – just happy customers as he strives to ensure his company is a cut above all the others in the business.

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