Third Street Writers releases newest anthology, Beach Reads: Paradise

Third Street Writers is thrilled to release Beach Reads: Paradise, its third anthology, at a public reading on Sunday, May 5 from 4 - 6 p.m. at Laguna Beach Books,. All are welcome to attend the festive event, portions of which will be broadcast live on KX 93.5. 

“We’re excited to share this year’s edition through our collaboration with the radio station,” says Third Street president Amy Francis Dechary. “Each image and story takes the reader on an adventure into unexpected places with intriguing people.” 

Chosen from submissions from throughout the country, the 43 selected entries include essays, short stories, poetry, and photography. The annual publication showcases works on universal topics that also reflect the unique qualities of Laguna Beach. 

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Third Street Writers’ newest anthology, “Beach Reads: Paradise”

The Paradise theme builds upon the past two years of Beach Reads anthologies, which covered the topics of Lost and Found and Here Comes the Sun. “They say it takes an author three books to be considered a success. It’s so exciting to see Third Street Writers’ third book published,” says Christine Fugate, founding member and Chapman University Dodge College of Film and Media Arts Associate Professor. “I am very proud to be a part of the new wave of writers in Laguna Beach.” 

Longtime Laguna Beach artist Jennifer Griffiths, who designed the book’s cover, was impressed with the final publication. “This is a multi-layered and blissful journey through the works of a diverse group of writers. Each piece carries its own heart and soul.” 

The authors who will be reading and available for signing during the May 5 event include: Elaine Barnard, Michael Conlon, Barbara DeMarco-Barrett, Ris Fleming-Allen, Amy Francis Dechary, Christine Fugate, Anita Grazier, Susan Heiligman, Theresa Keegan, Victoria Kertz, Rina Palumbo, Dennis Piszkiewicz, Lisa Richter, Cecile Sarruf, Sarah Wolsey, and Gloria Zimmerman. Local poets Robin Hudechek, Ellen Girardeau Kempler, Sande Robert, and Britta Wilder will join them. 

Copies of the book will be available for purchase at the event for $12.99 or can be ordered online at The nonprofit Third Street Writers group meets at the Laguna Beach Library on Mondays at 10 a.m. for group writing sessions, critiques of ongoing work, and professional development discussions. The group also sponsors writing workshops, public reading events, and community outreach to promote the art of writing.

Jacket description for Beach Reads: Paradise Paradise

The word “Paradise” conjures images of a place of beauty and delight. But often, it is the journey to or from paradise and the relationships we form along the way that creates the reality. This anthology of forty-three essays, short stories, poetry, and photographs explores the human quest for paradise. The perfect piece of pie. A hot summer fling in the holler. The crisp, unexplored pages of a new book. A child on a swing. The gathering of ball players on a glorious spring day. These things and more are part of the exploration and discovery of paradise in Beach Reads: Paradise.

Laguna Beach Books is located at 1200 South Coast Hwy.