LOCA Arts announces Create a Heart Collage Challenge

LOCA Arts Education invites the community to engage in monthly arts challenges on Instagram. Creative types are encouraged to share photos of their artwork following LOCA’s fun and easy themes. 

“The intent is to create art that reads well when photographed,” said LOCA member Mike Tauber. “After taking the photo, the art can be disassembled or recycled.”

LOCA Arts Pencils

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Submitted photo

Colored pencil heart by Mike Tauber (@miketauberstudios)

Last month’s theme was Floral Sea Life. Contributions included a lobster made from bottle brush tree seeds by Sheryl Seltzer, and a red snapper from plastic mesh by Vicki Orgill. Lynn Epstien created an underwater scene using dried scallions, succulents, and pink flowers arranged to read like a school of fish. 

“The designers are so imaginative – it’s great to see everyone having so much fun!” said Carla Meberg, LOCA President. Meberg used dried flowers to create an adorable baby octopus in a pink tutu. Many of the amazing art submissions can be seen on LOCA’s Instagram feed and in other communications.

LOCA Arts Tubes

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Submitted photo

Paint tubes heart by Lisa Mansour (@lisamansourart)

The latest theme, Heart Collage, is running now through late July. To participate, gather favorite art supplies, collectibles, or beloved objects, and arrange them into an inventive heart shape. Photograph your work and upload to Instagram. Tag @locaarts in the photo and use the hashtag #locaartschallenge. 

For more information, follow LOCA on Instagram @locaarts or visit www.locaarts.org/news.